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Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

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Here we take a look inside drug kingpin’s homes! These luxurious mansions are stunning and make you want to live a luxurious and rich life in one of these houses. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.twitter.com/world5list -- http://www.pinterest.com/world5list -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list
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Text Comments (5044)
Felicia Audrey (1 day ago)
fuck the cowboys
Kevin Paul (1 day ago)
Lol - how are you going to pay off your neighbors in that rich of a neighborhood? Your neighbors don't need extra money - so why would you bribe them? I am betting the reporting of this Youtube video has a ton of false statements.
charles childress (2 days ago)
Judges and Lawyers
wepush foru (2 days ago)
See this is why it’s best to shut the fuck up And live a nice quiet life and enjoy your riches in other ways. Sometimes too much attention can bring you down
Jason Baxter (2 days ago)
Jason Baxter (2 days ago)
"YO! EH!"
PumpCxrey (2 days ago)
I need some money and I'm a kid and gonna do brown heroin and acid so yuhh
Santos Icat (2 days ago)
Why did i watch this video and why did i even comment that i would buy myself out of the drug buisssnes? but thats what id do with ALL that mash...
anthonyseanhowell (3 days ago)
Drug running/AKA smuggling drug selling drug production which is more than or less than lucrative profits riches wealthy risky more than or less than deadly lethal fatal dangerous violent more or less dead body counts anybody???????!!
Yule Tide (3 days ago)
The government don’t care that they sell drugs they are just taking out the competition and stealing their money
Claude Leblanc (3 days ago)
I would give most of it towards building schools and improving education in developing countries
pontiac reddz (3 days ago)
A lot of miss information in this vid especially about Escobar.
this always opens up for me!
Fixsalot (4 days ago)
i would buy privacy
streeteats (5 days ago)
A lot of money to charity.
Craig Mayhew (5 days ago)
This video is a little confusing. He is taking about a few of Pablo's homes. He makes it sound like it was all from one.
MIKE HUNT (6 days ago)
That first house is in Sedona Arizona and not owned by a drug kingpin.....Douche Bags!!!
Guled Jamac (6 days ago)
El_chapo really had a black panther
Michael Kinnaman (6 days ago)
Bryan Ramos (6 days ago)
If I had all dat money I would buy 3 saxks of weed, 2 wax pens with 5 different carts, a sheet or 2 of acid/LSD tabs, a sack of shroomz, a big bag of ecstasy/Molly and last is a small bag of coke🙃
Sobia Khan (6 days ago)
No one can beat Pablo Escobar the legend!!
Saul Lua (3 hours ago)
El Mayo is the real #1 his the chest player king of traffickers.
AL Copone (1 day ago)
Imagine getting top support from the CIA
Gordo Prz (7 days ago)
Some true most lies. Guy don't know wtf he's talking about.
Marcello Thomas (7 days ago)
i would buy a bently Bmw i8 and lamber ghine a mansion and gucci mcm jewelry
boost leezy (7 days ago)
i will give all that money to charity, just keep enough for me and my family to live off,and to body guard..
Marijuana Masta (7 days ago)
I would buy Tony's mansion and a shit ton of weed
Estinex Music (7 days ago)
Did you just say Hacienda Napoles is in Miami? Lol.
Yurii Syvko (7 days ago)
Bloody hell!
Tio Bills (8 days ago)
Hey guys dont do drugs smoke weed
Oneal Bailey (8 days ago)
Tonio Yendis (8 days ago)
Net worth one billion dollars does not make him the richest person on the planet.
Heavee Bee (8 days ago)
Buy all the airlines.
FaiAlhabshee (8 days ago)
In amrica as long as youre not an american, you will be investigated ...no one investigated trump ... lol
FaiAlhabshee (8 days ago)
El Chapo is sill free till today ,,,, so misleading
alex m cervantes (10 days ago)
el carassos
Allidapse (10 days ago)
Marijuana is not a drug kids
sugarcreek x (10 days ago)
LyesergicBrainwave (10 days ago)
Don't do drugs (but if you do, stick with LSD; the only drug worth doing)
samson Akangbe (10 days ago)
Further my education
connor mason (11 days ago)
Don't do drugs!!!! Sell them instead
SpaceCowboy (11 days ago)
I tried to bite my tongue but this list is garbage. "Hacienda Napoles" was Escobar's main home in Colombia, not in Miami. Escobar did have a house in Miami though, but it was more of a vacation home for his family. Apparently, he only ever stayed at that house like once or twice.
Mark Dolan (11 days ago)
RIP Overdose victims.
Pollo2023 Escobar (11 days ago)
Hey why you bully my uncle
Richard Cavazos (11 days ago)
I'll buy a NFL team
Anita Scheller (12 days ago)
I need a kilo address 340 shenango Blvd Farrell pa 16121
Anita Scheller (12 days ago)
Crack is the best drug ever
TH3DANKs (12 days ago)
I dated a girl who had a brother in the Tijuana Cartel. Let me tell you one thing: Its no joke. That dude was completely committed to the Cartel and I saw first-hand what these people have to deal with and the ways they apply themselves in making money/laundering cash. Its a full-time job. He was always cool to me, and I dont know what happened to him.
Inday Bolanio (13 days ago)
Boy George (13 days ago)
I would travel around the world with the money hahhaa
L. Ron Gardner (13 days ago)
George Carlin: "We need more drugs, not less." Translated: "We need more drug lords, not less."... Just joking, just joking.
