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Poker Face (Karaoke/Instrumental)

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Lady Gaga Poker Face (Karaoke)
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Text Comments (119)
PegasoltaEclair (2 years ago)
+Matias Gonzalez The words in this video are correct, these are the official lyrics
server2009 (2 years ago)
Xandra H Gonzalez (2 years ago)
excelente pista.. no tiene voces! perfect
Ayelen Ventura (2 years ago)
so good
The Space Mullet (3 years ago)
brooklyn rage! xd
Marcela Menna (3 years ago)
lol ;)
Babydoll Midnight (3 years ago)
come canto bene xD
Dezire Campbell (3 years ago)
Stephan Nina (3 years ago)
Lumina sentinel (4 years ago)
"puck her face"
Cersei Stephanie (4 years ago)
the eye
Little Lamplight (4 years ago)
why do I love karaokes wayyy moar than the actual song???  
ProfitableLifestyles (3 years ago)
+True to Caesar Because this instrumental is pretty sick
Luma (3 years ago)
+Anders x Justice Yes ^^
Luma (3 years ago)
+Anders x Justice Yes ^^
Luma (3 years ago)
Yes ^^
Little Lamplight (3 years ago)
+[Toad_2014] Well, that certainly concludes that.
Hyde Away (4 years ago)
The photos,the horus' eye.
Kesha Nation (3 years ago)
+Donato Catanzaro your mother
The Projxergi (4 years ago)
Çağla Germanotta (4 years ago)
Senin amına korum D:D.d
Indigo Lola (4 years ago)
Puh-Puh-Puh-Poker face-Puh-Puh-Poker face!
claudia zoe gatta (4 years ago)
i love poker face
MrTop4fun (5 years ago)
massoniste :P
Matias Gonzalez (5 years ago)
and, is luck and intuicion play the carts with spades to start
Matias Gonzalez (5 years ago)
is like they do in texas plays
HollandChick100 (5 years ago)
Copy-cat ._.
youtube mp3i think that is very good
LlamaFluff (5 years ago)
actually creepy picture, flvto is faster and supports ALL videos
Jenny Jackson (5 years ago)
Descarguen esto! -> goo.gl\W43c2
you caN go to youtube to mp3 and download what you want!
John Willow (5 years ago)
Can you download this?
it's my favorite song
ya_nassty (5 years ago)
No, I will not say Ariana Grande 5 times, clap my hands 5 times, post this on 2 other videos, nor will I check my voice after. Jeez.. you even spelled her name wrong. I can't believe you actually think this works, kid.. o-o
Jessia Jayleen (5 years ago)
She looks plastic in the pic :P
anonimo notengo (5 years ago)
LPSLovesLife (5 years ago)
flowermonkey25 (5 years ago)
wtf melajh
flowermonkey25 (5 years ago)
i can sing it to funnybcd and its not a big surprise
Llamacorniverse (6 years ago)
can u beleive the first time she was popular is in malta where i live
Francisco Cardenas (6 years ago)
Love your Karaoke, little monsters mexico glad to you with your apport :D
Yasmine (6 years ago)
miss lady gaga i like it
Hanane Jahid (6 years ago)
i sound like a retarded saying mum mum muh ! T;T
Josie Dakota (6 years ago)
ahhhhh sooo many ads now
moses tikz (6 years ago)
Samuel Holguin (6 years ago)
She a baby???? no wonder she looks so bad! O.O
Rin Kagamine (6 years ago)
not me.it made me feel girlier
Rin Kagamine (6 years ago)
its (shes got to love nobody) not (shes got me like nobody)!duuuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!!
TangledInKells (6 years ago)
haha i know right? XD
Haley Ledford (6 years ago)
i had to look up wat that even meant... then it said it meant "who has poles paw up" then it took me a minute to realize u meant "who is polish thumbs up" and i'm not obviously
Syairah Banu (6 years ago)
46 ppl have poker faces
Mishmi Nandi (6 years ago)
46 people can read poker faces, Weirdos :P
Jordan Sledge (6 years ago)
46 people can't play poker
BronzeRatz (6 years ago)
I sang this and I feel manly now.
