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Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

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Here we take a look inside drug kingpin’s homes! These luxurious mansions are stunning and make you want to live a luxurious and rich life in one of these houses. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.twitter.com/world5list -- http://www.pinterest.com/world5list -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list
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Text Comments (5698)
Chandler Castleberry (3 hours ago)
gang shit in agg
Nickulis Jones Jr (6 hours ago)
Your mom
HighStreet Killers (6 hours ago)
I'd buy 50 hookers at once, viagra, and a film crew
antonio trillianes (10 hours ago)
i hate robotic voice fuck you
Og Afghan (1 day ago)
The neighbors weren’t alive to see this video
Honest Opinion (1 day ago)
I have no sympathy for these criminals. They murder millions of innocent people everyday and get to live the high life while people that slave on these 9-5 jobs can barely afford to pay their bills. I hope all of them go to jail for the rest of their life get shanked in jail and die and burn in hell for all Eternity
ClasiX Stars (1 day ago)
I would live in the same house same job everyday and yea but shit I’ll have s crap ton of money and spend it wisely so the cops won’t get suspicious
Osman Tellez (1 day ago)
The real question is WHO THE HELL BELIEVES THAT ESCOBARS HOME WAS IN MIAMI?!?!??? This information is soooo WRONG!!... WTF no one noticed? MIAMI? REALLY?
pauli inkerö (1 day ago)
Usa, kolumbia dea power0% vs escopowe power power 100% yars 1980-1983
Robinson Rong (1 day ago)
If I have all these money, I would help all my poor countrymen.
Y all them mexicans
Roulette Dave (1 day ago)
This shit makes me sick
Tyler Kokoth (2 days ago)
Artoro Veldran (2 days ago)
Ha ha puro Sinaloa putos
Rafael Coby (2 days ago)
Dont get high on your own supply.
ainsley rhoden (2 days ago)
I will buy the whole world
First Posted (2 days ago)
Washington Pendleton (2 days ago)
Tutwiler tutwiler tutwiler
Steve C. (2 days ago)
someone (2 days ago)
4 and a half bathrooms? bitch wtf how do u have a half bathroom?
Carlito Basa (3 days ago)
I'll built lot of tenement buildings for poor people
cbd isgoodforme (3 days ago)
Use confiscated cash from these fucking animals to fund the wall!!
Pete El Gada (3 days ago)
Hacienda napoles is in colombia not in miami
Ozella Mykel House (3 days ago)
Marijuana is a medium not a drug. ~Dr. Michelle"MYKEL" House
Punia G (4 days ago)
Death is not important the way u live is important.
Wendy Avila (4 days ago)
yeah but those people are not happy at all cuz they leave scared to death cuz they don't know when the police will open up the doors lol
Jay O (4 days ago)
And now the warden of the jail el chapo escaped from runs the cartel
Limfor Sola (4 days ago)
I'm just wondering where the world is going to. I watched another video here on youtube at https://youtu.be/3h4Au6IEjeY that one is even crazier
Javanshir Aliyev (4 days ago)
The rich drug lord king was Pablo Escobar
Javanshir Aliyev (4 days ago)
Net worth Pablo Escobar 30 billion dollars.
Javanshir Aliyev (4 days ago)
Самый обеспеченный в мире Наркобарон это был Пабло Эмилио Эскобар Гавирия
TONY Harris (5 days ago)
I buy lawn mowers never look back I would never sell another dope and never look back I will become a Yard-Man and never look back
Andrew Morales (5 days ago)
Buy a bussiness to cover up the large amount of money scheme to start off . Buy my family properties, cars and whatever they want. Buy apartments, houses, stocks, invest in whatever i can to make sure i keep the money flowing throughout the years.
LilQuan TheGod (5 days ago)
Scarface was a good game and a good movie the game was only on Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 but that game is hard to find now
Biggs Big (6 days ago)
Gss. Ssxx
jose grullon (6 days ago)
Don't Touch My Silver (6 days ago)
Narcos season 4
Cory Moore (6 days ago)
Jordan Palmer (6 days ago)
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zondaintheair (6 days ago)
When they said, here are some things you will find when you walk into a Drug Lord's mansion, I was surprised they missed out Crooked Politician.
arthur smith (6 days ago)
I'm. Never. Going. Back. Down. That. Rod. Again. I. Want. My. Aight. Back. Yea. That. Look. Good. But. I'm. Getting. Me. Some. Business. Law. Farm. Food. Stores. Clothes. Store. Rental. Houses. Apartments. Car. Lots. Day. Care. Get. A. Big. Apartment. Build. To. Get. The. Homeless. People. Off. The. Streets. Sleeping. Boys. An. Girls. Clubs. Now. That's. What. U. Do. An. Then. U. Want. End. Up. In. Prison. Use. Your. Brains. That. Why. Ant. The. Way. To. Go. God. Bless. Change. Your. Mind.
Captain Crunch (7 days ago)
Fucking grass bags , don’t trust your neighbors 💊
Daunte Carter (7 days ago)
My ambition is chess cruises, and chess tournaments, including chess camps. I also was DvDs on chess and books. I would invest in ivory chess pieces.
Shawn Hatten (7 days ago)
I should by a 7 story mansion with 2 and a half with 2 pools and 2 hottubes
Manic Rhymes (7 days ago)
A fuck ton of hard plus uncut soft to cook into hard. Endless supply of lighters, chore boy and “roses”. The rest would be donated to animal shelters etc
JUICE JUICERSON (8 days ago)
Elchopo's jelouse neighbors snitched on em
dave roberts (8 days ago)
If your a big drug dealer just get a double wide trailer and drive a Ford pinto .. noone will ever be suspicious!
