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The New Avengers TV Series ღ✰ Cartoon Avengers Full Season 2 ღ✰ PART 1✔

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Vincent Harris (7 days ago)
Who is master.......Dr. Doom.
Magee Aaron (7 days ago)
I cannot wait to see how the MCU will cast my man Doctor Doom!!
Kyra Caldwell (8 days ago)
This is WAY BETTER than Marvel’s Avengers Assemble
Juliette Duzant (4 days ago)
The lies you tell
WrestleFactor (10 days ago)
So many good memories
yasee chaudhry (12 days ago)
Thanks for the upload!✌
Young Dab-A-Roosa (17 days ago)
What if the first 15 seconds of this video turns out to be what takes place in phase 4 of the MCU!? 🤔
Captain America cant be skrull cause he old now
Keegan Walkup (22 days ago)
29:07 when we were able to show women as assholes
Zach Van Harris JR (24 days ago)
Who else is watching Avengers Endgame this weekend??? Excited to see it!!
leigh munro (23 days ago)
Zach Van Harris JR no post credits scenes you can start leaving when the credits start rolling
Zach Van Harris JR (24 days ago)
Black Widow makes the ultimate sacrifice and pays ultimate price
Reggie Carter (27 days ago)
Wait Ant-Man is the reason for Ultron ?
Gucci Jay (6 days ago)
In the movie Tony are responsible for ultron
slikdarelic (23 days ago)
Yes.. Ant Man created Ultron.. The cartoon follows the actual comics.. Hollywood follows wat the director wants u to believe.. And when i say Ant-Man is the creator, i mean Hank Pym, the scientist, and not Scott Lang, the ex-con in the movie.
CybermenOnline (27 days ago)
Avengers Endgame: 49:01 THe Earth is in our hands. We've got to do something about it.
CybermenOnline (22 days ago)
+Zach Van Harris JR Yes, I have. I'm going to see it again aswell.
Zach Van Harris JR (24 days ago)
Going to watch the movie twice this week, can't wait!! Have you seen it already?
Emilio The Pixel Guy (1 month ago)
Why didn't they introduce thanos into this show??
Jodyjoe8816 (1 month ago)
It wasn't on long enough. Smh they shouldn't have cancelled it
Rob Schuzer (1 month ago)
Why watch a video provided generously by someone and then thumbs it down? It’d be better if you didn’t watch it and stick a thumb up your ass!
Thomas Arelano (1 month ago)
Surtur is the only one that sounds like himself xd
shermaine callahan (1 month ago)
Iron Man voice is horrible!
BENS19777 (2 months ago)
Cant believe they cancelled this fir the avengers assemble crap.
Olof Olofersond (2 months ago)
MF Doom was all In the avengers buisness with the drone camera LOL
Felix Charles (2 months ago)
Corymu Washington (2 months ago)
They cancelled Saturday cartoons so kids can go out and get in trouble and locked up
Pinkie Love (2 months ago)
captain marvel movie ,,,, human male treat level 0.. movie sucked skrull should always be evil
Patrick Bell (2 months ago)
Hopefully down the road their are Skrulls that are evil . I didn't like the nice Skrulls either
Overkill Maximus (2 months ago)
What the crap is up with the voices....hellium?
Bruce James Parker (2 months ago)
Avoid copyright
Their design is horrible And they sound like helium was pumped into their bodies
Icewood Cell (3 months ago)
These voice overs are so corny !!!! And irritating. Like listening to kids Yea this a no for me dog
Corey Hanson (3 months ago)
B Grim, Hulk, Black Panther, Dr. Domm, only characters that ain't got bitch-voice.
Cesar Alejandro (3 months ago)
So doom knew that sue was a skrull that’s crazy.
Kai Masters (3 months ago)
I wish this wasn't cancel
Jay Zachary (3 months ago)
Damn !!! Ronan cracked her good with that hammer!!! Hard core cartoon I wish somehow they could bring this avengers back!
ChartreusianInfusion (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie...that was pretty hot. ;D
Blood Thane (4 months ago)
Is it not obvious the voices are high to avoid the algorithm,idiots.
Adamo Conscientia (1 month ago)
Nacho Midoriya (4 months ago)
Have this feeling this show will be revived but only on the Disney steaming app.
Vaughn Miller (4 months ago)
Helium voice's already on my last nerve.
