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Text Comments (1569)
Beenish Hussain (2 months ago)
I happen to binge too due to anxiety, and it makes me so guilty I cant make myself asleep until I've tired my body out.
Hannah Simmons (6 months ago)
This video especially touched me where I am right now and gave me a better sense of solidarity when things are overwhelming. THANK YOU for sharing with us bless you
laila ahmed (6 months ago)
Why doesn't she show her baby's face ??
Laiba A (7 months ago)
When Dina scream😂😂😂😂
Balqish MOHD UZIR (7 months ago)
Now feel the same feeling with u..thank you for being person who presented 33weeks pregnancy women.i cant spell it out what my feeling is coz its keep changing..but maybe i can show them this video to understand it
nimo omar (7 months ago)
Dina, I;m sorry you're going through so much, but it will get better. One thing that always helps me is remembering Allah doesn't burden us with something we can't handle. I hope things improved in the last month since when this video was published. We love you and your hard work. Stay blessed sister. <3
Middle Crew (7 months ago)
tiare hapuku (7 months ago)
I had my son he was my second child when I was 29. My daughter and son are 7 years apart..
Sadia Begum (8 months ago)
Hiya Dina, I just wanted to say that your pregnancy will go just fine Inshallah...May Allah Bless You All ❤ NGL buts it's okay to cry when you're pregnant x Anyways...I love you all so so much as well as watching all of the vids x keep it up...my duas are with you xox❤🕋🤞
Cey Hoseok (8 months ago)
I cried seeing you cry 😭
Cey Hoseok (8 months ago)
I CAN'T STOP laughing at your screaming at the spider 😂
Amna Mansoor (8 months ago)
Hana is too cute Masha'Allah! Hope you're delivery is well insha'Allah! 💕💕
Asiah Primrose (8 months ago)
Awwe May Allah bless you and your beautiful family ♥️
The Stray Runaway (8 months ago)
Aaliya Sadiq (8 months ago)
I pray Allah eases things for you and increases you, as a family in all things blessed and beneficial. I think people forget that behind the youtube channels, there are real people striving to live their lives in the best way they can. You touched me Dina in your talk about your struggles and your relationship with God...Allah knows what is in your heart and how much you want khair.
MumInspire (8 months ago)
Great vlog dear Sister, wishing you all the best. You will soon meet your new bundle of joy insha Allah. I have 4 daughters and counting.. so know a bit of what you are going through. May Allah make it easy for you. Sometimes I do not know how Mothers do it, but by the grace of Allah we get there eventually. Sending you all the best wishes 💝💝🌷🌷 🌺🌺🌸🌸👍👍👍
moushin sikder (8 months ago)
Q&a do you know the gender?
Victoria T (8 months ago)
Not a Muslim so may sound a bit unsure but I assume if women are pregnant in Ramadan they do not have to fast! Is that right because I debated this earlier and someone said women do fast when pregnant but I can’t help but feel a pregnant woman fasting will feel absolutely exhausted come midday. Absolutely loved this video Party rings now you’re talking my language. Spider reaction is so me when I see flies when I see spiders my heart rate goes crazy I start screaming running around arms waving everywhere throwing the cat in the field (not literally hahaha)
Nichole Keys (8 months ago)
I think it's so wonderful that you dont share your child on social media. I am the same with my daughter. Good job mama.
sopar flim 999 (8 months ago)
Nima Ess (8 months ago)
Its a boy habibti
tamjid islam (8 months ago)
How come the babies face is covered
Hannah Pike (8 months ago)
I really like that you dont show Hannah's face. I think some family channels show too much of their children, things that will embarass them when they are older, i.e. them literally on the toilet
kaalexand26 (8 months ago)
when you were sitting and chatting i was so focused on your earring that looked like it could fall out at any moment
kaalexand26 (8 months ago)
when you were sitting and chatting i was so focused on your earring that looked like it could fall out at any moment
merimmy rose (8 months ago)
I have just found your chanel and you are so flippin beautiful and you have a gorg personality.. Such a difference on yt scene
natureallmighty (8 months ago)
Your daughter is absolutely precious! I hope it all goes in the best possible way for you!
