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40 Amazing Colorized Photos of Victorian and Edwardian Women

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40 Amazing Colorized Photos of Victorian and Edwardian Women (Photos from klimbims on Flickr)
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Ehsan Mir (3 hours ago)
Life is short. Enjoy yours today. tomorrow people will enjoy your pics.
Julito Alcorta (6 hours ago)
Muy muy bellas!!!
Molly Reed (12 hours ago)
Wow! The colorization job is the best I've ever seen...Stunning!
Carina Andersson (15 hours ago)
Tabitha Warren (16 hours ago)
Do you know who number 8 is? They look just like my nieces
Tamela Archer (20 hours ago)
Why did people look so sad in those days?
Martin Boyer (1 day ago)
Que l'apparence primait à cette époque! Le corps était une prison que l'on devait dompter... J'apprécie 2018!
darlin one (1 day ago)
So elegant back then you don't see that anymore
Grigori Wolny (1 day ago)
Where are these women, God? Where?
Any.AnnyMS (1 day ago)
have you seen how beautiful these women were? it's stunning, those women were really women, not like the women of nowadays.
IntergalacticLOVE (1 day ago)
This video cured my anxiety about these creepy looking black and white ones. How beautiful they are!
Char Ley (1 day ago)
We always forget that they were living the life un colors and not in black and white :)
Nu Rules (1 day ago)
Wow this is beautiful...😍
Pardon me, (1 day ago)
They're so calm and feminine. I bet there were no slut walks and pussy hats then.
papillon citron (1 day ago)
My god qu'elles sont belles
ASMRyouVEGANyet? (1 day ago)
The comment are so sad. We're viewing pictures of women who had very little choice in their lives. Their clothes, hairstyles, etc were all decided for them. Corsets are a form of oppression on women. And these comments are depressing. People saying women should be like this again. Why can't we all just appreciate women for just BEING? Why do women have to confirm to ANY type of beauty standard? We are already beautiful. Just for being ourselves.
Raffaello Santi (1 day ago)
Only yesterday saw 2 girls with shamrock green hair & 1 with purple. Last week 2 girls with tattoos all up their necks and faces. Everyday see rubber band yoga pants on cottage cheese bums, mouthing F-bombs, and girls sucking on e-cigs. We've come so far.
Abi Nor-Mac (1 day ago)
They looked like real ladies back then
Geneva Fillips (1 day ago)
very beautiful
Alex Hale (1 day ago)
5:52 is the girl of my dreams. 💘
teceyS3 (2 days ago)
Wow- Beautiful! Colorizing the pictures really brought these women to life- I noticed several of them where of the Tsarina, wife of Tsar Nicholas II- she was also Queen Victoria's granddaughter :) ♡
leslie gillmor (2 days ago)
Amazing colors but, I prefer the vintage pictures in black and white or sepia
Lili Rivera (2 days ago)
There is a way we know who are they? Names, year of photo? something that give us a hint of the time they lived? Beautiful portraits, but most of all, I wish al of them had a happy and long life.
L Coop (2 days ago)
Stunning!! I'm at a loss for words!
Lili Rivera (2 days ago)
Please, who is the woman on the minute/sec. 2:16? I am reading right now the story of the Last Zarina of Russia, grandchild of Queen Victoria, princess Alix and for marriage wife of Tsar Nicholas of Russia. The history says they were so much in love with each other. Look to me that this must be she, even if I really do not know her by photo. It is she? Please apologies, english is not my mother tongue.
sugar baby (2 days ago)
ianandtaylorsmom (2 days ago)
It's amazing how many are in the same studio
David Heath (2 days ago)
Thought they didn't wear make up back then?
fabian Athiah (2 days ago)
Life looks so boaring for them....like they were forced to follow a code of conduct🤔
D Lynn (2 days ago)
Brings them to our world and out of some "other" world the past lived in that was black and white.
Maple Bacon (3 days ago)
All of them are so beautiful.
MrBrendog67rat (3 days ago)
i think the woman at 5:10 is very Beautiful
Truth Sayer (3 days ago)
Real noses. Real breasts. Real faces. My my, how far we have fallen.