Cronkodile Forever! (4 months ago)
Wasp sounds like Peggy Bundy in the Korvac episode lol
Esperanza Carter (4 months ago)
Red_eye _black_cat (4 months ago)
Maybe one day they will bring it back
clumseygenius (5 months ago)
Glad to hear The Avengers finally hit puberty! : )
BearCubster (5 months ago)
Why can't youTubers who up load can never up load with in the correct screen ratio?
Draxen (5 months ago)
1:41:15 was my fav
Jareth The Goblin King (5 months ago)
Miss Marvel isn't that far off from the comics, shes spirited, straight forward, kind of a gut feeling kind of woman, tho that's exactly what got her in trouble with Iron Man
Craig Anderson (5 months ago)
3 things wrong with this. 1 is this really season 2. 2nd the episodes are all mixed up. 3rd the voices are messed up and the screen shot is off zoomed in too much.
Carlos Vasquez (5 months ago)
Why do they all sound like 5 year olds
Martijn van Zanen (6 months ago)
So, they are all Chip & Dale and friends disguised as The New Avengers? Just kidding of course:)
Ultra DaSilva (6 months ago)
Why did they get one kid to do all the voices though?
IIISentorIII (6 months ago)
Netflix, known for canceling numerous awesome shows due Contract expiration. Threath level, Ultra Extreme!
Griffon 327 (6 months ago)
is this the alternate universe where the avengers were attacked by the helium monster and suffered permanent affects ? as in they all sound like chipmunks
zack fair (6 months ago)
voice acting was done by 12 year olds on helium?really?
Axel1617 (6 months ago)
Why the fuck does Tony Stark sound like he's 12 years old???????????????????
I sense a mystery (6 months ago)
What's with the voices of some of the characters? They sound like they've been snorting helium.
Andrew Halderman (6 months ago)
Magic and science are too different things, that can do the same stuff
Jameses Dean (6 months ago)
This cartoons way to childish, Iron man is a complete pussy and the hulk has a vocabulary, wtf
Haydon Timberlake (6 months ago)
Driftar (6 months ago)
Cool knowing their threat level
kalab hagos (7 months ago)
It's so olden days If you thing it's trash like a trash kin then like my comment
Kevessi (7 months ago)
5:59 lol
You guys ever notice Hawkeye on "Avengers Assemble" Cartoon actually has FLASHBACKS where he is this Hawkeye from this "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes". Because of that one specific Flashback, I am severely confused whether or not Avengers Assemble and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes are just Part 1 and Part 2 to each other. Even though specific events and Villains are a bit different from each other.
Malik Roman (7 months ago)
They never should've cancelled this show
Briomite (7 months ago)
They all have... high pitched voices... Did the voice actors inhale helium before talking?
Gregory Kammerud (6 months ago)
I've been told that it's so people won't download the video. Kinda like if you try to record an old VHS tape of a Disney movie, except it's the color that fades then brightens while the record is on. I think that's the reason. There are some DC movies like this also.
Esteban Velazquez (6 months ago)
John Haze videos pitch is affected for copyright purposes.
Eyeland Ninja (7 months ago)
They knew about Black Panther’s vibranium weapons but Captain America’s shield is made of an unknown material? O.o
Semour Millen (2 months ago)
Hey I am not destructive just because of that doesn't mean I am destructive isn't that right
Israel Rosario Jr. (5 months ago)
+Gunsandrosalina Padtwo not saying that Cap will definitely beat Panther but the Super Soldier Serum is more potent than the Black Panther potion. Panther has the edge because of the vibranium suit but if you strip them both, Cap is stronger and is essentially the absolute peak of human physical conditioning. This was confirmed in the Marvel Universe origins and powers handbook where it states that Cap can lift/press 1,000 pounds and Panther roughly 750 pounds. Add in that Cap is a master of different martial art styles plus a master strategist and it gives him more of an edge. Panther is also a skilled fighter and is genius level intellect so it's a close fight but Cap will probably have the edge. If they have their uniform and weapons, then it's a draw in most instances with an edge going to Panther because of the vibranium weapons. I like Panther more than I like Cap so this isn't a biased opinion, I'm simply going by what's been established in the comic books.
