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Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 S8 black screen solution

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Black screen on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 or S8 Do you like Smartphone Photography, visit our page: https://www.smartphonephotos.net/ Visit my page: https://www.zfix.eu/ Music :) No Pressha - Jingle Punks
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Text Comments (176)
Thank you so much 100
TA Durjoy (14 days ago)
amaro arokom somosa kekorvo
TA Durjoy (14 days ago)
place jalde volban vai
Bethany Mendoza (15 days ago)
Thanks a lot. Works great
シLeqitStivi (15 days ago)
Fayssal Al Harbi (16 days ago)
100000000000000 merci
OG oreo (21 days ago)
Thank u so much
Rolandas Jarosevicius (22 days ago)
Didn't help
cesar urcino (24 days ago)
Like ,si me ayudo
Abbud Alsharif (26 days ago)
Not fixed
Abbud Alsharif (26 days ago)
Not fixed
Cosette Lemes (28 days ago)
Okay I tried all of them and it hasn't worked yet it just keeps vibrating if anyone has any alternate solutions
Jan Zeller (1 month ago)
You 😕
winxp46 (1 month ago)
Hello Thank you , it is helped me . my phone come back.
Hue Nguyen (1 month ago)
thank you very much. I tried it just now and it worked
Ninja Army Gaming (1 month ago)
AllAmericanGuy01 (1 month ago)
Didn't work for me. The light is still changing blue and the screen is still black. Tried all methods seen in this video.
Kookie _1997 (1 month ago)
Janardhan Reddy (1 month ago)
Thanq, it's working, data also safe!!!
Leyla Jacobs (1 month ago)
I have note 4 make this video how to fix note 4
Leyla Jacobs (1 month ago)
Because my phone is for my mom
Leyla Jacobs (1 month ago)
I try later
Maryan Xassan (1 month ago)
Your the man bro. Thnks
Hamza Sohail (1 month ago)
blue light stays on. But no Display! help!
Liliana Laureano Galan (2 months ago)
I need help I’m charging my phone right now all what shows up it’s a bolt and I’ve been charging my phone for 5 hours already
Vifox foot (2 months ago)
Tank you
MIKUGA가브리엘라 (2 months ago)
no me funciono ......
nanda rizki (2 months ago)
omg thanks a lot............... huhuhu
Citlali Chavez (2 months ago)
It don’t work
Toni-Ann Wilson (2 months ago)
Hey yall, I had a Samsung Galaxy s6. It fell from me and freeze on the home screen then shutoff completely. I tried to turn it on but there was no response, I still receive messages, calls and notifications but I couldn't see anything on the screen. I also notice that the blue led light at the front was on.. I tried all the methods on YouTube on how to fix it but it didn't work. My phone was dead so I charge it even tho it didn't show me what percent it was at. So I went to bed, the next morning I unplugged it, then let it rest. After couple mins I noticed that the phone start up by itself with the Samsung Galaxy s6 stuff then it freeze on that for nearly an hour so I turned it off. Then I tried again to see if it would come up then nothing came this time. I started panicking so I turned off the phone again n let it rest then finally, I turned it on then I saw that It boot up fast. This method helps tbh, ownly thing that happen is that one of these methods reset the phone which erases everything included my contacts.. but that's okay once the phone is working. I'm happy. I advise u to let the phone rest it'll take its time n come up.. This happens to me. Thanks for your methods they truly help me!💓💓💓💓💓
Andres Ramirez (2 months ago)
help, I do not use the start button home
Andres Ramirez (2 months ago)
ayuda, no me sirve el boton de home
Danny Labile (2 months ago)
Sofia Sánchez (2 months ago)
Sos un maestro
Dani Resa Setiawan (2 months ago)
it's work ! thank you so much much much
Raja Dilawar (2 months ago)
I love you so much my phone works
nadege ZOSSOU (2 months ago)
Ça marche
أسماء الشحي (2 months ago)
Thank you very much 😭♥️♥️♥️
Just Sayin (2 months ago)
NONE of this worked for me. I have a Samsung S7.
Ali al saud (3 months ago)
الله لا يوفقك خليت ابوي مايشتريلي جوال جديد
Maksim Orlov (3 months ago)
Please my samsung s7 edge water fails black screen
King Khan (3 months ago)
mere samsang galaxy note 5 m yaì problam hai plz kuch batao halp
Ahsan Raza (3 months ago)
My phone screen not working ?
movie man (3 months ago)
Thank you so much i thought my phone was broken
Backyard Youth Wrestling (3 months ago)
Mine does nothing. I’ve tried all the methods and they don’t work. I can’t hear sound or anything.
My mother needs help to get her phone s6 bAck but it won't work
Pankaj Das (3 months ago)
C'est Leïssy (3 months ago)
I am the only one with whom it doesn't work ?
M. vdW. (3 months ago)
Pixel Cupcake (3 months ago)
Thanks for not mentioning that holding down the volume, home, and power buttons causes a HARD RESET. I just wiped out my entire phone. Thanks a lot. Praying my photos and videos are on the SD card.
