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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 - Tips & Tricks

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Here are some Tips & Tricks which u can find on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 ! Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 runs on Android version 4.3 with the same ui to that of Note 3 Specs - Quadcore Snapdragon 400 Chipset 1.2ghz Adreno 305 GPU 1.5GB of Ram 8mgpx camera rear and 1.9mgpx front 5.25" 720p display Leather back cover Dual Speaker & lots more ... IF u like this video then plz Comment ... Thankx for Checking out this video .. - Anindya
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Text Comments (369)
parveen sultana (4 months ago)
Nothing is there to to in my mobile😠
parveen sultana (4 months ago)
Sorry there I gave the (2 to) so after one to it is do
jenny guite (5 months ago)
Do i have any tips because my phone lag alot when i play MLBB plz respond.thank you
Shubham Nagle (6 months ago)
thanks bro it work for mee
ZUBER DUDHWALA (1 year ago)
My battery problems hit this mobile galaxy grand 2
anmol gupta (1 year ago)
this device is not connect to pc help all driver are install and this is dead
Naresh Kumari (1 year ago)
Kazmi Bilal (1 year ago)
awesome video
Desi Gamer (2 years ago)
my grand 2 can't connect wifi.... why????
keyur patel (2 years ago)
How To Click Picture By Touching the phone screen? I mean How to active tips number 1???????????? Can u Help me please?
A (2 years ago)
go to camera settings n enable tip to click
Ada Saiyed (2 years ago)
please tell how to hide apps...3rd party apps specialy.....hide....
Vrushang Trivedi (2 years ago)
grand 2 best phone I have ever used
Vrushang Trivedi (2 years ago)
+muhammad adil +muhammad adil I don't know about that man, you just came back to see this video. I guess same applies to you and BTW I did not ask for your opinion so why don't grab your opinion and put it all the way up to your ass. Seems Legit🤘🏼😂
muhammad adil (2 years ago)
than u r poor
Sean Samson (2 years ago)
I still have this phone and its nice tho
bishal manandhar (2 years ago)
how can we change keyword language on samsung galaxy grand ??
Ella Ong (2 years ago)
Who still have Samsung Grand 2 in 2016??
rohit gulati (4 months ago)
me still using in 2018.. lol
Shibalik 253 (4 months ago)
me aslo
Xyx Xyz (9 months ago)
jenny sampa roy (9 months ago)
I'm still using in 2018
KnockBitzHD (1 year ago)
Jamie Agius yeah me too and its rooted
Soham Barua (2 years ago)
anindya da bolchi amar phone ta update korar fola back camerar chobi khub baje ashche.....kikorla solve kora jate pare can you help me?
Yessica Altamirano (2 years ago)
my phone is the same , but I see in the video settings so you can do all that. Can you help me?
Jenan Bader (2 years ago)
Anyone can tell me how can i hide apps in grand 2 ?!!
HERSEY DAXIL (2 years ago)
samsun galxy grant pirime uptate Marsmelo
Pearly Dawn Cinco (2 years ago)
All this time i didn't know that my grand 2 can actually capture pictures with just voice command.. Thanks for that😉
azeem kattukunnath (2 years ago)
Can i connect otg with my rooted grand2.If so..does otg helper work on it???
teodora markovic (2 years ago)
i have samsung grand 2
Tech Hacking (9 months ago)
I have also.
Muhammad asif (1 year ago)
i have samsung grand 2 also.......................
Ace Handsome (3 years ago)
where can find the flash n0tification?
Aliaa Ali (3 years ago)
hey, in the screen shot trick it dosn't work in my phone, and i don't know why??
Aliaa Ali (3 years ago)
hey, in the screen shot trick it dosn't work in my phone, and i don't know why??
