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How to Cut Your Own Hair | Tip #17 | Men's Self-Haircut Tutorial HD

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You'll never need another barber! Learn to cut your own hair perfectly. No three-way mirror, no special equipment. Steps: 1) Guard #6 (closed) 2) Guard #4 (closed) 3) Guard #3 (closed) 4) Guard #2 (closed) 5) Guard #1 (opened) 6) Guard #1 (closed, for neck) 7) Guard #0 (closed, for neck) 8) Shape up with trimmer (aka edge up or line up) 9) Trim top hair w/ scissors or guard #8 Clippers: Andis Speedmaster I pivot Motor Trimmer: Wahl 5-Star Razor/Edger SUBSRIBE!
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George 4Chess (5 months ago)
By far the best haircut tutorial on You Tube. I’ve watched at least 30-40 of these, btw. Thanks dude, you rock!
George 4Chess, I really appreciate that. My pleasure! Be sure to share
Fabric (15 hours ago)
Thanks man much appreciated.
Jesse Nelson (23 hours ago)
Lord. U know how many of these fucking operations I fix on a weekly basis. Too many.
Gorgi z (1 day ago)
Thanks man
Sarhan A (1 day ago)
my first cut didn't go well... I have longer hair on top and a bigger beard so I figured I'd start with guide comb number 8, went down to 6... and stopped. for some reason I can't fade the 8 with the long hair from top at the back... what am I doing wrong? I want to keep the longer hair on top (it's like 3.5 - 4 inches). I kinda feel bad for spending money on clippers now...but I never felt bad about having a haircut in a barbershop...
k ly (2 days ago)
almost cut flesh off my finger cutting my hair with scissors like that so i put them down and will come back to it another day lol
carlos alava (2 days ago)
Hi , cool video ! What's clippers should I get ? For this type of hair cut . Thanks guys !
Carlos Filipe (3 days ago)
Simple and efficient - great job!
James Swayzey.25 (3 days ago)
if u can't give urself a fade then you don't need to have one
halee mao (4 days ago)
nice video. thanks
Coconutcrawler (5 days ago)
Great job! I cut my own hair too. For the back, I turn my back towards the large mirror, using the hand mirror to view the larger’s reflection(larger view).
V Perez (6 days ago)
Can you do a comb over hair cut please and thank you.
Joey Bailey (8 days ago)
Just cut my hair myself for the first time ever using your tips and it came out actually amazing
Ramzan B (10 days ago)
I really want to try this but I’m so afraid :(
Trustee Land (11 days ago)
No change at all you idiot! Plus, the most difficult part is the top which you ditched it somehow!
Justin Kwon (12 days ago)
I'm gonna start cutting my own hair. I'm so freaked out... have no idea what a "closed position" and all that is.
John L (13 days ago)
He needs to wax his brow tho
Mark M (14 days ago)
The bit that worries me most is doing the high area on the back of your head where the shaved area meets your longer scalp area. I have made a mess when I've tried to do it before, but I will try it the way you did it and hopefully it'll turn out better. Cheers!
Just used your guide to cut my own hair for the first time. Spot on! Worked a treat.
Sifaka (21 days ago)
Haha I'm gonna cut my hair to your same size and copy you. I always fuck up my back and it looks weird afterwards. For the last step I'm just going to buy a template on amazon.
Metalnerm (22 days ago)
I don't know how to fade the hair. I have ruined it so many times...especially with the short combs I find it difficult to fade
hafiz muhammad Hasham (22 days ago)
Hey mate can you please tell us these clip numbers in milimeters?....
Bobby J (24 days ago)
Where are new videos
Bobby J, sorry I’ve been a little busy but will release another one soon!
chrisevv98 (1 month ago)
Another one like this please!
chrisevv98 (1 month ago)
+Tips for Clips - Haircutting you're awesome sir, thank you!
chrisevv98, you got it. Planning to release another self haircut
daniel natal (1 month ago)
Not sure where I went wrong but when it got to the part where i use the #1 open, it left a clear line between the #2 and #1 and I can’t get rid of it. Tried to blend it with no luck. Had to cut all my hair shorter on the sides and will have to wear a hat for the next several days. Lol. 😭😭
touchthesky65 (1 month ago)
you explain things very well ! just cut my hair for the first time after watching your videos. came out amazing :-) wife helped with the back part though :-D
touchthesky65, really glad to hear! Thanks for sharing
Noor Alenazy (1 month ago)
I followed your steps but somehow forgot to put the cover of the clipper back on it and shaved my side hair to zero!!! I fucked it up! Now I'll wait for another month to let it grow, and try again! NEVER GIVE UP.
BeautyofScent (1 month ago)
Is there a handheld mirror you recommend? any particular brand/size?