M. vdW. (3 months ago)
The photo's and video's were already gone if only the last trick worked.
H K (3 months ago)
hey man i love u man, i just love u....... i really cry after black screen on my s7 edge, what u say do that and i got my s7 back... once again love u man............................
H K (2 months ago)
+Anjelo Vergara dont buy samsung model with xynos chipset... it worst.. garbage...
Anjelo Vergara (2 months ago)
what method did you used???
Mary Steff (4 months ago)
Hello.. i have galaxy note 5 with this problem, the blue light, and the black screen.. please help me!!
A. jungkook (4 months ago)
I have seen it in another Youtuber and he said that then everything is deleted🤷‍♀️ what should I do??😭
Ahmed hssoon (4 months ago)
I'm also a mobile person suffering like this problem I want to solve his end
Saroj King (4 months ago)
Thank you very much this way i turn on my mobile :)
Rosevile (4 months ago)
Thaaank you soooo much!!!!
Lilly D (4 months ago)
it doesn't work?!what can I do
Remi Ademakin (4 months ago)
It worked
Hilder Stephen (4 months ago)
It has help me. Thanks for this video. Much respect!
Alexandra Lima (4 months ago)
You saved my day ! My Samsung is back! Thanks a lot! I was desperate... now I'm so happy!
BigSmokey (4 months ago)
Thaks a lot! Worked for me
Miryarts (4 months ago)
thanks a lot it worked
HaLuNkE ST0NER (4 months ago)
Did not work... still black screen and white led permanetly on
damien brunon (4 months ago)
Je suis français et cette solution fonctionne je viens de la faire et il c'est rallume niquel sans beug
rabah aek (4 months ago)
Volume up + volume down + home botton + power Work for me Thnx
IPHONEFIX MAX (4 months ago)
Mariam Gaming (4 months ago)
Thanks you VERYY VERYY much for your video !! ☻
messi Nigga (4 months ago)
damien brunon (4 months ago)
Je cest pas ci ca fonctionne
Alvina Faleiro (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot
King BT [YT] (5 months ago)
It works but problem is my phone keeps constantly turning off. So I’m having to do this again and again. This started around 20 days ago and I’m having to do this around once a day. If you can find a solution or what it’s is called, then great.
Try everything (5 months ago)
So thanks
Honoria Alonso (5 months ago)
It's not working
Leyla Jacobs (1 month ago)
Good for u
cobu cobu (4 months ago)
Sta ti lazes retarde
marcio piegat (5 months ago)
i need help s9 please
Md Shahajan (5 months ago)
Vishal more (5 months ago)
Thank you so much
Heňo Varga (5 months ago)
You are the man! Kudos!
fahd sheikh (5 months ago)
nothing worked before it did once but then it got turned off and now no chance..i tired
Marcus BvB (5 months ago)
Ehrenmann video
Awais Khan (5 months ago)
I are the best mannnn
lazaar younes (5 months ago)
Thanks man
blueeyes eyes (5 months ago)
Thank you so much ....mari problem hal ho gae thank you😘😘
Siroumi Gopaulen (5 months ago)
Wow the last one help me thnks
Dark FU 4 (5 months ago)
Thanks dude my phone is on now 😍 Sorry for my bad English i'm French😅😂
Monika Thakur (5 months ago)
I have Samsung Galaxy 6s edge it is not working since 4 month .I visited to several saamssung service center but they couldn't find the solution I had tried this video technique but it don't work can any help me regarding this problem .
rutha love (6 months ago)
merci beaucoup
koldsy 1505 (6 months ago)
thank u
SlimeyStrat (6 months ago)
Thanks so much it worked for me
Asley Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Mi s7 edge no tiene teclado google no puedo saltar cuenta
Android tool (6 months ago)
New version support For Android latest update. Odin 3.13.1 Latest Version https://odin3download.com/odin-download-latest-version-3-13-1-for-android-oreo.html
Edita Stuogytė (6 months ago)
need new method
kalwant communication (6 months ago)
Fek videos
Sagar Sambrani (6 months ago)
The last suggestion worked for me. You were the only one to suggest this one compared to the others who said volume up + power + home only.
bd king (7 months ago)
thanks bro.....good tutorial
أبو إلياس Med (7 months ago)
sorry this is not a permanent solutions only temporary
AhAnAf (7 months ago)
my s7edge has some problem I need solution plz help me(my phone shows only the green screen when I turned on after turning on the screen becomes black I cannot see any thing but the device responds when I tap it works also when I connect to my pc ) what should I do plz help me😢😢
Ebony King (7 months ago)
Thank you so much! This worked for me with absolutely no data lost. Thanks again.
Sadia kanwal (7 months ago)
thanks.. seriously its work bro I solve my black screen problem in galaxy s6.. thank you soo much 😊😊
Lovey Arora (7 months ago)
ThAnk u so much sar
funciono muchas gracias
it really works i got a s 7 edge and i did the power volume home
Lukas King (8 months ago)
Thank you you help me you are the best youtuber:)
이아 (8 months ago)
우아 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Sassybell Bella (8 months ago)
it doesnet work my samsung sign wont come on

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