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Know Me From available to purchase on iTunes now: https://t.co/1cWmO3ZIsg Filmed and edited by Jaiden Ramgeet Stormzy is back with his highly anticipated debut single 'Know Me From' produced by ZDot! #MERKY! TICKETS FOR STORMZY's HEADLINE TOUR HERE: http://m.gigsandtours.com/artist/stormzy/941712 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stormzyofficial Twitters: https://twitter.com/Stormzy1 https://twitter.com/JaidenRamgeet https://twitter.com/ZdotProductions Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stormzy1 Instagram: http://instagram.com/stormzyofficial
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Text Comments (5817)
Mercy Mujinya-Motima (6 hours ago)
Where do you know me from.yeah Uganda 🇺🇬 I’m from there
Stephen Freeborn (11 hours ago)
Check https://youtu.be/WuE3bKLXiM8
Gaming Witheric (14 hours ago)
Doctor who season 11
Random Gamez (1 day ago)
2:11 The car driver was to distracted by the song, so he decided to stop in the middle of the road.
Gaming Witheric (2 days ago)
Doctor Who
Brains b (2 days ago)
listening from Bronx New york
Kxan 77 (2 days ago)
Stormzys mums bank:you’ve received 500k for staring in a youtube video with stormzy
nosfarratu (3 days ago)
It's crazy, one minute I'm watching Dr Who, next I'm here!!
Charlotte skeen (3 days ago)
Kim Wiley (4 days ago)
Brill...Who and the Arachnids in the UK sent me...
Fareen Shaikh (5 days ago)
Love from Indian
MR.3130 ORIGINAL (5 days ago)
Shabba sanks
SKMPZI (7 days ago)
Banger 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Delta Scape (7 days ago)
Pretty sure it was BBC radio 1s idea to promote this on Dr who 😂🤣
Delta Scape (7 days ago)
Go hard 8 legs #merky
THE PHANTOMARSE (8 days ago)
Its no next hype
Mohammed Fahad (9 days ago)
still better than kanye west and his stupid face
kiiara i (9 days ago)
I love me 2
Amélie (10 days ago)
tEa At yAz’S
james isaac (10 days ago)
Yo, Zdot on production I don't even know what to say Okay Peng tings on my WhatsApp and my iPhone, too The brown skinned girls and the white ones, too Girls love me and I love them, too I was on the roads when Dizzee made "I Luv U" (I Luv U, U, U) Talk about me you better hashtag merky Can't chat about speed look my cab man's certi Shout out to my big bro Wiley, that's a badman from early Lo-look I'm a boss man like Birdie, I'm a badman like Shirley If grime's dead then how am I here? Big man like me with a beard, look how am I scared? God's wrath is the only power man fear Couple skengman, then showerman here Shower man down in my shower man gear, yeah Talk about me you better hashtag problem Adidas creps, don't ask where I got them Don't ask what they are, don't ask if I copped them I go hard for my team, I go hard for my squadron Where'd you get your Roley from? W-Where'd you get your Roley from? I do not know this don, where do you know me from? Out here like the "Roll Deep" song, man I'm tryna put my Co-Ds on I do not know this don, where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Got bit by a snake, but I'm over that Can't chat about gyal, I get loadsa that Man know I'm a beast onstage Don't make man go back to Culture Clash Man are over-gassed Dark skin boy, man are over-black Talk real greazy, I'm known for that Talk about Ps when you owe me that? Man are not real like that Real talk, man'll get killed like that Man'll talk wrecked or man'll get caught in the flesh Look, man I don't bill like that We all know you're a good child So pull up your jeans Get off the street and go do your mum proud Go get a job and don't come out your house, mug Look I don't rate them boys Bare wasteman, bare pagan boys I come to your team and I fuck shit up I'm David Moyes Look, I'm a lord of the mic And I ain't been Lord of the Mics Can't chat about bars, can't chat about flow Cuh man've done all of that hype, what? Where'd you get your Roley from? W-Where'd you get your Roley from? I do not know this don, where do you know me from? Out here like the "Roll Deep" song, man I'm tryna put my Co-Ds on I do not know this don, where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, w-where do you know me from? Oi, big up Wiley Man haffi pay homage to the godfather, yeah? My name is Stormzy My name is The Problem My name is Big Mike My name is Stiff Chocolate My name is Wicked Skengman, live in the flesh Boy Know me from, where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, where do you know me from? Where do you know me from, where do y- Oi, I'm gonna 'llow it, I'm gonna 'llow it
Alessandro Vai (11 days ago)
Geronimo !