BeautyofScent (14 days ago)
What brand is the one you have and where did you buy it from? thanks.
BeautyofScent, any mirror with a handle like mine and about the same size as mine. You don’t want it to be too heavy but you don’t want it to be so small that you can’t see much
onepointfivemethane (1 month ago)
what if my clippers don't have thumb guard?
Francis Simard (1 month ago)
Can I use a beard trimmer ?
Francis Simard (1 month ago)
+Tips for Clips - Haircutting I mean for the side, but thanks for answering
Francis Simard, for the whole haircut? Probably not, unless you have a lot of experience
Bob West (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot bro. I saved $25. for my haircut.
Pepe (1 month ago)
Thanks for those videos man, I want to keep the sides short which only takes my barber less than 5 minutes but he still wants the full price. I also cant afford to go more than 1x each month to the barber.
Roberto Ibarra (1 month ago)
What’s the name of that hairstyle
ATi (1 month ago)
Man, I just wanna thank you for this tutorial. Struggling to find a barber and I just said fuck it and did it myself by following your steps. Came out amazing. Thank you!
AnTI_, awesome to hear! Be sure to share
Fabio Rocks (1 month ago)
Cut my own hair since 2012. The best thing I learned so far!
Ronak chaudhary (1 month ago)
Ronak chaudhary, thank you!
______________ (1 month ago)
Charlie Douglass (1 month ago)
Do you have any tips for getting rid/ hiding cow licks in the front I have two bits of hair that always make almost tiny horns and it is a bit annoying
Ocean le (2 months ago)
I watched a lot of self help hair cutting and this was the best one. I actually did my hair in less than 10 minutes.
Ocean le, awesome! Thanks for sharing
Beaner Bill (2 months ago)
This is the best video ive found on self hair tutorial. Thank you for this!
Fender Bender (2 months ago)
Great tutorial and explanation.
StormCrow (2 months ago)
Well, I tried it for the first time. Considering I had like 35/45 hair for a while, I'm not sure how it turned out... Might've taken too much off from the top. What's your opinion about starting out with about a 12-15 everywhere, then do the sides?
izzy chris (2 months ago)
Which clipper r u using
izzy chris, Andis Speedmaster II pivot motor
X Weed (2 months ago)
Txs dude!
X Weed, my pleasure!
Patrick Brumm (2 months ago)
you know what's weird? ears.
jmr2991ify (2 months ago)
Good video brother
jmr2991ify, much appreciated
m parker (2 months ago)
Great video! After watching it, I was able to cut my hair like a pro. My hair cut monthly expense can now go to something else.
m parker, awesome! Very glad to hear that. Thanks for your comment. Be sure to share!
Happy Days (2 months ago)
With the up and out techniqe do u use the lower guard to smooth it out? Do u have the guard open or closed? I dont get it so u go little higher to smooth it out
Happy Days, for all steps of the fade, as you stroke upward with your clippers, you should be moving away from the head at the same time. That’s all that’s meant by the technique. It’s not for one specific step
Tom Jones (2 months ago)
I do my own fades too. I don't even use a mirror. I just carry the lines from the side of my head around back. I go through the clipper settings one by one (shorter hair) taking on about a quarter inch strip at a time. Then, the longer hair you can skip to every other setting.
MrMarleyfan (2 months ago)
Very helpful thank you!
MrMarleyfan, my pleasure! Thanks for the comment
Russel Oliver (2 months ago)
What do you call that hair cut?
Russel Oliver (1 month ago)
+Tips for Clips - Haircutting thank you!
russel oliver, medium fade with a number 1 on the sides and a skin taper in the back
Tao Jiang (2 months ago)
this guy is actually not cutting his hair. no hair mess seen on the clipper and cape cheater
Tao Jiang, sorry boss, but that’s not true
Johnny Garlic (2 months ago)
I wonder how many people messed up their hair and ran to the barber to fix the mess xD.
Johannes Schmitz (2 months ago)
Good job. I just ordered a US style trimmer from Andis so I am getting all kinds of hair cutting videos now 😁
Bone Crusher (2 months ago)
No 6 is how many mm?
Bone Crusher (2 months ago)
What do you recommend for hair clipper?
Bone Crusher, I have the Andis Speedmaster II pivot motor and the Wahl Super Taper II
ali arshad (2 months ago)
ali arshad 👍🏼
Marcus (2 months ago)
Start with the number: #6 Clip closed position: 0:06 #4 Clip closed position: 1:27 #3 Clip closed position: 3:17 #2 Clip closed position: 4:45 #1 Clip open position: 6:41 Shape sideburns: 8:25 Tapering Off: 9:57 Scissors: 10:52
hafiz muhammad Hasham (22 days ago)
Hay mate can you please tell us the size of these clip numbers in milimeters because I have a machine with the clip sizes in milimeters..... Thanks a lot
Marcus, thanks for that
I did follow your steps and I cut my own hair perfectly. Thank you soooo much. Best tutorial tbh👍👍
مقتطفات رياضية/ اخبارية, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that 👍🏼
Jude Chan (2 months ago)
Perfect video and just what I need. What scissors are you using?