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo (5 months ago)
+Dub Nation dude you are wrong, Caps shield is a metal alloy called proto-adamantium it is a combination of vibranium and adamantium I have no idea why you are triggered, I never said cap could beaT panther, Panther basically is cap with better shit, of course panther wins he is one of the most powerful characters in the marvel universe. as foR that stupid wolverine comment, Adamantium is used as the key component in several instances in the Marvel Universe, including: Wolverine's skeleton and claws Agent Zero's combat knife and bullets The outer skin of some of Alkhema's robotic bodies Battlestar's shield Bullseye's spinal column and some strips coating several of his bones Certain iterations of Captain America's shield Constrictor's original wrist-mounted, prehensile metal coils Cyber's claws and skin (one particular set of) Doctor Octopus' arms The outer layer of Citizen V's rapier Lady Deathstrike's skeleton and talons One of Mister Fantastic's labs for extremely dangerous experiments Moon Knight's crescent blades A unique suit of armor once used by the villain Stilt-Man The outer skin of TESS-One One of several layers of containment at the superhuman incarceration facility known as the Vault An outer coating on the Swordsman's blades A special brand of bullet in the Iron Man suit's ballistic weapons Ultron's outer shell Bullets used by Underworld X-23's claws Doom 2099 suit Bucky Barnes' Captain America suit is laced with adamantium A statue of the Hulk, sculpted by Alicia Masters Hammerhead's head is made of adamantium
Dub Nation (5 months ago)
+Gunsandrosalina Padtwo the only superhero who has anything adamantium is wolverine so youve been terribly misinformed and take away captain America's shield and he is an above average fighter where as the black panther without his vibranium suit still has the magic of the heart shape herb to give him power including his cat like reflexes and tracking senses so you tell me genius who wins ?there's no need to because I already know the answer .now I love cap but even I must admit who's powers are better and his sister is not done designing more suits for the king of wakanda .but it's no big deal because it's all marvel .peace and power to the people
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo (5 months ago)
+Dub Nation Panthers stuff is all vibranium, but Captains shield has always been proto-adamantium, It was created accidentally in a lab accident and they have never been able to replicate the process.
random titen (7 months ago)
1:32:50 did anyone here someone saying spiderman saved the world like if u did bros
Christ Abel Mouangou (7 months ago)
"Miss Van Dyne... I am not some common criminal that can be distracted by your prattling. You are nothing to Doom. And your pathetic attempts to play mind games with me amount to exactly less than nothing. So please, stop embarrassing yourself." Man, Dr Doom is a freaking *SAVAGE* !
BrownWilliamson (18 days ago)
Christ Abel Mouangou , if only they would make him this cold and badass in the MCU
Christ Abel Mouangou (7 months ago)
"I could thik of 14 diffrernt ways to seal you in that armor, FOREVER." Only Reed Richards could say that to Tony Stark.
bxthxny hxnnx_ (7 months ago)
Tony stark sounds like 12 they should have cast better voices,, but the show is enjoyable they shouldn't have cancelled it uugghhh
Undank Kiddo (6 months ago)
s_lytheri _n Well if he didn't sound like that this would probably get copyrighted
xXSHAWNXx420 (6 months ago)
the audio pitch is high in this, hence everyone sounds 12
Crowded House (7 months ago)
Why do the voices sound... wierd?
Blondeboy wonder (7 months ago)
Crowded House they had to alter the voices to pitch higher so it can avoid copyright
Wester Jester (7 months ago)
Ive never had a comic book or watched this stuff. Too dark for me i just couldn't follow them ep by ep. Like a soap opra. Hell raiser, freddy and shopping was all i watched as a kid. But the marvel movies are just teaching me how vast this stuff is. I just saw venom and want to learn his whole story. I know they have kids. In the movie riot leaves a spear. Will that become riots offshoot? Cant call it kid lol. Tom hardy,,,,,, WRONG CHOICE. Im english but tom just didnt inspire me. The back story of 1000s of them did. Mixing with other metas? Meta humans? Dr strange venow WOW.
RaikEF (7 months ago)
Cancelling this show was a mistake :/
Ick L (12 hours ago)
It was cancelled because the main person behind it died. That's why we have avengers assemble and not this
Magee Aaron (7 days ago)
It was
FizzieFTW (22 days ago)
Look at all the detail in this show, most likely cancelled because it cost too much
Ethiopis Abrahamovich (1 month ago)
Not shaving my balls is a mistake, canceling this show was a disaster.
