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HTML Tutorial 12 - Introduction to DIV Tags and Inline Styling

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In this tutorial I start to cover the very useful and most commenly used element within web design. The Div tag is found in all good to proffessional websites, if you feel that you always want to use tables in your websites then learn no further. if you want to make proffessional website then the learning starts here.....Have fun and enjoy. It get hard and harder from here on.
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Text Comments (7)
Emuna Fallach (2 years ago)
.it was not good, you are talking too much:|
amine meziane (5 years ago)
you better use Sublime text editor it is the amazing one ever seen just look at it now
userTch (6 years ago)
thank you a lot! this've been my best help... keep doing the god work. many thanks
Mauricio Uribe (6 years ago)
I have decided to drop Web design l and stick to your amazing tutorials, I will take it next semester. In the mean time you are my professor. Thanks for your time and effort.
Siteezy (7 years ago)
Good Tutorial
Ravi Maurya (7 years ago)
really nice ingredient for starters
LIZ 404 (9 years ago)
Thank you sir! I didnt really get an understanding for div tags but after watching this video I know what im doing now. Thanks alot!

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