Vexed (11 days ago)
Any one here from doctor who is bare wet trust
Chosen Fallen (11 days ago)
I wonder if I can use to get Spider pokemon?
Dr Dream (11 days ago)
Gentlemen 😂
Dr Dream (11 days ago)
Yall!! I DONT KNOW what to say? Empty Adidas boxes 😂 tight arse
Ree flaws (11 days ago)
yo anyone else here because extremely large spiders need to die naturally and not get shot
Amélie (10 days ago)
Yeah leaving them to suffocate in a room slowly and painfully is definitely more humane than putting them out of their misery quickly lol
Nova Katamaru (12 days ago)
This song got popular because of the spider rave
Huggy Bear (13 days ago)
Dr Who, Stormzy & Spiders!! Watch that episode, Stormzy your music can do anything!!
Sir Cartelian (13 days ago)
Paul Alexander (13 days ago)
I’m here because Doctor Who :-) awesome
Maddie Foster (14 days ago)
Heard this on doctor who 😂😂
Shai Singh (14 days ago)
why chibnall do this
Melanie Bacab (15 days ago)
STORMZY: Where do you know me from? ME: Erm... Doctor Who
DXVE (15 days ago)
is his mum like 4ft1 or is he just really tall
AJ Gillett (15 days ago)
why are people talking about spider raves?
Cyberism o_o (13 days ago)
Alexander The Not So Great because there was a spider episode in doctor who about spiders and when they tried to tule them in the room they used this song lol
Mister Dalek (16 days ago)
133 782 likes ? Probably spiders.
Joe Ryan (16 days ago)
Why did doctor who bring me here
the rig juice (16 days ago)
Everyone is here because of doctor who
Jae KiDd (16 days ago)
Dr who anybody storzmy to the rescue 🕷️🕸️lol 🤔👏😂 who felt bad for the big one I hate spiders & still felt bad 😥
Albert Brown (16 days ago)
I know you from Doctor Who
Giant Spider (17 days ago)
Now this is my jam!
Tayyib Chowdhury (17 days ago)
doctor who squad
Helix (17 days ago)
Just here from Dr. Who who else?
the click (17 days ago)
the click (17 days ago)
SUP STORMS @[email protected] :/
Eutien Boey (17 days ago)
Very funny during Doctor Who
Ða Young Bhotu (18 days ago)
Spiders spiders everywhere
icec man (18 days ago)
I'm in the spider rave boys
Jonas Crumpersen (18 days ago)
Wait let's make a Doctor Who Squad!!!!!!!!
Jonas Crumpersen (18 days ago)
Yeah it was extremly funny to lure those spiders with that song on BBC DOCTOR WHO Season 11 Episode 4.
Nissa A (19 days ago)
Doctor who anyone?
Remainder Of Blue (19 days ago)
I now you from doctor who
Jack AH (19 days ago)
its alright but its not lil pump tho?