Doidies (8 months ago)
I don't know, I really enjoyed this vid. It's like the real, raw human. You've got to be brave to show all that on camera. It's nice you get to talk like that and get stuff off your chest too.
Doidies (8 months ago)
Aww hayati wish I can give you a big hug 🤗 you'll be OK. I've been through eating disorder and have anxiety too.
Mimi (8 months ago)
*Can you do a video on baby name ideas you won't be using but you liked*
Blah Blah (8 months ago)
Stay strong Dina ♥️♥️♥️
Zahide Soyler (8 months ago)
You look beautiful!!! Mashallah
meghan stein (8 months ago)
Awe your a awesome mom, love watching your videos..... just do some mommy time. So you can be ready for handling 2 little ones soon... could you send Hanna to play with the grandparents or aunts.
Aniqa Ahmed (8 months ago)
Love your videos ♥️
Aliyah Akhtar (8 months ago)
MyNoshin (8 months ago)
100% understand that feeling. I remember with baby no.2 I spent weeks crying and strategizing with my husband on how we'd deal with me if I got PND again. I wasn't even recovered from my first pregnancy (I have 2 under 2). But take the time to make duaa and ask Allah for help, my second baby was 100 times easier, everything was less stressful as I just knew more the second time round and could see the light at the end of the tunnel, the light I thought didn't exist with my first! Allah helped with everything. I had a natural delivery instead of csection and following onwards the recovery was so quick, the PND was more anxiety based and got very bad at one point, but never as bad and as long as it was with baby 1. Don't worry.
Cécile H (8 months ago)
May Allah help you and remove the worries from you heart and mind. Everything will be fine inshaAllah ❤
Amy AliA (8 months ago)
plz tell us
Amy AliA (8 months ago)
why are you hiding her face
Gol Kiwi (8 months ago)
OMG Dina I cried with u ,too😢
Tina love (8 months ago)
Happy birthday in advance Dina. #SameBirthday I like how you are mindful about how much pressure and stress you are on. I just wanted to say that you are doing amazing and goodluck with the few weeks left. Happy Ramadan.
Emma Rosen Books (8 months ago)
I have a line across my nose. It’s not a dent, just a red line. Also, I went into a decluttering craze when I was pregnant, a whole car boot sale worth in about a month
Farzana Basharat (8 months ago)
Hang in there. I am in my last week and know all about the emotional outbursts. Thank you for sharing your experience xx
A Ro (8 months ago)
You definitely have grown so much. I love the person you have become. Is it a boy or a girl?
rabia khan (8 months ago)
Omg I cried too I’m not even pregnant 💜💜💜💜
Shaheen Hanif (8 months ago)
Dinaaaaaa! I love you! Been watching you since I was in high school and I feel like I pretty much grew up with you ❤️ you are a true inspiration and just know you made one girl somewhere feel like she had a sister 👯‍♂️ take care! Keeping you in my prayers 😘
Diaba K. (8 months ago)
You're probably the realist vlogger I "know"
Mindmatters101 (8 months ago)
If it's worth anything... Dina you are a wonderful human being, there's not many made like you! And a wonderful mother :) Don't worry about what anyone else thinks/says (easier said than done, I know!). You're doing a great job! God willing, everything gets better for you.
Naomi Sherred (8 months ago)
You have the same mug as me lol. Good luck with lil bubba 😊😊 xx
ash asha (8 months ago)
Just a week ahead from youuu♥️
Gisselle Baci (8 months ago)
Big hugs mama! Your doing an amazing job remember to give yourself a break and everything will work out. 🤗 Don’t be so hard on yourself 💕💕
Hanan M (8 months ago)
Dina. You should do my a ’subscribers buy clothes for me’ challenge.
