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find a brand who believes in you

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It's day 3 of the 365-day challenge of daily vlogging. Keep coming back, won't you? Oh, hi. I'm Sean Ely. I make daily vlogs on this channel! You just watched one. Or you're reading this while you watch one. If you dig my style, please SUBSCRIBE to this channel above. Also, I'm a fan of "liking" and "commenting", too. I'M EXCITED FOR YOU TO COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE. My sponsor is Raven 5, the world's first contest marketing agency: http://www.raven5.com Music credit: — https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/tracks (INTRO) — https://soundcloud.com/hoodieallenmusic (OUTRO) FOLLOW THE SOCIAL MEDIA PESSIMIST ON TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/theseanwow LIKE THE SOCIAL MEDIA PESSIMIST ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/socialmediapessimist THE INSTAGRAM LIFE FOR THIS DUDE: http://instagram.com/theseanwow ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: @seanely Wanna email me + chat + collab? [email protected]
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Text Comments (26)
Stephen Bright (2 years ago)
That view though! Damn, I'm jealous! :-)
Stephen Bright (2 years ago)
Thank you Sean! I think your all around filming, editing, and entertainment gets better and better every day! So excited to see the growth of both channels! Much Love and RESPECT!
MidnightAviator (2 years ago)
I'm glad you started making these. I needed something to fill the Casey Neistat void.
Kaqer (2 years ago)
He's gonna pull a lance Stewart real life fruit ninja on us
MrMoneyb007 (2 years ago)
I'm assuming you're a Lambda Chi Alpha alumnus. We have a chapter of them at my university. #gogreeklife
Megan Burch (2 years ago)
Penny loves you so much. It makes me happy
Kristian Eliseussen (2 years ago)
AAAAH YEEEAH, 3000 subs!! Go, Sean, GO! :D
Bryan Russell (2 years ago)
not that the vlogs aren't great, but are you gonna bring back your Pessimist videos? Great video, as always!
Corey Wags (2 years ago)
I was nervous the entire time you were opening that box. you are god damn reckless with that knife!
Corey Wags (2 years ago)
webralyn haha yeah man, seans definitely gonna lose a finger one of these days lol
webralyn (2 years ago)
Corey, I had that exact thought when he was opening that box!   LOL! :-)
redfieldbjgprod (2 years ago)
This goof always makes my day. 👍🏻
Josh (2 years ago)
I can already see where these vlogs are going, you're going to gain so many subs, great vid as usual🙌
Surfing On Games (2 years ago)
Great vid
socialmediapessimist (2 years ago)
Thank you for saying that!
Elizabeth Rickard (2 years ago)
U'r ok, BUT that doggie OMG....Just might subscribe.. jk already did :)
socialmediapessimist (2 years ago)
You're the greatest, Elizabeth.
Aaron Valdez (2 years ago)
You need the glue. Try jumping out of an airplane, riding a boosted board or taking your son to Vietnam! I'm rooting for ya!
socialmediapessimist (2 years ago)
Kyle Pereira (2 years ago)
Not gunna lie, u took way to long to open that raven5 box
socialmediapessimist (2 years ago)
You shoulda seen the footage I didn't include in the video.
Owen (2 years ago)
awesome cinematic shots. keep it up
socialmediapessimist (2 years ago)
Can do! Thanks!
Brad Gruver (2 years ago)
I love me some sean and number six with cheese. No homo, of course. <3
socialmediapessimist (2 years ago)
Thanks bud!
Grayson P. (2 years ago)
Yes dad

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