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M Khan (12 days ago)
Add me on Snapchat Maleehah _Khan16
Sabah Rahil (5 months ago)
The part about the hijab and being depressed really helped me because I’ve been the same lately so I really needed to hear that! Thanks! 👌🏽❤️
Rey Iakopo (5 months ago)
Think I’ve found one of my faaaave Dina vids 😂 #InFitsIn2018Innit
kay arbi (7 months ago)
i love the answer about her daughter i totally agree
Sarah K (8 months ago)
Good that your not showing Hannah's pic. I wouldn't too. Secondly Christmas is not part of Christianity and it was pagan thing so we Muslim can't bend our backs to please those so call Muslims who try to sell they faith for falsehood even the Christians don't celebrate it so only becomes a commercial and part of just day-to-day thing now nothing to do with Jesus peace be upon him and those who bend their backs for such thing wi may Allah guide you lot. Dina you go girl.
Sharon Kour (9 months ago)
I seriously luv u dina please do letvme know when ur in manchester il com n meet u . Oh my u r so wicked o mean really cool
katherine mantooth (9 months ago)
Ty for talking about wearing your covering and depression from it... I relate bc we don't cut our hair in my faith and I've gone through it too I don't feel alone now.
mernaelf (10 months ago)
دينا والله اني بحاجتك اللحين .... قبل نص ساعه كانت شوفتي الشرعيه فعلا فعلا فعلا صرت بشريه ثانيه خايفه حد الموووووووت
Zainab Khan (10 months ago)
Whats her snapchat username
Last First (11 months ago)
Totally agree with you not showing Hannah’s face.
zakia hussain (1 year ago)
I can't stop laughing at the beginning, snacking ass, hahahahhahahah, love it
Baybe salma ox (1 year ago)
AskVictoria (1 year ago)
So true Dina... You can't expect society to respect Muslims if Muslims can't respect others religions... You hit the nail in the head! SO VERY TRUE!!! :)
Mina. Z (1 year ago)
Can anyone please give me her Snapchat ?
mounir el mahmoudi (1 year ago)
oh comeoooooon let us see the little girl ...ur not the first youtuber who have a child
Sonya CH (1 year ago)
I totally agree with not putting Hannah on YouTube. It's was not her choice to be on YouTube and I would want privacy for my child as well. But I did find it odd on another video that the freely showed their family members children's faces.
msjacqui72 (1 year ago)
Hello from Australia. Dina im so happy what you said about your daughter Hanna. And also people thinking they have a right to communicate their thoughts. I'm a interested Christian becoming a Muslim but I believe these alot of superstition.like the evil eye. I mean the creator is the most powerful of all. All the best to Sid. I love your honesty. ♡♡♡
Farwa I (1 year ago)
Alizah Ashfaq (1 year ago)
What is your name on snapchat
Ayat S (1 year ago)
What's her snap chat ?
A C R (1 year ago)
A lot of people post their children and babies online but I don't think people realise how dangerous it is, I wouldn't post my child either personally. It's a safe and responsible choice she's made
T Mill (1 year ago)
I've got a a question for you, in one of your videos, you put on a black cap before your wrap. What was it? I wanted to start wearing scarves but suck at wrapping, so I thought the "cap" would help me to avoid lumps from my hair underneath.
T Mill (1 year ago)
Also, I just saw this part of your vid, I love that name Noah!!! I was thinking about Noah for my first son xp and Charlotte for my daughter
Aliyah A. (1 year ago)
Ain't smacking nobodies ass 😂😂😂 ily
Lady Moriarty (1 year ago)
Your reasons for concealing Hana's face are so very sensible maa shaa' Allaah. May Allaah always protect her in this dunyaa Aameen.
Yasmin a (1 year ago)
there's a difference between tolerating other religions and wishing merry christmas I mean you're mixing up things Dina I'm sorry...
Saba Ahmed (1 year ago)
Wat ur Snapchat name
Aisy Hudson (1 year ago)
I thought you went freehair when i first saw the thumbnail 😅😂
YaBoiManny (1 year ago)
even if u don't want to show ur daughters face im sure she is beautiful mashallah uve had a wonderful child
Asma Inaik (1 year ago)
Masfa Tariq (2 years ago)
Girllll those cheekbones MashAllah
Karaaslan Iqa (2 years ago)
Totally agree. Mothers are protective that way 😊. I have 2 boys and my youngest baby's name is Ali. Xoxo to Hanna
Mohamad Sarin (2 years ago)
yes she can wish merry Christmas because jesus is a prophet in islam and we can celebrate his birth . also wishing them merry Christmas spreads love amd shows that muslims aren't radicals . why do we get happy when non-muslims wish us happy eid and when muslims wish other merry Christmas we get mad ? what is important is the neya . we are wishing them merry Christmas to make peace between us and them so nothing is wrong in that .
