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Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

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Sony Exxperia (7 hours ago)
Akari (15 hours ago)
I watched brotherhood so Al sounds so different 😂 and I love his voice because he was going through puberty at the time
Gingivitic Cinema (1 day ago)
6:56 Alphonse gives Edward head...
SJ & SS Flew studios (2 days ago)
did anyone else wanna fricken cry during the scene where Al and Edward reunite for the first time
M19s (2 days ago)
i like more the anime end . Just toó much trash un order just to get alphonse to the other side of tthe gate .
Jenna Abbas (3 days ago)
My heart is slowly breaking.
One Angel (5 days ago)
Its sad for winry tho 🙇🏻‍♀️
unbreakable mode (6 days ago)
That's not fair ....What about winry ......?😟😟😟😟😟she is alone now
SabertronsGaming (7 days ago)
WAT???? DID WINRY HAVE KIDS?????? NOOOOOO THATS EDS GIRL Nah but that's very sad that he didn't marry and have kids with Winry, honestly I'm very glad we got a happy ending, but this ending was very exquisite and awesome. Tbh I'd rather have Roy Mustang have an Eye patch than a mustache 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hailey Warren (7 days ago)
I got really excited when Envy showed up! Favorite character out of the whole series next to Roy and Ed
ichaukan (7 days ago)
I've always thought after seeing Gluttony's evolved form in this movie that it must have been one of the inspirations for the Joy Mutants from LISA: The Painful RPG
Mrtll (8 days ago)
Man its weird but the part where ed gos back to close the gate in our world is incredibly sad to me
Riley Richards (8 days ago)
So racist he said there called notseis fos short even has the symbol
Riley Richards (8 days ago)
Wtf two ALS
caro (8 days ago)
I only came here to listen to the ending credits... I love you l’arc~en~ciel 🥺🤲🏻 spare of larcoochie please ?
Royale With Cheese (8 days ago)
Fuckin gypsies
Marisol Arroyo Flores (8 days ago)
I need in spanish plis
existance 101 (9 days ago)
Shenron why are you here
Dr. deng gerous (10 days ago)
You deserved my subscription..... thanks!
Bivash Roy (10 days ago)
3d with 2d ryt?
The_Creeper132 - Puppy (11 days ago)
I wish RoyAi had more screen time! :/
KNIGHT OF GODS (11 days ago)
Hughs is a fucking Nazi??NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO
the ultimate gambler (11 days ago)
Movie sucks ass
Cosplay Myaw (11 days ago)
What about wriney ... You heartless elrics 😭
The God of Eggnog (11 days ago)
I don't care how bad this was, this was amazing XD
Kelly Anne (11 days ago)
*SCREAMS EXTERNALLY* i freaking love youtube.
Junior M (11 days ago)
Al went to his own funeral? 🤔 And watched a gypsy dance on his grave? 🤔
David AMR (12 days ago)
it opens just fine here in Brazil.
I liked the brotherhood ending more.
ernesto figueiredo (13 days ago)
muito bom.
Andre Calzadilla (13 days ago)
That ending....that gluttony ....why the fuck was this movie called conqueror of shamballa. Welp im full metaled out.
Divine Aceiel (13 days ago)
thank you god for this great gift
Jeral Garcia (13 days ago)
What?!this cant be and what happens next is there another movie? There have to be
Tete (13 days ago)
You uploaded this on my birthday😀
Taurus Capricorn (14 days ago)
why wont they cover the blood seal with a layer of metal?
WolfvineGaming (14 days ago)
Interesting how the Fuhrer who persecuted was actually apart of the persecuted in the other world.
MidasZ (14 days ago)
Bittersweet ending... Perhaps, they should of just return Ed back to his world without all the conflicts.
N.J. Davidson Sr. (14 days ago)
Ohhhh , Thule , HellBoy cameo , I hope .
N.J. Davidson Sr. (14 days ago)
My bad , 41: 36 onward
N.J. Davidson Sr. (14 days ago)
Otay , @ 43:38 , that's a tad un-nerveing ..., i'm 1/2 irish & 1/ 2 mexican .
N.J. Davidson Sr. (14 days ago)
What in the " DAYS OF FUTURE PAST " is this , But it's Neat .
Reev Anthony (14 days ago)
somewhat related to the original FMAB.. but very confusing ..some character were reincarnated to another character personalities.. i mean they messing up .. a very far away from how brotherhood ended.. sgt huges live again.. hoheniem live again.. Ed have automail again ..al ? to his armor .. col. Mustang been one eyed col.. THE TRANSMITION OF BROTHER TO THIS MOVIE FAR WRONG😅😅 DOORS OF TRUTH MAKES BIAS EXCHANGE TO THE AVID FAN OF THIS CLASSIC ANIME !!
