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Know Me From available to purchase on iTunes now: https://t.co/1cWmO3ZIsg Filmed and edited by Jaiden Ramgeet Stormzy is back with his highly anticipated debut single 'Know Me From' produced by ZDot! #MERKY! TICKETS FOR STORMZY's HEADLINE TOUR HERE: http://m.gigsandtours.com/artist/stormzy/941712 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stormzyofficial Twitters: https://twitter.com/Stormzy1 https://twitter.com/JaidenRamgeet https://twitter.com/ZdotProductions Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stormzy1 Instagram: http://instagram.com/stormzyofficial
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Text Comments (5998)
chris bagnall (7 hours ago)
X woof x
Adam Lancaster (1 day ago)
Now THATS a badass. Real ones love they mama!
TheUrbanGamer (1 day ago)
Urbans stream
Duh_Its_kuh Is_back (1 day ago)
Yaz is so not cool rn
m. Bucko (2 days ago)
😂😂😂👊 love this 🤣🤣🤣
PANDZ (4 days ago)
My ends aswell next to norwood park
Chris Carter (4 days ago)
From this shit to Shut Up in 3 months?
Respekt from Ukraine, cool men
DuaLL (8 days ago)
Dirty Palm squad where you at?!
Amahd'jhe Hyler (8 days ago)
Worst rapper for u he’s the definition and he was like iPhone 2 really
Bubble Gum (8 days ago)
Funky Munchlax (9 days ago)
Dude this video is so like good it’s so pure
Aldis Alushaj (9 days ago)
3:40 when someone eats the snack you've been waiting for after dinner 😂
my name is "stiff chocolate" lol
D Singh (9 days ago)
Craig Phelps (11 days ago)
How can you be a G if everybody's life on that inbred island a reality tv show. England got more cameras than the Kardashians
KING SWJ (11 days ago)
21 tell them come sit down😂🤣
cameron bruce (12 days ago)
I got a #problem, this video makes me want to #merk myself, stormzys #overrated
Oroku Saki (12 days ago)
metropolitano dinamo (13 days ago)
Brits can't cook and can't rap. End of story...
Shan K (6 days ago)
They can absolutely rap, and it's actually understandable unlike most current US rappers. Actually pronunciating words while having an accent doesnt mean they cant rap.
Moll y (13 days ago)
im a little confused.
Doomed User (14 days ago)
Ted Tates (14 days ago)
This the best one i no u from the sunday markets selling knock off sneakers
simba chauhan (14 days ago)
Stormzy used to rape his own mother when he got high .. black cunt
IamJacksColon4 (15 days ago)
roadman anthem
500 subs no vids (15 days ago)
0:55 gran is banging in them tunes😂😂
9Boyz Gang (16 days ago)
TOO COLD 💯💯💯💯💯❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
J mad man M (17 days ago)
too late (17 days ago)
How fucking embarassing... thats its mother tryna act calm... ffs
Dapro (21 days ago)
TroubledPie YT (21 days ago)
I swear to god if one more fake fan says they got this from dr who
Spice Head Jack (22 days ago)
haha you go by the name stormzy now (adrian) we used to bully you in school remember sandra the girl you fancied me and her are married now in a million pound mansion loser
Shan K (6 days ago)
do you think he cares lmfao
Jennifer Montgomery (23 days ago)
2019 💖
Big booty Chungus (23 days ago)
This was stuck my head at school and everyone was asking what i was rappin
Jonathan Smith (23 days ago)
Love the fact this song was used in Alvin and the chipmunks
0121_ steve (25 days ago)
Benteke pissed about his career going downhill
Kaïzaro K (25 days ago)
Doctor who #teamtardis 😎
Gunterstryke (26 days ago)
Gervinho and Lukaku on a badman ting
Wopman (26 days ago)
What was the first jacket he came out wearing called?
Tom Bell (26 days ago)
Ted Tates (27 days ago)
No mor mef?