mardia baboukari (1 year ago)
Mohamad Sarin but we don't belive Jesus was born the 25 december we muslims belive he was born in summer time
Busra Ylvc (1 year ago)
Mohamad Sarin Christmas isn't even a part of Christianity. They made it up later on. Jesus didn't celebrate Christmas or didn't tell Christians to celebrate it
Marcelina Kądziela (2 years ago)
I love your attitude about putting your daughter into social media! Great choice! ❤
Maram Kiran (2 years ago)
What if a hijabi sent a vid and you posted them without their hijab?
Hattie Harris (2 years ago)
1000th comment!! 🎉
Marż (1 year ago)
Hattie Awesome Pants K
bribribri Nicoley (2 years ago)
I love you Dina! You and Sid are hilarious and I completely adore that you choose to keep Hannah's life pretty private. I am a Christian but I respect ALL religions and I particulary find lots of beauty in the religion of Islam. I wish everyone would just respect eachothers religions and or beliefs.
Roses (2 years ago)
Dina you are fabulous .
UmmeeHabeeba (2 years ago)
What is dinas snapchat?
UmmeeHabeeba (2 years ago)
Actually ive just read a lot of the other comments
Vishmie De Silva (2 years ago)
I completely respect you for not showing Hannah 's face 😆 Good Job
Rebeca Narvaez (2 years ago)
😧 what is uni? University?
Alinah M (2 years ago)
+Rebeca Narvaez Yes "Uni" is an abbreviation for "University"
Rebeca Narvaez (2 years ago)
+Husba Hussain is it a abbreviation for university?
Husba Hussain (2 years ago)
i take it your from U.S? its basically a college well thats what americans would call it if u are
The four Princesses (2 years ago)
you might know that swearing is a big sin in islam since you represent a Muslim sister and sid a brother will u please stop swearing .other than that like your channel
Paige Ann (2 years ago)
What's your snapchat? :)
Dyana Sabet (2 years ago)
You should really look into a hclf vegan diet if you're really concerned about your health and the health of your nursing child. I know it sounds off putting but you seem like a smart open minded woman. I would say just do your research and stay open minded, Inshallah
Dyana Sabet (1 year ago)
+Busra Ylvc why eat meat when you could live a perfectly healthy life without contributing to the destruction of the planet and death of billions of animals?  
Busra Ylvc (1 year ago)
Dyana Sabet why be a vegan when God says we can eat animals in the Holy book.
Dyana Sabet (2 years ago)
Literally just started watching your videos and your views of life are so on point. I agree with everything you talk about
Bhaggy Mohan (2 years ago)
What's your snapchat name ??^^💕
Natasha Ahmed (1 year ago)
Bhaggy Ronaldo dinatokia
sssalaam (2 years ago)
do another q&a!!!
unicorn star (2 years ago)
What's her snap
Kraljica Univerzuma (2 years ago)
whats that lipstick i looooooooooove it
anastasia AA (2 years ago)
I can't understand what kind of hijab this is. showing non mahrams your beauty,jewellery. I can't understand these vlog people giving wrong impressions on Islam. shame
Umayrah Ali (2 years ago)
ok haraam police
Sommer Winter (2 years ago)
Shame on you because of judging other people!
Fam Zee (2 years ago)
whats ur snapchat
Emma (2 years ago)
You're only 26!? You said in one of your did and dina videos twenty... Let's not go there like you're old!? Haha you're gorgeous and hilarious love you
Layla Mae (2 years ago)
Ahhhh I love your videos!
Leona Hammington (2 years ago)
I know it's a bit late but I've heard that some parents that are bi-(tri)lingual have specific times or places where they use the other language(s). For instance when the family is in the car the mother only talks arabic to the children, so that the children can identify when which language is used and it's easier for them to follow and distinguish the languages. Maybe that will make it easier to teach her all three languages :). And also i would really encourage you guys to teach her whatever you have. Even if she will never talk arabic like a native speaker at least she will know a bit :). Good luck!
Layla Mae (2 years ago)
That's a good idea! My son's father was Hazara (passed away now) and he was teaching our son his language, only ever talking Dari to him haha. My new partner is also Hazara and I keep asking him to continue to teach my son his language haha but he feel uncomfortable like he'll confuse my son... I'll tell him about this and we'll try it. My son will only be bilingual (hopefully) but I guess it works the same.