Ingrid Mathias (6 years ago)
I love hit
farah hazim farouha (6 years ago)
i love it
Sam B (6 years ago)
Thabata Amui (6 years ago)
there's no much difference between the old and the new lady gaga, she keeps incredible, but veery stranger
Trinidy Williams (6 years ago)
ha mama walked in on me lmao
berkkkurun (6 years ago)
background illuminati
Denia Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Cant read my, cant read my cant read my poker face
Anastasia Gi (6 years ago)
@ShockingSurge a bit
Weronika Jarosz (6 years ago)
Kto Polak łapa w góre ! :D
berkkkurun (6 years ago)
Very very fast
Anastasia Gi (6 years ago)
too fast
YaJeet Aoi (6 years ago)
Fernanda Loss (6 years ago)
q legal
Nicolas llanquilef (6 years ago)
estee siiiiii ! genial con la melodia original
Laura G (6 years ago)
@natashgymnast123 I did telephone as my floor music xD
Andrea Krizanova (6 years ago)
wau its so fast :D
LadyBug Mitchell (6 years ago)
@Bense23 Rubbish honestly where is YOUR video of this at least Impacto100 made it did you? No didn't think so
Broskiee (6 years ago)
@FireTales1 llz i know right my friend armanda told it i just wanted to share it llz
Milena Apeña (6 years ago)
good_muy bien te felicito
smellzlyknirvana (6 years ago)
Too fast.
. (6 years ago)
i miss this gaga :(
S Tellier (6 years ago)
khairul machoo (6 years ago)
lady gaga my sis.... love you dear..... ;p
StarGazerWithDinos (6 years ago)
@Zathiax Cartman's Cover of Poker Face is amazing aha:) ♥
Broskiee (7 years ago)
How Do You Wake up Lady Gaga?.....Poke Her Face
moodyhazel (7 years ago)
@Isis2531 If I remember correctly, gagaloo stated in an interview that pokerface is about "being intimate" with a man but fantasizing about a girl
Halle Barton (7 years ago)
This is good. Cheers, to you and Lady GaGa.
Mickey W.G (7 years ago)
can someone tell me what this song means?
Jeanne Frassica (7 years ago)
Say selena gomez 5 times, then post this to 2 other vids, and see what happens to ur voice
Katereena Veis (7 years ago)
I love this vid so much ever eince YOU put this vid up i would sing and listen and, i have nothing eles to say ^_^, Love your BIGGGGGGGGGETS FAN,K.k.
Sem Nome (7 years ago)
crazy4muffinz (7 years ago)
Cool but u got some words wrong
Hugo Souza (7 years ago)
e bom eu tenho 11 anos meu nome e julyane eu adoooro lady gaga sei todas as musicas dela! donw cal lmy name donw call my name alejandro!im not your baby im not your baby fernando!..........chau!
Rabian Rabibi (7 years ago)
i don"t likeI know not why
Bee Tran (7 years ago)
This is actually the best one ive seen.
ewrer (7 years ago)
I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas please
Co (7 years ago)
DahCakeMann (7 years ago)
@wildfrank Glee is gay
ewrer (8 years ago)
Celes Ludenberg (8 years ago)
Tom RyBek (8 years ago)
i love this song
paigey (8 years ago)
can't help but sing "brooklyn rage". :c
Ariana Carlton (8 years ago)
i like the beat of diz song!!! :)
Alexis Gold (8 years ago)
@andru64 lovegame intuition, it even has those lyrics on the cd
andru64 (8 years ago)
is it "Lovegame intuition" or " Luck and Intuition" at 0:32?
antonio dunstan (8 years ago)
y love you gaga i have your cd the fame and the fame monster
FlyingMindKiller (8 years ago)
U Failed
Kendall Chaput (8 years ago)
It's texas plays
Daniela Paola Galvis (8 years ago)
kawaii 5/5 n.n
Kaelah M. (8 years ago)
@jessiroxyosox12 Me too XD
jessiroxyosox12 (8 years ago)
I just sang Brooklyn rage with this XD
RicisWorld (8 years ago)
lady gaga is the best; great video
Ellabella (8 years ago)
i sung this song at the talent show but i lost because i took to many breaks to breath ! lol

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