Rajesh edla (2 years ago)
first you have to activate handsfree mode in your mobile after that you can
azam nyzer (3 years ago)
When the Samsung Galaxy Grande 2 was released.Pls rply my quastion
Ashish Kaushik (3 years ago)
I love this live wallpaper that one using in demo phone home screen in this video .But I can't find in play store any 1 tell me n ame of this live wallpaper plzz
Rabindra mallick (3 years ago)
Hii I am rabindra from odisha and I am using Samsung galaxy grand 2 i have 1 problem I am using ucbrowser in my ph but when I download any photos ,videos, music etc on my sd card the photos r not show in galary ,music r not shown on music and videos r not shown on galary So plz help me
Rajesh edla (2 years ago)
first you have to go to my files-)android-)data-)select that uc file aftr that you have to select those files which you are dwnlded and then copy to sd card or phone memory aftr that you will get that files in your players
Mouzle (3 years ago)
Hi What is the storage space like??
Raghu Kulkarni (3 years ago)
+Mouzle Its 8 GB
LauraRuiz20 (3 years ago)
que tal
Nitesh Goyal (3 years ago)
how to link whats app image in contacts
Hitesh Purohit (3 years ago)
do u have android lollypop
Sambhav Jain (3 years ago)
+Jithu Ms no bro it not yet relesd as it shows it has its latest version
Jithu Ms (3 years ago)
+Patrick Sison idiotttt it has ben released......
Jithu Ms (3 years ago)
+Hitesh Purohit hy manh its lollipop.and u can update ur grand 2 by Samsung kies
Patrick Sison (3 years ago)
+Hitesh Purohit I think it wasn't released for this.
Sheina Arrogancia (3 years ago)
I swiped my screen, it shots for once but not for twice. 😔
i am unable to capture screen in my grand 2 as told by you....
Kvs Abhishek (3 years ago)
Hiv plz i need a help i am using samsung galaxy grand 2 its pretty good after using it for few days i cant see all live wallpapers in my phone. So plz say me how to get them back
Pulkit Jindal (3 years ago)
can u  review the settings for all the above tips?
Shubham Pawar (3 years ago)
Hello sir can u tell me when is the Grand2 getting the lollipop update??
Iftekhar Chowdhury (3 years ago)
Hi Anindya, am from Bangladesh. Could you please upload a video of GTA Vice City gameplay on grand 2?
Yousuf Aboon Naser (3 years ago)
Leonila Bolivar (3 years ago)
i owned galaxy grand 2 and the camera doesn't work after i installed viber it says unable to start camera please turn on your device access or reboot your phone can anyone know plwase help me
Yousuf Aboon Naser (3 years ago)
just clear cache in camera
Acoustic Rishabh (3 years ago)
Can i get access to otg by rooting in this phone!!!!!and my galaxy tab3 lite
abhijit cool (3 years ago)
Plz suggest me a samsung phone within 15000
vaibhav manjarekar (3 years ago)
hi, pls tell me this otg supported phone
Monoswee Roy (3 years ago)
when m trying to open mah camera on galaxy grand 2 it says unfotunetly camera has stopped!!! i tried to clear cache bt dsnt works!!! please help!
Bogdan Vulparean (3 years ago)
this tiks is real ..nice video thank you.
Alicebey (3 years ago)
I cant do swipe finger like that
Abasin Azad (3 years ago)
shivam halkharee (3 years ago)
Natia Kopadze (3 years ago)
Samsung <3
saravana perumal (3 years ago)
hai dear am also using same galaxy 2 i updated it version give me tips to downgrade it am not like it updated version please help me 
Rupesh Jha (3 years ago)
Hey bro...plzz tell me how to install cm12 on galaxy grand 2..plzz upload a video of that 2...bro..
Tarun Jain (3 years ago)
when i am trying to return from one handed operation mode by double tapping. it is not happening. it shows that magnifying and one handed operation cannot be activated together.  but in your Video you have done the same by double tapping on screen..
pg70 (3 years ago)
Is the voice command setting to be used by changing the settings or its by default??????????
ali ali (3 years ago)
hi gusy  Is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Supports USB OTG ?
ali ali (3 years ago)
hi gusy  Is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Supports USB OTG ?
Shubham Ghimire (3 years ago)
I have updated my grand2 to kitkat....but the tricks are not working....are these tricks work only on jelly bean??