MAD Santa (14 days ago)
this one is totally off from the ending of FMA: brotherhood
MAD Santa (14 days ago)
looks like there s a room for more FMA movies coming... can't wait for another movie twist
Reev Anthony (15 days ago)
fMA 2003 ended in a situation when, the writer had to think of a creative idea how, to make a good sequel of this anime when, to be realistic alfonse and edward lose their trade mark the full metal armor Al.. and the iconic automails of Ed.. they are damnmmm corner at that point.. so they did
Grizzly BƎAR (15 days ago)
16:26 - 16:35 Where’s the lie🤔
keyshawn scruggs (15 days ago)
He brought back the dead
TJ Jordan (15 days ago)
My review of the movie as a stand-alone film, it's alright for what it is. The animation is beautiful, some of the characters are well done, the voice-acting is good, the action sequences can be entertaining, the stuff going on in Germany and what will eventually lead to WWII is done extremely well executed (even to the point of being frightening), and the music is beautiful to listen to (even without watching the movie). But here's the major problem with this movie, it's supposed to be the series finale to Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 and it fails to be a good one. The villains are underdeveloped and weak, not to mention their sudden change of motivations in the climax is completely out of nowhere; the use of Envy and Hohenheim is terribly done (seriously, they have so little screen-time and development that they feel wasted); the sudden Ed and Rose romance didn't grab me like the subtle Ed and Winry romance; Rose herself doesn't hold my interest like other female characters from the show have; other characters don't get their chance to shine; certain potential story-arcs and emotional moments are ignored; and the ending itself just didn't do it for me. While I agree that the 2003 show had a better start and was more darker, I prefer the 2009 Brotherhood show more. It's story feels more contained and straight-forward, the characters are way better, the development is beyond great, the fight sequences are much better, the villains (in my opinion) are slightly better, the pacing by the midway parts are well handled, the final battle is so well done that nothing (aside from Seven Deadly Sins) has ever come close to matching it, and the ending overall felt right and earned. The show has it's problems, especially with it's first 20 episodes, but everything else about it just feels overall better and improved over the previous show.
Tickle (15 days ago)
They really needed to work on their endings.
Alexandrian Tria (15 days ago)
1:39:12 is that scar and lust?
TwistedFate101 (16 days ago)
What at truly unique premise for a movie. I loved it and I think it wrapped of FMA 03 very well. I just feel really bad for Winry. She deserved better from the show.
Badboy DCX (16 days ago)
I just wanna build rockets nothing more BUILDS A NUKE😂
mini mukbang (16 days ago)
Ugh Noa (if that's how you spell her name) is so ugly and annoying😂😂💀💀
Jitters (17 days ago)
Oh yes, I came for that beautiful l'arc en ciel opening
Tomás Campos Soto (17 days ago)
Soundtrack wrath vs gula ?? please
the biggest boi (17 days ago)
The ending sucks ass.
William Drake (18 days ago)
did ed fuck the gypsy when she went into his room that night? cuz its heavily implied
Higgins21000 (18 days ago)
FMA=FMAB both are wonderful shows there are some fantastic parts in both
Only missing two things, normal size eyes and completely drawn noses. Does the artist not have lips? So, he/she assumes everyone else shouldn’t have lips? I want to like this, but, the animation won’t allow it.
Ebuka Uwajeh (19 days ago)
So basically ed went to the real world
CrossoverQueen (19 days ago)
My friccen heccin heart hurts! This is great!
Moss Moore (19 days ago)
Please put on the next one 😇😇
Egypt Peace (20 days ago)
Solo of that song they were singing in the cart is real I NEED it please and thank you, I love you so much and double thanks in advance
David Mathews (20 days ago)
ASIANBOII 44 (20 days ago)
beginning is very similar to Steam Boy, and the device in his hands.
WesVeemo —— (20 days ago)
Them jiggle physics at the end
Damn Adolf Hitler
Shaun Lyne (21 days ago)
I love how Winry is always complaining about the 2 brothers leaving her out of the loop, then in the end of this movie they go to the other side of the gate and close the entrance so she can never ever see them again. XDDDDDDD
Hrishikesh Gupte (21 days ago)
A brothers love is .... a brothers love!