Jude Chan, thanks! The scissor brand is Singer. They’re approximately 9 inch shears
Manuel Ernesto (2 months ago)
Manuel Pena Sanchez, thanks!
Dang, you nailed it my man! A+ to you! Real Pro!
God's Favorite Abdumutalov, thanks! Much appreciated
Michael Tapper (3 months ago)
This is really helpful because i would have never thought to start at the top with a 6 and work down!i always start with a number one and work my way up and i can never blend it right and Jack up my hair everytime so i end up shaving my head..im bout to try this and will update you guys on the outcome
Michael Tapper (1 month ago)
+Prokyon114 i chickend out didnt wanna mess up hair.my clippers are from walmart they suck so wasnt sure if they would work
Prokyon114 (1 month ago)
so, outcome?
Michael Tapper, hope it works out!
Kevin DeVocht (3 months ago)
Tips work great! Cut my hair by myself today for the first time. To my wife less than 2 minutes to trim up the few spots I missed but that's because I did not have a hand mirror.
Kevin DeVocht, awesome! Glad to hear that. Thanks for your comment. Be sure to share
InvisibleCosmos (3 months ago)
awesome skills!
InvisibleCosmos, thanks! I appreciate that
khurram javed (3 months ago)
66 dislikes are from barbers!
Beebop Baloobap (3 months ago)
I'm doing this to my hair the same way you did. and that's why i don,t need to go to the barbershop anymore because i know the tricks already.
Beebop Baloobap, awesome! Thanks for sharing
Aaron Hall (3 months ago)
How are you blending the top when you are using the 6 at the beginning? That's the part I can't seem to understand when I'm trying to cut my own hair
Aaron Hall, either try a number 8, or what I’m doing is lifting the clippers away from my head the higher I go. So when I start a single stroke with the number 6 it’s pressed to my head, and by the end of the stroke it’s lifted away from my head. Does that make sense?
Borisperez Perez (3 months ago)
Great video
Borisperez Perez, thanks 👍🏼
Brent Jordan (3 months ago)
I have watched tons of tutorials and this is the best one by far. Really breaks down the steps and simplifies the process better than others. I will be giving this a shot in the up coming day or 2. If my hair is shorter than yours would u recommend sill following the same steps clipper guards and what not?
Brent Jordan, thanks a lot! You can follow the same steps for your first time, and then the next time you do it you can just skip whichever steps aren’t actually cutting any hair
Eric Cartman (3 months ago)
This video is the model that all other YouTube videos that so self cuts of any type should use.
Eric Cartman, thanks! Much appreciated. Be sure to share
Julian Laffin (3 months ago)
I just cut my own hair for the first time with the help of your video. It turned out awesome!
Julian Laffin, awesome! Thanks for commenting. Be sure to share
China Town (3 months ago)
You need to do those thick eyebrows bra
Apollo32 (3 months ago)
Great tips
Apollo32, thanks 👌🏼
Kirsty Absurd (3 months ago)
Trying to convince my boyfriend to let me cut his hair, if I follow this he’ll look great!! Thanks!
Kirsty Absurd, thanks for the comment...good luck!
Joel Anthon (3 months ago)
Nice. I cut my hair most of the time too and I don't think you can even tell if it is "professional" or done on my own. It's pretty simple to do once your used to it and have some clippers. And you save money, which we all need more of.
Stingy McDuck (3 months ago)
6:21 "because of the reverse effect mirrors tend to have" LOL Loving your videos dude, I'm learning a lot. I just wanted to point out that line you said. Not hating or anything i just found it funny.
Stingy McDuck, good point 😂 haha
imaginative2 (3 months ago)
I gave this a shot, but my g6 to top transition ended up being really obvious
imaginative2, as you move up on that step, move the clippers away from your head. Up and out makes for a smoother transition
god usoland (3 months ago)
your hair is just like mine. very easy to cut with clippers.
god usoland, awesome
Dana white (3 months ago)
I tried to cut my own hair and got my dick stuck in the toilet
Chris Kendall (3 months ago)
Awesome thanks!
Chris Kendall, my pleasure. Thanks for the comment
Technical Raja (4 months ago)
Bro please set mirror in the back..and use hair comb.
Adam Paul (4 months ago)
I wish I saw this sooner. I wasted so much money on “professional” haircuts, when I could’ve done it by myself for free!