Sahil Gangwal (3 years ago)
does samsung galaxy grand 2 have LED notification option ??? 
Jyoti Parihar (3 years ago)
I have this Auto Restart Problem in My Grand 2 after upgrading it to Kit Kat. Y is it so?? Any suggestions to get rid of this problem??
Gaurav Mathur (3 years ago)
You have to reboot your phone
Put the phone in a bucket of water, then flush it down the toilet. Its casually cheap Korean plasticity enrages me.
Sadeen Abuazzam (3 years ago)
hey whats the meaning of root !! -.-
Thanish Davipaul (3 years ago)
now update ur software go to about device settings and update if u have rooted ur device it will not work
Sadeen Abuazzam (3 years ago)
I update it… but it stil jelly bin ;(
kan nan (3 years ago)
dr frnd .     i watch this video?  i have one doubt in the video grand2 phone you updated in kitkate?
RAMPYARE CHAUHAN (3 years ago)
how i cac listen musics with bluethooth hedset. it show connected but music sound is given by the phone speaker.
Niklas Bucher (8 months ago)
Stupid ?
dipankar SAU (3 years ago)
Sir i am dipankar i have grand2 but it was going too hot in 10 to 15th Menits Can you tell me what I do ?????please
Harsimranjeet Singh (4 years ago)
bhai mera grand 2 update nhi hoo rha or maps and navigation b nhi work kr rha . what i will do now .
Shruti Patil (4 years ago)
Thank you... nice tips & tricks... good to see my phone having beautiful features... :)
Peeyush Kumar Nanda (4 years ago)
hello..hw 2 update kitkat in this ?? after updating kitkat is there any problem issues or not ?? plzz help ..
Shailesh (4 years ago)
Nice tricks, thanks a lot 
bishal gautam (4 years ago)
How to update kitkat in this? Is it automatic upd or have to do? Plz
Yugal Mahajan (4 years ago)
Between Samsung Grand 2 & MotoG 2nd Gen, which one is better to buy?
Vale Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Obviously grand 2
Vamsi Sidhu (4 years ago)
+Yugal Mahajan  Go for Grand 2................         I already used moto g 2014. it gives connectivity problem. More heating. battery backup is waste. If u use hard it will get strucks for 5 days...  I returned the mobile..
Yugal Mahajan (4 years ago)
+Anindya Mukherjee But I'm getting New piece Samsung grand 2 at 14,726/- & Moto G 2nd Gen at 12,999/- So what you suggest me?
Anindya Mukherjee (4 years ago)
Moto g 2nd gen
Akhil Sanghvi (4 years ago)
Junior Vlogs (4 years ago)
Hello!!!! I have Grand 2... Can U Tell How To Open Photo Editing eg: Drawing, Sticker,Portrait,Frame etc..... Plz tell me how to open Photo editing I'm Waiting for ur Ans.
nikhil patil (4 years ago)
hey i got serious heating problems during charing and 5 min 3G use.... tried all app killers display settings etc.. but still it heats like an induction plate.. can u help ..??
Anindya Mukherjee (3 years ago)
Search on youtube Galaxy Grand 2 downgrade
Joshua Alansalon (3 years ago)
+Anindya Mukherjee where is the link of the 4.3 jellybean downgrade for grand 2. The video i was telling is the video you posted about three months ago. You downgrade the sm-g7102 grand 2. Where is the link? Tnx a lot.
Anindya Mukherjee (4 years ago)
May its a motherboard issue Plz take it to service center immediately .. Yu dont wanna end up with the burnt phone right...
shyanten jack (4 years ago)
plzz say  some   car rac  game !!! for samsung grand 2
Neha Kanungo (4 years ago)
hey anindya im really confused between moto g 2ng gen and grand2 plz help although both running on the ame processor im confused???
Suman Kumar (2 years ago)
samsung grand 2 is the osum
فهد اليافعي (3 years ago)
Vamsi Sidhu (4 years ago)
Okay go on
Neha Kanungo (4 years ago)
I have already purchased moto gen 2 n its not that bad...!!