Dotandgraham Xxxx (3 days ago)
some of the hair styles were really nice. Very elegant women
Alex Lawrence (3 days ago)
Some of these are photos shot on autochrome. There was indeed color film back then and the wealthy (I believe one shot is of the Empress Alexandra) had the bucks to pay for it. The others are obviously colorized.
Mike Naughton (3 days ago)
Thank you. These are beautiful. They are so contemporary appearing. The years melt away.
Peizxcv (3 days ago)
Back when everyone aims to be gentlemen and ladies and not gangsta and bitches
Bill Drummond (3 days ago)
British women’s greatest time in their history, they had the truest equality, the vote and doting love without fighting in the trench’s; certainly had it substantially better than the men. Will we ever see their like again?
Tharlenne (3 days ago)
These gowns look so much more surprising in color, and their hair is flawless. I love taking this look into the lives of people who lived so many years ago, it's wonderful.
ChpLvr (3 days ago)
It was obviously not the fashion to smile. Be nice to get that back.
Sarah H (3 days ago)
5:50,55 that woman is extra beautiful...oh my goodness
little miss Michele (3 days ago)
I'd love to see the originals too. But this was so beautiful.
Stephanie Blonshine (3 days ago)
Breath taking
Glitterbomb45 (3 days ago)
The first 3 blew me away.
Sarah H (4 days ago)
That first one is the martyr St Elizabeth, Former Grand Duchess of Russia
clairieannie1 (4 days ago)
These are really gorgeous. I usually hate colorized photos because they look muddy or garish and overly bright. I am assuming it is because the people adding the pigments were simply “coloring” over a black and white photo like one would imagine a child using crayons or neon markers on a newspaper image. These seem to have had the black and varying tones of grey replaced with color. Really startling and lovely.
Iridia Furnival (4 days ago)
1:25 - Olga and Tatiana Romanov - Anastasia's older sisters
Aragorn90 (4 days ago)
Wow women where sexy back then?
Van E. Brand (4 days ago)
Seeing these in color makes me feel a lot more connected to them as people. They could have been walking around just like anyone else today!! This was magical!!
Sue Bradford (4 days ago)
It's almost like black and white photography was a barrier; now the colour is put in the barrier's been removed! Beautiful, elegance and serenity. However the girl at 5.19 doesn't look happy!
Jackie Beaudry (4 days ago)
The waists on some of these women are so tiny. I need to go on a diet! But I wouldn’t need a bustle....I got the junk in the trunk. LOL
bellatrix565 (4 days ago)
The Romanov sisters...
Numba1TeddyBear (4 days ago)
georgous photos
Jenny Cook (4 days ago)
I feel like some of these were taken much more recently, just with b&w film and clothing/styling from that era.
Frank Stein (4 days ago)
There's a bit more than colour being added and 'tweaked'.
Aaliyah Kassim (4 days ago)
They smelt badly though since they only washed themselves once a year
Art Karounos (4 days ago)
was it against the law to smile at that time?
zoiababy (4 days ago)
They all look so sad in their pictures.
juan herrera (4 days ago)
The lady @ 2:20 reminds me of Julianne Moore in An Ideal Husband (1999 film).
River J Brooks (4 days ago)
Clothing was far more Superior, then today
Untrepid One (4 days ago)
all pretty women😊.
Ena Rabone (4 days ago)
What dull dreary music you put with this video. The photos were lovely and worthy of something much more cheerful to celebrate the photos of a bygone era.
Jenda Cayacap (4 days ago)
5:30 a model women look a like adelle 😊
Daniélín NicG (4 days ago)
in regards to there facial colour and make up at the time l think it was a quite heavily lead based powder that caused horrible graters in there skin, and lets not get started on 'the teeth' it looks beautiful but l believe also that queen victoria set a standard for bathing once a month but before that perfumers were very important to cover up everyday odours, the hair was mostly infested a vingear bottle was placed between the cleveage for nits to fall into, excuse my spelling irish is my first language
Ettore Morabito (4 days ago)
And thinking that they were so foul odour!Men's even more!I wonder how that times where they living!
crt1975 (4 days ago)
Simply breathtaking and so lovely. Thank you for sharing.
marieange cosse (4 days ago)
Des beautés sans artifices...rare!!!