Maddie Foster (14 days ago)
Jack AH nah it’s better than Lillian pumpernickel 😂
CRAZYFAMAN (19 days ago)
Ryan smart thinking using this absolutely banging song to get the spider's into the panic room
Mikulas Sirko (20 days ago)
I had to shazam this cuz i dont want to read through the titles xdd
Justyn (20 days ago)
I tell her man's not hot, I tell her man's not hot!
vojtěch kadlec (21 days ago)
who are here from doctor who episode 11/4
Watchdog 80 (21 days ago)
This song saved people from spider's
It’s DodgyDoritos901 (21 days ago)
It’s DodgyDoritos901 (21 days ago)
I watched this because of doctor who
Infectious Sheep (21 days ago)
From Dr who
Charles Meador (21 days ago)
Doctor who?
Michi GUN (21 days ago)
Who is from doctor who?
Vladimir Moisejchenko (21 days ago)
Долбит по жести ААААААА
Şahin OĞUZ 2 (21 days ago)
Doctor Who brought me here. Anyone?
Jamal Ojang Ita (21 days ago)
Sweet beets
Just Gaming (21 days ago)
The Doctor
Trần Tiến Giang (21 days ago)
Whovian is comimg :v
Esther Cotton (21 days ago)
Doctor Who brought me here 😂😂 Love how they used this song to lure a bunch of giant mutant spiders... lol.
Ivy Rose (22 days ago)
Where do I know you from? From Doctor Who 😂
Lhikan634 (22 days ago)
Everyone flocking here like the spiders in Dr Who who heard this song.
Ya Wa (22 days ago)
shahmir zaman (22 days ago)
Who's here from doctor who?
Some nerd 157 (22 days ago)
I use this to get spiders out of my house.
jlovesj333 (22 days ago)
Doctor who brought me here 😝😝
Jamilkhangura (22 days ago)
Came from doctor who 😂😂 this song is amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Łukasz Duda (22 days ago)
Bruh spiders coming
Łukasz Duda (22 days ago)
Came from Doctor Who like many others... XD
The Reasonable Whovian (22 days ago)
Ryan: Yaz, you're so uncool right now. *plays this*
Craftman Seven Eighty (20 days ago)
Lisa Garuytkina (22 days ago)
Leo (22 days ago)
Whovians are coming...;
Iky (22 days ago)
Who else found this from the Spider rave in Doctor Who
Anab Hassan (18 days ago)
Haven’t you heard it before? OMG you’re so late! 😂🤣😁
Jonas Crumpersen (18 days ago)
Me! I watch it all the time.
Iky (19 days ago)
No way to check lmao that's just words
Andrew Cranston (19 days ago)
Listened to this song a good few times before it was on doctor who
Iky (19 days ago)
+Andrew Cranston How can we know you ain't new too?
NaClO (22 days ago)
I know you from Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 4
GBgamerBS (22 days ago)
anyone here from doctor who?
Galaxy Of Fiction (22 days ago)
Giant Spiders love this
British hip hop is alive & very healthy
Alejandro Torres (22 days ago)
This is Trip Hop and the Giant Spiders love this
SnapZers (22 days ago)
I didn’t know spiders are this lit 🔥😂
Robin Lefebvre (22 days ago)
" Yaz', you're being so uncool right now"
EshanPlays (22 days ago)
Dr Who brought me here.
Raye M. (22 days ago)
This song brings all the arachnids to the panic room.
MjC7192 (22 days ago)
Dr. Who.............is where I heard you from...,you're awright
I drg I (22 days ago)
Only good thing in that Dr who episode
morgan nicholls (22 days ago)
Dr who😂
Oktay Karimli (22 days ago)
-Where do you know me from? -From Gallifrey😁 (Only Timelords will understand this)
J4M13 (15 days ago)
I get it im a big whovian
richard wright (22 days ago)
this was in Doctor Who tonight 😱
Brian Boudrot (22 days ago)
Dozens of mutated house spiders came on YouTube and liked this video.
Amberlee R. (22 days ago)
Inb4 the Doctor Who Squad. When Ryan started bumping this shit I knew I had to find out who it was IMMEDIATELY because it BANGS and all I've ever wanted from Doctor Who was for someone to just turn a sick rap track up to thirteen and break the knob off.
Doctor who sent me here tonight!

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