Vamsi Sidhu (4 years ago)
Sisters..........  Go for Grand 2........  Moto g2 is waste. its battery function is waste.If you take 5 picture on camera the battery drains to 3 %........... 
Mohammad Bighamian (4 years ago)
Hi , my device is Galaxy Grand 2 duos. In my program , there is not  S Memo. Where ?
Sunil Poudel (4 years ago)
screen shot is not working in my grand 2, what happen? I ve already enable screen shot mode.
vinod lawande (4 years ago)
I think this video is SSSSSSSSSsuppprrrr
neeraj tripathi (4 years ago)
is grand 2 is gud phone than micromax canvas gold and grnd 2 played 1080p video or more???is hanged or not??
Vaibhav Mugale (4 years ago)
how to take a screen shot for canvas knight cameo?
Michael Jardin (4 years ago)
Every time i say the word "play" in my music using my Grand 2, eventhough I already turned on on my voice command it still doesn't work.. :( can you please help me? :(
Elias Esmail (4 years ago)
Can u tell me hw shuld i create a collage frm.my gallery itself
Elias Esmail (4 years ago)
How do i.create a collage frm my gallery itself
stradakias (4 years ago)
thanks for the video. But i have 2 questions. 1) Android KitKat is avalaible for Greece region? 2)How are do the screen mirroring with miracast protocoll? Thanks again.
annu soni (4 years ago)
sir....which phone batter grand 2 ya iphone 4s
Shah Faisal (3 years ago)
Grand 2
Arafat chowdhury (4 years ago)
thanks brother......do you have any facebook account?????
Ravi Teja (4 years ago)
How to use one handed operation in home screen i've tried as shown in the video by swiping? how to zoom by triple tap i've tried but its not working?
Ahmed Awni (4 years ago)
why in this phone we not find S Memo  or S Note.. pls i need ur help !!
Manoj Talwar (4 years ago)
sir which mobile i should buy Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Vs Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
-NARUTO- (4 years ago)
I can't find the sd card slot!!
Mani P (4 years ago)
voice commands not coming dude.today i bought
vikas Kulkarni (4 years ago)
How to turn on vibration
lara Oraby (4 years ago)
i cant open multi windows like you did i dont know how you opened them as i dont have that window aside to press
Gona Vaishnavi Rao (4 years ago)
im confused between grangd2 and motog......somebody plz help  
Anindya Mukherjee (4 years ago)
buy xiaomi mi3
Elif Nur Tuncer (4 years ago)
Can I ask something?I will buy a telephone.I'm thinking grand 2,galaxy 5s or anything.But i can't decide.Grand 2 is bigger than 5s so i like it.But don't know what to do.People are saying "buy lg or htc instead of samsung."I'm really confused.I love big screen.So can you offer me something?Thanks...
Deep Gangopadhyay (4 years ago)
hi anindya..i have a query that as the internal memory of this garnd 2 is 8 gb only ..so its impossible for me to store multiple games ...everytime a dwnload a game it stores in the phne memory..and later i generally move it to sd card.. bt still the storage becomes very less in the phne memory..how to solve this ???
Shekhar Saha (4 years ago)
Prem Chaudhary (4 years ago)
how well is kitkat working on grand 2?? can any onw tell me who has upgraded to kitkat
Windi Zahria (4 years ago)
hi, what can you give a tutorial, how to run a samsung galaxy Grang 2 only with the voice commands?  whether it requires the application?
Mitta Shekar (4 years ago)
Is grand 2 can update to a kitkat 4.2.2 version
ramy ibrahim (4 years ago)
yes you can
Chasma Vlogs (4 years ago)
+Anindya Mukherjee if i get the one with the older android version, will it affect in any way if i update it?
Mitta Shekar (4 years ago)
5n 10Q
Anindya Mukherjee (4 years ago)
4.4.2 kitkat update for grand 2 is already out
tejal ramteke (4 years ago)
is der any led notification light for sgg2..? if yes den plz give steps to activate it..
Rajiv gandhi (4 years ago)
Grand 2 supporting OTG ?
Clarence Lingden (4 years ago)
Does it got notification light in front?

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