Isaiah Hill (2 months ago)
EdifiedSquid (7 months ago)
Were there really no adults to voice these characters? They al sound like they sniffed a can of helium. And also... how many voices can one kid do?
buddy6584 (7 months ago)
EdifiedSquid the video is altered to prevent copyright
Desmond Gomes (7 months ago)
sadly this show was replaced by garbage.. marvel animated is lead by idiots
jake ladd (7 months ago)
The voice acting is weak
Andrew Gator (7 months ago)
of all the versions of avengers cartoons, this one is arguably the best; the art is uncomplicated and the narrative is superb.
Mike Beglin (4 months ago)
@ Dub Nation----Yeah, a LOT of millennials DO read comic books. Why must you be so judgemental, while stereotyping people? We may be older than millennials, but that's no reason to act as if we're crusty old idiots, either.
Dub Nation (5 months ago)
Do you really think that these millennials are reading the old comic books that I use to read in the 70s 80s and 90s no there not .nowadays what ever the movie describes a hero that's what the public especially new fans will see that character as.only marvel studios is following the comic book format well at least most of it .and the reason. Why marvel is so successful is because just like the comics that I use to read in the 80sand 90s there crossover events are just that a major event .I remember reading the x men and avengers clashing in a major event with serious issues at hand .and they would do it time and time again with the fantastic four spiderman and other groups and it was always a crossover major event .Stan the Man lee forever wakanda forever and marvel universe forever .peace
Nityanand Saswade (7 months ago)
Why YouTube Why? Why you redirected my Autoplay from Justice League to The Avengers. Fuck off Losers. Signing Off.
Sunprism (7 months ago)
Can't decide if I prefer Chipmunk Avengers or Barry White Avengers
edwin ortiz (7 months ago)
i wanted to like this but those voices...lmao... lol.
buddy6584 (7 months ago)
edwin ortiz their voices are just tweaked to prevent copyright on youtube.
Sunprism (7 months ago)
Pepper! Throw your shoes at me!
Rob Pros (7 months ago)
I get this is for kids; but this is so watered down it might as well be water lite.
Lightning Flash (6 months ago)
How is this watered down
Ann Koehler (7 months ago)
Hulk using Grimm as a fly swatter. So fun!!!
Thomas Beesley (7 months ago)
Alex Vila (7 months ago)
Best animated series of all times , as close to the comics we’re ever going to see.
andres neira (8 months ago)
Richards has a lot in common with Hank Pinn. They should team up
andres neira (5 months ago)
+Billy Huether thank you
Billy Huether (5 months ago)
It's Pym.
Spidey Boy (8 months ago)
10:33 elastigirl?? 😂😂
Matt Nes'heim (8 months ago)
Why do they all sound like chipmunks?
Rubens FerreIra (8 months ago)
Paul Schmick (8 months ago)
Helium Avengers.
Joseph Patchell (1 month ago)
I was about to say the same thing! 😂
Thomas Arelano (1 month ago)
+Jake White Or you can watch on Watchcartoonsonline :)
FragArena99 (1 month ago)
Dragon Master 27 (2 months ago)
Yeah definitely not what it sounded like at first
The Amazing Spider-Ham (6 months ago)
+Jake White Here in Belgium it's still on Netflix.
Link Harden (8 months ago)
We're is season 1
Warren Chen (9 months ago)
Hello in there, thank you so much for a long upload like this gosh its so nice to actually watch some nice FULL episodes of some stuff, they bombard us with bits and pieces and you can never find the whole especially with this application so thank you very much for full episode uploads and please do some more I enjoy watching full episodes of cartoons like this and others so do some more please superman, batman, inhumans, all the comics please I like watching them and their plots and such forth, so cudos to you and please more
Marvel Perry (9 months ago)
This Avenger cartoon suck Hawkeye Iron Man sound like to 12 year old kids
buddy6584 (7 months ago)
The voices don't actually sound like this. It was just tweaked to prevent copyright.
Kylon Ford (9 months ago)
What are those that's why you're ugly show you ugly fat and you smell like a rat you're fat you're going to smell like a rat and Duty so that's why you going to the basketball court and losing all these games
Gurgle (1 year ago)
The shield is made from vibranium. Vibranium!
antwan1357 (7 months ago)
That was not the original backstory. Adamantium originally had no relation to vibranium in lore . If someone where to compare the two . Vibranium is like steel like a samorai sword it can bend but given the description of unbreakable. Adamantium does not bend compared to iron or titanium with the description of unbreakable. Both had separate storylines for a very long time. Fans would remark that they would both be colored the same . Eventually writer's ideas picked up on this. So adamantium became a vibranium mixed with something else to make it stiffer.I never liked the new story , better to have people imagine their own ideas.