Alison H (4 days ago)
WOWWWW!!!😍😍😍 this perspective changes everything!
Laura Lewis (4 days ago)
Beautifully done! Fashion just isn't what it used to be!
Jimmy Jennings (4 days ago)
Its funny how our time comes then go's, one day people will look at pics and videos of us and think in the same way, its funny how our time comes then go's.
Wendy Rose (4 days ago)
Beautiful clothing
Mary Bruun (4 days ago)
That’s really amazing
Kara Brooke Attebury (4 days ago)
Half of these are modern prints. Not Edwardian at all. They are modern and staged.
Frank Stein (4 days ago)
I thought that was the case too. They look far to 'modern'.
dsatt57 (4 days ago)
I think 4:29 is Consuelo Vanderbilt.
BeatlesFanSonia (4 days ago)
Amazing pictures but why do they all look so sad?
seattwa (5 days ago)
This really fantastic! Colorization has come so far in the last 20 years, it's incredible! Many of these pictures look like they were taken today! Especially the first one shown.
BlueSwampyCraft (5 days ago)
I saw many photos of Russian Imperial women (Alexandra Feodorovna, last Empress of Russia, Elisabetha Feodorovna, grand duchess (later orthodox nun) and sister of the empress, the elder daughters Olga and Tatiana, as well as emperor Nicholas II's pre-marriage lover Mathilda. Saw the eccentric countess Castiliogne and Empress Elizabeth Sissi of Austria as well.
Melissa Murphy (5 days ago)
Does anyone else notice The lady in the 20th picture looks a lot like Shirley McClain? A younger version.
pingme1972 (5 days ago)
Colorized photos with fluorescent lighting above the subject.
C F (5 days ago)
Some of these women were stunningly beautiful, especially considering they weren’t wearing any makeup with the exception of maybe Maude Adams, their beauty was classic and very feminine. Beautiful women today might look ordinary, plain or even scary without their makeup.
Alma Miranda (5 days ago)
I restore art and photos. This is the best colorization job I have ever seen.
downbntout (5 days ago)
Surprised to see some short haircuts.
Fredy Vera (5 days ago)
None of the photos are original of that time, they are current models
Artboxfashion (5 days ago)
why are people today so tacky....not a bit of makeup or eyeliner and they look beautiful.
Freiheit und Liebe (5 days ago)
They all look so insecure and sad and... immature
0:9 Empress of Russia, Alix, wife of Nicolas II, and also 1:00, 2:09, possibly 0:37...
Annemoi (5 days ago)
So beautiful!
Filip Wessman (5 days ago)
Colour makes them real
schlumbl84 (5 days ago)
Just fascinating how b/w pictures start to look so fresh and alive as soon as they're colorized. The ladies all look so pretty in an uncomplicated way, no heavy make up, no botox, just pretty faces. Timeless.
Paul Rayfield (5 days ago)
Wow very clever 10/10.
Cheri Green (5 days ago)
All natural beauties without artifice!
Chris Cullen28 (5 days ago)
What spectacularly beautiful work ! The ethereal beauty of some of these women has been powerfully enhanced, thank you for this labour of love !
Jim English (5 days ago)
They all seem so unhappy.
Karen Rodriguez (5 days ago)
These women are truly beautiful.
Moon Talam (5 days ago)
They were so beautiful way back then. These were the days before surgeries
pleoj (5 days ago)
ces photos ont été colorisées d'une manière admirable ! Grand bravo !
Jody Johnsen (5 days ago)
These pictures are just off somehow. In the original the images fit. Having weird colors added to them makes perfectly lovely people look a little creepy.
Phoebe Louise (5 days ago)
These really are amazing!!!
Reimagine (5 days ago)
Some of these are quite telling....
Jill O'Hara (5 days ago)
Ah, femininity

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