You're Not That Guy (27 days ago)
Oh Yhyh oh yhyh
batyaonline (27 days ago)
i am white lord this niggas
A1BadBoy 105 (27 days ago)
Eastenders 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
500 subs no vids (28 days ago)
2019 anyone
Dirty Hoar (28 days ago)
Saddest fakest crap ever.
Simply Pebbles (28 days ago)
When someone adds you on SnapChat “Where’d you know me from?” 😂
Aiden Gooch (29 days ago)
Doctor who anyone ? 😂😂😂 Series 11 episode 4
Scott76 (29 days ago)
Jervaise2468 90 (30 days ago)
Now we know Lukakus grandmom 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😀😀😂😂
Susan Thornton (1 month ago)
The beat is mad thing
mona ldn (1 month ago)
How is this only 3 years ago it feels like 6
Nord Master (1 month ago)
Malachy Mcintosh (1 month ago)
2k19 and I still find his mum funny 😂😂
Lil Channi (1 month ago)
I swear jrizzy Jeremy was at the place In the thumbnail
We know you from the internet
Lexus McCready (1 month ago)
adam McCulloch (1 month ago)
rickolarse (1 month ago)
still one of my favourite tracks by the man skengy
Jack Collins (1 month ago)
Who's here because they've been a stormzy fan from day
Sleek&laiddd Gang (1 month ago)
iPhone 2 was the iPhone X
michael rose (1 month ago)
can you release music in 2019 please
Gary Rayner (1 month ago)
We on the stereo
Muna Hais (1 month ago)
Aris k (1 month ago)
I know him from fifa
Dark Fire (1 month ago)
Jamming in 2019.
OMG HAX (1 month ago)
anyone here from doctor who
Anna Smith (1 month ago)
Big up tower jokes
kim blakeman (1 month ago)
Ellie slooth (1 month ago)
i come her from doctor who with the spooders
J EAST J EAST MUSIQ (1 month ago)
I def fvck with this....this brother goes hard!!!...oh and another thing... Fvck outta here with ur dumb comments about this brother been dark,... we are BLACK AND PROUD!!!...STOP IT !!!!...u dumb ass nikkus!!!... Comment about his music,...hes a talent artist just admit it!!!...anyface......Stormzy keep up brotha!!!....salute.
3AGLE (1 month ago)
Swear stormzy looks like a black Callum’s corner
Karimchii (1 month ago)
2018 and this still bangs
V2 Ell Gamer 123 (1 month ago)
Like if
V2 Ell Gamer 123 (1 month ago)
Any 2018 December
Jervaise2468 90 (1 month ago)
Someone collect there grandmom 😂😂😂😂😂
Truth Teller. (1 month ago)
انطون جريزمان هو بيدو
Triahn Petkov (1 month ago)
Trash! Loudness war!
N64 games recreated (1 month ago)
Doctor who!
eniafe cool (1 month ago)
1:26 wtf is with the screams??!
Emma Brown (1 month ago)
brulz22 (1 month ago)
a production that probs cost £1500 and probs earned close to a couple of mill...
DJLNR MCMLXXXI (1 month ago)
Stormzy knows exactly what he's doing. I like that.. big up Stormzy.. And the fact he keeping the music real and melodic rather than all that devil worship type music ya wouldn't play around ya kids dem..
Jamie Baxter (1 month ago)
Yes stormzy 😃
Erik Main (1 month ago)
I know he's a man u fan, but arsene wenger has similar zipper issues. Love the raw nature of how the shoot is flawed, but the song is banging. I tell all me mates about him, but I'm in american, white noise...
Michael Callinan (1 month ago)
Happy xmas
Michael Callinan (1 month ago)
Sack him man united
ViRaL VORT3X (1 month ago)
My name is stiff chocolate
Ragga x Chat (1 month ago)
Terence Jp (1 month ago)
Dr Who already said we ar at the end of game.Locals are dying,and the ''changers'' will carry the good from the people that died
Terence Jp (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
ULTRA GAMER (2 months ago)
Last Year (2 months ago)
Ragga x Chat (2 months ago)

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