Samsung Found (8 days ago)
U know your ass is dead when you already o.d.ed and killed all your prospective pushers and then you start offing mad loot to commercialize weed in the usa
o p (8 days ago)
Mark Huyette (8 days ago)
Help the less fortunate people out get legitimate bism
Mark Huyette (8 days ago)
Get legitimate businesses and put them to work so you have good paying jobs
Norma Gayle (8 days ago)
I would give 1/10 of it to the church if I had all that money. Plus help charities around the world. It has to be clean legitimate money though. You can’t give God anything unclean.
Ayan Ali (9 days ago)
Why is it only the fucking Mexicans
Laurier Bolduc (9 days ago)
I will buy scarface mention
BigMonkeyGrip (9 days ago)
I think getting a taste of that kind of money would make it very hard to walk away. Every big score, it would be harder and harder!
Gary Ko (9 days ago)
The video of The shootout that ensued in the capture of so chalk is on utube. It's fucking awsome.
ford nut (10 days ago)
They can all die they do nothing but great turmoil deaths kids going to foster care etc. This shit is helping destroy society.
Alex Harper (10 days ago)
Lol you are stupid. With the Justin bieber story... Lmbo
Alex Harper (10 days ago)
Lol that was funny. An I'm 25 fucker!
Sebastian Playz (10 days ago)
So??? ur trying to get people to go on drugs to get money??
Chris Doering (11 days ago)
I would buy heroin with all that money. And put it all up my nose.
Jimmy Butler (12 days ago)
Just brings to mind a question with all the money they show us when they make a bust, how are we in debt after so much money taken from them in the bust, because it is drug money has any one accounted for that cash yet and where did it go to? or to whom?
Jordan Aramoana (12 days ago)
How the fuck do you have 4 and half bathrooms??
Claudia C (12 days ago)
3# looks like the fresh price of bellair mansion.
Gibes NCIC (12 days ago)
Money for the Wall. Thank You Very Much.
LOOSER VICTOR (12 days ago)
ghettoartiz (12 days ago)
Just shared through nyc and my network push me I push you I am also a producer for coast2coastlive
Lupix (12 days ago)
Fuck those neighbours. Doggin my boi pablo
Ryan Wade (13 days ago)
Free 69 ADD ME ON IG 3am.wade
1 makaveli (13 days ago)
Hacienda napoles is located in Colombia
Maga Kid (13 days ago)
These compilations are so stupid. 2,600 police with helicopters don't need to "break through walls" they have ladders on trucks and they climb over and open the door.
Maga Kid (13 days ago)
330,000 british $. Isn't that much weed.
grandkokise (13 days ago)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous
Yeah just sell them
Guadalupe Hurtado (13 days ago)
el chapo is a legend
Mabutswela Tsamago (13 days ago)
I invest into property in my neighboring countries
Bugoy Maxwell (13 days ago)
Pablo escobar
Terry O'Connor (14 days ago)
Escobars estate was in Columbia not Miami. Do better homework...
Stephen Sellers (14 days ago)
The eye in the sky is always watching
Stephen Sellers (14 days ago)
Racesh sounds inda
Just want to say That Drugs are Defined as animalistic Man is not a animal Human is a Monster Person is a Corporation Words are Swords
john doe (14 days ago)
His neighbor probably dead now because they snitches and didn't seem to care that he knew they told on him
Chloë Wright (14 days ago)
3:21 "and every room had large windows" OMG... EVERY room had windows??? Yeah, because you'd definitely have to be a billionaire drug kingpin to afford a house that has windows in every room.
jeroen X (14 days ago)
"Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins " show me the inside!!!!! jailbating video
Costa Savva (15 days ago)
Pablo Escobar was raided today😂
Davon Hopkins (16 days ago)
I wouldn't tell you... cause then you would track me down , you rat bastard lol
Derrek Welch (16 days ago)
The guy who made this is Russian propagandist.
Soul Guitarists (16 days ago)
Marijuana is not a drug, Sometimes call it drugs because it's illegal Here in Phillipines that's why people think that we are drug addict, but not that if you can handle it then it will be it Medical marijuana
Albino Penis (16 days ago)
So why did they forget to mention George Bush Sr. the CIA, the American Government, the Clintons & ECT tell the full story not partial.
troy le (16 days ago)
Escobar’s house is as beautiful as his haircut. Net worth well over 30B and your house is painted pink? That’s karma in itself.
N0CopyRightMusic Music (16 days ago)
If I had that money i wold try to buy a planet
Marlon Davidson (15 days ago)
from who? The intergalactic real estate? lol dwfl
General Lee (16 days ago)
Hacienda Napoles was in Columbia not in Miami
Ezekiel Jaxson (17 days ago)
El Chapo is the biggest drug dealer of all time not one of
Patrick Dodd (17 days ago)
Felis John (17 days ago)
I want to buy that home as is.
Kathy Buie (17 days ago)
Real money!!!!
draoloupod (17 days ago)
about to get 1m congrats dood!
ya hadioki (17 days ago)
Christian Devoin (18 days ago)
All that ca$h ? ...I'd buy a shitty warehouse space in the Ghetto with iron clad doors and a security team to WATCH the security team ...like the German SS on the SA ...and I'd drive a humble used mercedes SUV with short wave radio/and a computer rigg to monitor the whole thing...my friends, family and the Poor would be living VERY comfortably
Roman Rasberry (18 days ago)
Where the hell is frank lucas???
Ivan Zagar (18 days ago)
Yeah yeah

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