Gyovanny7080 (22 days ago)
I’m not a big fan of this movie, but the animation is great.
jon doe (22 days ago)
Loving it English dub
Oroborus (22 days ago)
This movie was so awful. They wrote themselves into a dead end with that horrible "alternate earth" nonsense. It's just so bad.
William Barclift (23 days ago)
This is basically a weird fanfiction
Hailey Warren (7 days ago)
It was pretty much goofy the whole movie was
Roger Pantil (23 days ago)
is this before wenry and edward got married?
Hailey Warren (7 days ago)
No this is a finale to the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist series. They never get together in the 2003 one lol
I'm gonna be honest when I first watched this I didn’t like it all too mich
Bidisha Das (23 days ago)
That's really good But what about Roy and riza, I Ship them so much
ラッシーlassi (23 days ago)
thumbnail: AnGelica, eliZa, N PEGGY
Ya Yeng (24 days ago)
It sucks... they left their own world and went to the worst
Srephy Ho (24 days ago)
Whyyyy did he have to switch world's it is so sad
p2Universe (25 days ago)
The most evil thing this movie did is turn Maes Hughes into a Nazi.
[*_*] (25 days ago)
1:38:22 wtf 😂
JAZAX QUINTANA (25 days ago)
Why is she wherein venom
RandomIsMyLif3 (25 days ago)
man my man aaron was struggling with the voice cracks
Chicago Critic Gerald (25 days ago)
I liked this anime movie better then most based on animes.
bunnykooks (26 days ago)
The reference to racism and war was really well done, although I don't expect a racist to say "I'm afraid of you" it is what it is. I love both FMA and FMAB but I guess I prefer FMAB for its happier endings. FMA endings really left a bitter feeling behind
Richard Khiangte (27 days ago)
If only winry went with them to the other world...
aqil afzal (27 days ago)
why Ed still lost his limbs? didnt he already get all his lost arm n leg....
Majorgamer (28 days ago)
49:04, the true bond of brothers lol
Anuj K (28 days ago)
Honestly, I think this movie doesn't do justice to how good the original series was. I was content with the ending of the original 2003 series as it had a darker and mature story granting a more mature, bittersweet ending. This movie tries to accomplish it by having Ed and Al stuck in a foreign world even if they finally are reunited. The execution doesn't feel realistic nor natural to the characters too. Alphonse shows no hesitation in going to the other side of the gate even though all of his life he grew up and grew fond of Amestris (though it is never called that in the original version). The way they included historical information underlying the main plot was interesting and quite enjoyable at times. The pacing was jumbled and lackluster, but the overall fundamentals of film making (cinematography, set design, and etc.) were mostly what you would expect of a movie based off of the 2003 fma series( good ). The story had plot-holes that were also existent in the original series but never made up for them in any way which was the whole point of the movie on one aspect. I think Fullmetal Alchemist is deserving of better treatment. The movie isn't horrid per se. It is lackluster and very bold that it misses the reason for which many people gush over Fullmetal Alchemist. If I were to rate this movie I would give it a 4.5/10 because i think the ideas it's going for are there but the execution needs to be handled much better.
Hanna Kristoffersen (27 days ago)
Anuj K so true!
deestilo (29 days ago)
Uranium? I guess uranus is taken :p
anawolfdraws (29 days ago)
anawolfdraws (29 days ago)
Whyyyyyyy 😭😭😭 poor ed
dan dalan (30 days ago)
Poor winry, she reminds me of forest gump.
dan dalan (30 days ago)
Edward is so selfish. The portal cant be opened if 1 side is destroyed. They could just destroy the one from als world.
Developer 004 (30 days ago)
#EyesForDays 👁👀👁👀👁
marcuschild childs (1 month ago)
Uk i always have mix feelings about this movie sighs
AR MY (1 month ago)
I cried........
Maria Evens (1 month ago)
Me before i watch this movie: Mh...if that exists in German too? ...mh~ i wonder. Me hallway through it: ...x3 Ok Nevermind then! Probebly not.
Punk Tastic (1 month ago)
1:12:02 I cried like a bitch. "I just wanna go home, where mommy is" right in the feels man.
H Arz (1 month ago)
that was 1923 the fail of the putch gave Hitler time to write Mein Kampf in prison, 13 years later the Nazis win and take over goverment anyways
henry pendle (1 month ago)
After seeing FMAB. I totally vomitted rewatching FMA and Conqueror of Shambala. Its all over the place. It was a fail Movie and a fail Series. And about the movie. I think its Crap. THe world of FMA is already a presentation of our world.

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