Hidden Hasuta (8 months ago)
Actually its a mixture of vibranium and adamantium
Luciano Guerra (1 year ago)
Netflix keeps only the top ten that draw people if the number of people that watch a show drops they drop it. Can't make money if no one is not paying for it keep it on the air when no one watches it cost money. They have to pay someone to keep airing episodes. Like why some shows owned by Disney that are not allowed to play on YouTube. YouTube is footing the bill for a few shows that bring in very little in profit. Their biggest profit is?
FARHIYA FARAH (1 year ago)
I dont now way the take of of neflix
nobbie Dark Knight (1 year ago)
daxar x (1 year ago)
I love the new avengers
slikdarelic (23 days ago)
u wanna see gangsta? watch at 19:15 when Doom and Hulk fight.. Hulk catches Doom in the face and reveals his helmet.. then Doom gets pissed off and punches Hulk thru the wall of the castle.. stands for a sec, and then throws his hoodie back on, and then walks off.. now thats gangsta.. lol..
BrownWilliamson (18 days ago)
MCU Doom needs to be written just like this
Shaun Arzu (7 months ago)
That's a fucking fact he was like wrd? Bet I got you with something hold this real quick lml
Marvin Berrios (1 year ago)
I thought this series could have been more successful.
Marvin Berrios (1 year ago)
When they first became the avengers meaning that they combined forces and made the promise to protect humanity from all danger. Including iron man thor spiderman and the other super heroes.
Philip C. Porter (8 months ago)
You mean in the cartoon universe right. In comics it was Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wasp & Ant-Man to fight Loki in The Avengers Issue #1 Sept. 1963.
Evil Hades (1 year ago)
Another show with bad audio. they sound a little like chipmunks.
FaygoPlays Android (8 months ago)
Evil Hades it's not bad audio. The uploaded had to change the voices to keep the upload from getting copyright stricken
lamont pettiway (1 year ago)
best Avengers cartoon version ever.....It is Comic based that new one is more Movie based...even their looks
Whilo !!! (4 months ago)
I agree im not sayin either one is bad tho im just mad they took this show off of netflix
Gears beastkicks23 (1 year ago)
Why does the character voices sound like they've been inhaling helium from balloons?????? This sucks smh
FaygoPlays Android (8 months ago)
Gears beastkicks23 as much as I hate the voices, it's to allow the upload to stay on YouTube. Sadly otherwise it would get taken down :/
PasticheofSkin (1 year ago)
probibly because the Uploader upped the Pitch to avoid gettign a copyright strike
The names Todd (1 year ago)
You know your screwed when evil minions come bursting through your door.
Kingsly Galindo (1 year ago)
The bickering between Hulk and Thing was annoying disappointed they tried to use that as a comedic relief
HG Mantenimiento (1 year ago)
Whay are speaking like smurfs?
Ez-8 (1 year ago)
Whats with everyone sounding like 12 year olds?
Paul Miller (1 year ago)
The audio is messed up. They don't actually sound like that.
patrick smith (1 year ago)
A great show that meets its entirely to soon this show is only second to JLUnlimited in being one of the greatest superhero shows of all time.
slikdarelic (23 days ago)
Young Justice is right there as well.. Im glad they finally did the 3rd season.
Patrick Bell (2 months ago)
90s X-Men over both .
NiceGuyVsAsshole (1 year ago)
Why do the majority of the characters sound like they were huffing helium this is almost unwatchable with these voice actors
Will Baldene (9 months ago)
NiceGuyVsAsshole what u on about bro, this series was a large hit, the uploader just had to change the voices so it wouldn't be taken down as copyright
NiceGuyVsAsshole (1 year ago)
never saw the show so i thought the voice actors actually sounded like that lol it made why the shows didn't last long make sense. THANKS DAD!
Your Dad (1 year ago)
It's made like that so it doesn't get taken down genius.
deborah taliaferro (1 year ago)
what is wrong with the voices . they sound like musking.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muggly X (4 months ago)
They changed the pitch in order to avoid copyright
Justin Kringstad (5 months ago)
whoever put this up. change the audio recording

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