Asassin (18 days ago)
Joel Anthon but its rly great. If u can do dis
Asassin (18 days ago)
Joel Anthon shit looks hard to do fam. Lol
Joel Anthon (3 months ago)
there is always next time
Adam Paul, thanks for your comment! Be sure to share, and happy cutting!
Mr. Yaya (4 months ago)
Great content. Just subscribed. I just know I will get better at cutting my own hair now.
Mr. Yaya, awesome, thanks for subscribing and commenting. Be sure to share!
sang muan (4 months ago)
What hair clipper did you use
sang muan, Andis Speedmaster II pivot motor
youtube watcher (4 months ago)
Dude, You explain well and you re good at this. I like your video and the ones by alpha m.
youtube watcher, thanks a lot, I really appreciate your comment. Be sure to share!
LUIS BAUTISTA (4 months ago)
love your voice and video. your explanation is AWESOME
LUIS BAUTISTA, thanks a lot! I appreciate that. Be sure to share
Angel Perez Perez (5 months ago)
Good video bro!
Angel Perez Perez, thanks! I appreciate that
Jamie Yantha (5 months ago)
Fam your goat of this tip shit ..... ypu got one for high top bald fade ?
Billzloveschelsea (5 months ago)
You should make videos with long hair so it's easier for us to understand and follow. Because my hair was very long and thick from the sides. I understood the side part but the upper part wasn't easy and my hair became uneven..
Billzloveschelsea (4 months ago)
Tips for Clips - Haircutting I hope to see it on your next video. The only thing is just cutting the side short when it's very thick and bushy rest of the video was easy. Your welcome ♥️
Billzloveschelsea, I see. You got it—I’m going to release that video next time I cut my hair. Thanks for all the support!
Billzloveschelsea (4 months ago)
Tips for Clips - Haircutting I'm Spanish my hair is 100% same as yours. it's s Also soft and smooth. That's why I watched your video because your hair was identical to mine. I hope you can accept my request and make the video I asked for I just subscribed to you too and I've told all my friends to join you.
Billzloveschelsea, thanks. However, if your hair is a different texture than mine and if it didn’t work well for you, it might not change no mater how long it is. My hair is straight and soft. These tips work best for this kind of hair. Good luck, and stay posted for more videos
Billzloveschelsea (5 months ago)
Tips for Clips - Haircutting unfortunately I'm bold now because it was hard to follow as my hair was very different from how you were showing it on the video. Yes grow it really bushy and long then make the same video again overall it was a good video.
Billzloveschelsea (5 months ago)
This didn't work out for me now I'm bold and I got work on Monday :/
SharpTheDemon (5 months ago)
SharpTheDemon, thanks 👌🏼
Ganesh Sahane (5 months ago)
Can I use a beard trimmer for this? It's got 20 length settings. Here is the link Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15 https://www.amazon.in/dp/B00JJIDBIC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3D99Ab22M0AJF
Ganesh Sahane, good! Yeah, Wahl and Andis and Osters are the way to go
Ganesh Sahane (3 months ago)
Tips for Clips - Haircutting alright so I did try using that trimmer and it wasn't good. The cut was uneven so I had to stop. I ordered a cheap wahl clipper for 20$ and it is perfect, am able to try this cut. Thanks!
Ganesh Sahane (5 months ago)
Tips for Clips - Haircutting thanks for the reply! Will try soon and update :)
You can, though it might be a little tough at first figuring things out. Once you do though, it'll work no problem.
XPrometheus (5 months ago)
Hey! How much do some proper trimmers cost? And also the one u used for the beard?
Big Uzi Horizontal, it should run you about $45
ed lira (5 months ago)
Out of all the tutorials ive seen about cutting my own hair yours has to be the best one, and trust me ive seen alot if them.
ed lira, I really appreciate that. Be sure to share!
Jamie Acton (5 months ago)
thank you so much, i did it and it actually looks good :)
Jamie Acton, really glad to hear that! Thanks for your comment. Be sure to share!
Halloween Eddie (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot! You saved me lol and made me feel more comfortable cutting my own hair. Awsome tutorial.
Halloween Eddie, glad to hear! My pleasure. Be sure to share
Fuzzy D Pozzy (5 months ago)
best tutorial i vouch omg thank you so much for your time you also add fade haircut in your title.
Fuzzy D Pozzy, thanks!
Donald Smith (5 months ago)
Good job Dude.. I watched several of the How to.. videos but yours was the best and worked well for me. No more paying for haircuts. Thanks.
Donald Smith, I really appreciate that. Thanks for your comment. Be sure to share
dibelg sgfdt (6 months ago)
Props for such a high quality tutorial.
dibelg sgfdt, thank you, I really appreciate that

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