Faceless Girl (2 years ago)
omggggg i love it when you say ''wallllaaaaahiiii'' :) <3
basma ahmed (2 years ago)
saed el so3'yer the really be2a one 😂😂😂
Mommy Kate (2 years ago)
i dunno how i landed here but im glad i did =)
Livikyu (2 years ago)
It's not fair on this generation of babies, they're going to grow up having been put online before they were even born! Every little moment put out there for anyone to see - I don't agree with it for non-internet famous people so completely understand your decision Dina!
shahin shinwari (2 years ago)
Mrs pope 👌😂😂 best teacher in cathays 😂😂
Amina Khan (2 years ago)
what's her Snapchat??
jj jj (2 years ago)
10:08 NANCY AGRAM ??? U MEAN AJRAM ; LMAOOOO U RELLY ARE EGYPTIAN love uuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hamza amine (2 years ago)
I speak Pashto and more
Amira Ie (2 years ago)
Great job on parenting and not forcing things on your child! You are a superb mom!
Keela Bryant (2 years ago)
Where did you get that shirt from?? It's lovely
Nazifa Rahman (2 years ago)
LUV all ya vids
Rose A (2 years ago)
soooo cute love u xoxoox
Khadijah Zul (2 years ago)
I loved the part where you imitated the Liverpool/Scouse accent ! You and Sid should definitely do another accent challenge but exclusively for the accents from the British Isles! The last accent video was absolutely HILARIOUS!!! XD Lots of love <3
it's Begum (2 years ago)
does anyone know what camera she uses
Samiha chowdhury (2 years ago)
What is Dinas snapchat name ?
Maha SAN (2 years ago)
What's her snap name?
Sarah O'Brien (2 years ago)
so much love for this vid Dina. You're hilarious :)
Ronika Afshar (2 years ago)
Whats dinas snapchat?
Aisha Imran (2 years ago)
whats her snapchat? x
Sabrina (2 years ago)
Please do a meet and greet in birmingham , it may make u cringe but it'll be fun
Shireen Dhalla (2 years ago)
haha kill me
Asia Yasin (2 years ago)
loveee you're personality gurLLL 😂👌💖
Duja Buhidma (2 years ago)
Dina, Are you a Sunah or Shiah Muslim?? Sorry for asking. But..I'm just curious. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. 😊😊
nsr rslnnpsh (2 years ago)
I think she's sunni :)
Sara Si (2 years ago)
Omg I LOST IT when she said " .... or kill me.. become a murderer?" BAHAHAHHA
Mariamź (2 years ago)
What's Dinas Snapchat name
izza alquran (2 years ago)
I love how silly and cute Dina is.
Mehnaz Jabeen (2 years ago)
hi guys do you know her snapchat name x
Bushra Akil (2 years ago)
Anyone know her snapchat username??
Bakhtawar Razzaq (2 years ago)
what is her snapchat
Aleezaax _ (2 years ago)
Please someone tell me
No1 romzz (2 years ago)
cool vid😎
Malaika12344vs12 Ahmed (2 years ago)
What is dina snapchat name
brittany smith (2 years ago)
What is her snapchat
brittany smith (2 years ago)
Nvm I think I found it
MARSHA BAR (2 years ago)
Hana (2 years ago)
I hope that one day I bump into you and Hana and Sid but doubt that but inshallah I do 😊☺
justice Dreamz (2 years ago)
What's dina's snap chat
brittany smith (2 years ago)
It's dinatokio
Sana S. (2 years ago)
I'd like to hear Sid speaking Pashto in a video. I'm an afghan Pashtun and our dialects differ a bit but it'd be interesting to hear him speak it!
Cara Hoff (2 years ago)
So hilarious! I just love her!!!
Pakistan is amazing! I've been there twice and going next year again. I love it, as my dad is originally from Pakistan?
Twinkle Moviestar (2 years ago)
Sorry what's your snapchat?
kafia mohamed (2 years ago)
What is ur snapchat's name??
Malaika Ali (2 years ago)
Can any1 please help me and tell me what is dinas snapchat i'd love it if any1 did
Ayah (2 years ago)
what is her snap ?
Flamingo77 Flamingo77 (2 years ago)
what's your snapchat I really want to know
Saf 84 (2 years ago)
noah as in prophet Nuh pbuh right? its a beautiful name Nuh mashAllah :)
Simply Sookie (2 years ago)
Why are people getting angry as Soon as someone's trying to share their knowledge about Islam with Dina. It's in our deen to share information. And if you do this in a decent way I really don't see the problem. And you could argue that it's none of our business but when you put your life on the internet you are bound to get comments.
Abi M (2 years ago)
Whats her snapchat?

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