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Gurus Being real...Coloured Beautiful vid response :)

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Hey Mrs. Ebony heres a response to the video you posted Thanks for Being a Positive influence!! God Bless
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HeyItsBrittney (7 years ago)
@FashionAbleHeart Thanks sis :D
HeyItsBrittney (7 years ago)
@Aspire2B21 I totally agree :) I appreciate that she voiced the importance of getting back on track bcus alot of gurus portray this "perfect" image to their subbies as if they dnt have any imperfection u knw..
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@871sher Aww Thank you so much!! :) God Bless
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@BlaqueBelleza HAHAA!! Every last one of us!!! :) Thanks! GOd Bless
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@missgetem27 Positivity is a must :) God Bless
Erinn Miichelle (8 years ago)
OMG!!!! thats whats up !!!! i love it sooooo much!!! being positive much respect to YOU!!!!
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@Mrsnesi08 ANy time :) God Bless
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@GoldCoastBeauty Thanks! God Bless
GoldCoastBeauty (8 years ago)
Great response, blessed love.
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@denagirl626 Ofcourse!! Im just glad Ebony opened up for everyone to be encouraged
denagirl626 (8 years ago)
This is what You Tube should be about...supporting and uplifting. I'm glad you took the time to respond to the video.
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@mikers1242 So glad I was a blessing to you :) Thanks and God Bless!!
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@MrsKGarrett Lol Thanks!!
michelle shaw (8 years ago)
I appreciate the comments. You actually helped to uplift me. Everyone needs to be encouraged from time to time. I am happy that God lead you to speak on this matter. God bless you! I just subbed!
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@bellejohnson LOl Im sayin!!!
Belle johnson (8 years ago)
exactly right!!!! girl she hit the nail on the head when she said these people act so snooty in person not right at all.
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@LadySwav Thank You
Cynt Williams (8 years ago)
love this response.....and i agree with everything you said and i respect what both or you said...
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@missfamiliar Thanks :)
Jonna Alexandria (8 years ago)
Great video response!
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@zheahra Thanks!!! :)
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@caprisunchikrox4eva Thanks!! :) Tomorrow is the big day lol
zheahra (8 years ago)
Yeah, get your education on, girl. You're so gorgeous and real. Stay sweet and God's glory. BTW--Lov your hair and makeup.
chroniclesofNadia (8 years ago)
makeup is soooo pretty! congrats in college!
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@mrsexehall Thanks :) God Bless
mrs Sexy Hall (8 years ago)
this is sista love Ya'll! love both vids.... God Bless u
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@thischik839 thanks :)
HeyItsBrittney (8 years ago)
@colouredbeautiful Any time Mrs. Ebony :) keep being real and a positive influence! God Bless
Erin S (8 years ago)
great vid.
colouredBeautiful (8 years ago)
I appreciate you sis. Thanks for the encouragement. Peace and love to you in all you do. Bless you!

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