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ORDS and the New SQL/JSON Database Functions - Part 1

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Shows how to use the new SQL/JSON functions available in Oracle Database 12c to insert the data in nested JSON objects into multiple tables in the Oracle database as one transaction using REST and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS). For more detail also see blog post https://blogs.oracle.com/newgendbaccess/entry/inserting_nested_json_objects_into
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Prachi Deshmukh (1 year ago)
Hi Gordon, I am trying to configure REST service for table present in sys schema. Basically want to configure REST Service for oracle audit table sys.aud$ table. Can we do it for sys schema table? Thanks, Prachi
Raf D'Naah (9 months ago)
Prachi Deshmukh it's a bad idea from a security point of view. I believe you only want a read only access to those audit tables, so I will suggest you create views on top of these tables in another schema and expose that schema through the json function

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