Jose Cuevas (13 days ago)
burn it
Isabela G (14 days ago)
what i am bay .?? i am bay you .as my slave to make me every morning massage in my Feet . and this is only for Start .!!!
charlie Torrible (14 days ago)
1.2 mill aint that much for a house. In sydney the average house price is $1,111,124
bobbleboydk (15 days ago)
so dont do drugs, sell the drugs
Akhigbe Mike 1234 (15 days ago)
Life goes on
Michael Spectre (15 days ago)
Cartels ain't shit. Purdue pharmaceutical wipes their ass with el chapo money. They got a trap on every corner
Chris Yarzab (15 days ago)
What will it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose their own soul?
MaMi Dunya (15 days ago)
Hacienda napoles. Pablos main home Was i Columbia. Do some research before Trying to learn people about it.
Rich F (15 days ago)
I would have a humble house, and car. No mansion and yacht for this kingpin.
Mark Russell (15 days ago)
Shit .let me in .
Crystal Forrester (15 days ago)
Lil Kim you auley
Jackie Hiner (16 days ago)
Customs moneys fake
Real Hustler (17 days ago)
he won in sports betting thanks for @thatruehustla from twitter.
Alpha QUINN Shasha (17 days ago)
What is the question? Spend it for my parents!!
Antwaun Carr (17 days ago)
What about scarface
Jay Cash (17 days ago)
Chyno Nyno (17 days ago)
buy more weed 🇵🇷🇵🇷🤘🤘
I'm Funny (17 days ago)
"Remember don't do drugs kids" I'm High Watching this Lmfao
Pierofelizzola (18 days ago)
What would I buy .............secreat..........what's in my mind cant be hacked......jajajajaja
Maya Vanessa L (18 days ago)
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alfredo isaula (18 days ago)
ThirtyBarley79 (18 days ago)
3:28 WTF does 4 and a half mean what's half a bathroom?
Michael Sepulveda (18 days ago)
He completely made up half of el chapos facts lol
Anthony Lowery (19 days ago)
Because I do have all that money I buy my wife back who got murder in a drug deal in 1962 to this day ever thing been gorgeous for me love you baby miss you dearly P S coming home soon
Di Addsion (19 days ago)
Do u know wat occults n drug dealers did to me??? Destroyed my life torture d my sons n made my life hell, used voodoo to turn invisible just to destroy me for me to think thy ghost, thy cut my hair for so long,took my right from me abused me secretly told ppl am mental ,police was working for them , thy had multiple ghost sex with me n destroyed my life n made my life hell!!! Thy even wanna use me as a maid to drug dealers wife called Andrea... Gosh have been through hell. I miss my children
Emmanuel MITCHELL (19 days ago)
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NinjightNationCorp (19 days ago)
Total click bait. That is not a mansion they raided and these money photos are from the internet and not from his "mansion"
Ryan (19 days ago)
Could you imagine. Buying Escobar house. Stumbling across a couple of safes full of cash...
SpaceCowboy (11 days ago)
There were 2 safes found in Escobar's former house in Miami. 1 was apparently stolen and the other one was given to the buyer of the land after the house was demolished. No word on what was found in the 2nd safe though.
Anthonythegreat (19 days ago)
Damn rip to el chapos neighbors
Alex A Boima (20 days ago)
i Will support God's work and help the needed
Brandon Clifford (20 days ago)
La hacienda napoles was not located in Miami
mark walburg (20 days ago)
I was expecting shark tanks!!!!.......I am disappoint......... :p
Noe Arriaga (20 days ago)
I’m pretty sure Hacienda Napolis was in Colombia, but Miami.
adrian kino (21 days ago)
I wood bye a Benz car an a home an just have a beautiful lady
Andrew Hutchinson (21 days ago)
Cocksucking lowlifes
Darrion Brown (21 days ago)
These big ass houses are so luxurious. But no drugs to do. I rather sell jewelry and dig for gold to buy shit
Hans News (21 days ago)
Selling drugs is a just a business like any other - those willing to take the risk earns huge profits - cuz it’s illegal - less competition
Mientras los gringos la sijan comprando y claro. Seguirán de masisos los gringos
CHEPOSPOOKY (22 days ago)
Wait theres more cartels and mafia bosses who had not only houses but had famous parties .Cali Russian Italian and templarios of mexico palaces and possesion.No one beats escobar though and he was even known to help the poor he build people houses and schools thats a fact now thats a man that is still loved
Danny Smiley Jr (22 days ago)
Danny Smiley Jr (22 days ago)
Danny Smiley Jr (22 days ago)
💘 love
frogman jack (23 days ago)
Buy me a business and a home and the rest to those families that lost their lives to drugs and the poor people
Michael Tobin (23 days ago)
I know your voice! LOL awesome if it is you
559 Cali MZ (23 days ago)
🍺 guns drug's car's Bitches money!!
Jose Silva (23 days ago)
Eres mierda respeto
Don Carbon (24 days ago)
this is ridiculous
david rogers (24 days ago)
no drugs, they killed my son
Alisha Jordan (25 days ago)
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sonny stealgrave (25 days ago)
Sophia Nau (26 days ago)
with that much money i would bring peace to Haiti
Luis Martinez (26 days ago)
I would buy my own country that way you're untouchable from any other country see where I'm coming from

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