Jazzy Lady (8 months ago)
You're in my duas...you're life will only get better after the new baby comes insha-Allah and everything will fall right into place as Allah has already planned...peace n love prego lol
sumjey (8 months ago)
You are such a lovely woman ❤️ wish you all the best 🌺
Manjit Kaur (8 months ago)
Hi Dina you are brilliant. Your gona be fine honey just think positive and focus on yourself, make sure Sid supports you x all the best
majaasgeirs1 (8 months ago)
Romina Rashid (8 months ago)
May Allah make it easy for you and may HE help you through the hard times Ameen
umm al hassan (8 months ago)
Is it a boy or girl?
Yusi Jinalangu (8 months ago)
Hi guy's can you make a video when sid talking swahili
Britta Carlisle (8 months ago)
Your sharing and growth as a woman is empowering and lovely. I am 36 weeks pregnant, also nearing 30 (being Gemini is confusing to add to it all) and have struggled with anxiety throughout my life and pregnancy.. I STRONGLY encourage you to read The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson if you are worried a bit about postpartum and your mental health. You got this Mama!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Blue Seas (8 months ago)
Dina be kind to yourself - i will keep you and family in my duas. Im not in uk but are you entitled to any of this - I was thinking maternity leave for self employed ppl x https://www.gov.uk/maternity-allowance/eligibility
reesa forrester (8 months ago)
Felt so much for you here. Praying for all the good things. Hang in there and use your support system. Hugs
Matisse Ferrel (8 months ago)
❤️ Oh Dina, sending heaps of love and prayers your way.😘
Numra B (8 months ago)
May everything ease out for you . It happens but you're doing great . Love you
Nina E. Lavelanet-Lewnau (8 months ago)
Thanks for this Dina! It's great to see honest feelings about pregnancy and motherhood, and just womanhood. Kudos to you!
Your baby is officially engaged to your lower pelvis, take it easy when sitting down, you look due and looks like a boy 👌 Allah knows best
Rrrrrose (8 months ago)
Mind yourself lovely, maternal mental health is no joke, we don't talk about it enough but it's all too common and can be absolutely devastating. It might seem like you're losing it over nothing, but there's a hell of a lot of hormones whizzing around your system at the moment and you might have something subconscious stressing you out. Eating disorders are so so difficult, but midwives and other prenatal health practitioners will have seen it all before, please reach out to them if you can, you don't have to be in a crisis to ask for help, you are deserving of help. The earlier you raise your concerns about depression the sooner they can help you cope. Don't let any doctor or nurse fob you off with "baby blues" stuff. Maternal mental health issues are real and important to take seriously. Ask Sid to fight your corner if you're not feeling up to it. Take all the time off you need, look after Hannah but also allow yourself to take some pressure off there too, she's sweet and children are resilient you're already doing a great job with her and it's okay to phone it in a bit for a little while when you're heavily pregnant and struggling with your mood. Be kind to yourself. It's the least you deserve ❤️
Youssef Londres (8 months ago)
كاسيات عاريات رؤوسهن كأسمنت البخت لا يدخلون الجنة و لا يشتمن ريحها صدقت يا حبيبي يا رسول الله
Tahira khan (8 months ago)
Narrated from Imām as-Sādiq (as): “Every time a woman becomes pregnant, during the whole period of pregnancy she has the status of one who fasts, one who worships during the night, and one who fights for Allah with her life and possessions. And when she is giving birth, Allah grants her so much reward that nobody knows its limit because of its greatness. And when she is giving milk to her child, for every suck of the child, Allah gives her the reward of freeing a slave from the children of Ismā’īl, and when the period of breastfeeding the child is finished, one of the great angels of Allah taps her side and says: “Start your deeds afresh, for Allah has forgiven all your minor sins.”  [al-Kāfī, vol. 5, pg. 496]
Bilgeese Nasher (8 months ago)
Oh Dina...we love you
iasha akhtar (8 months ago)
Allahumma barik lak x
iasha akhtar (8 months ago)
woaw i cant believe thats ypur going to be 29 you still looking 22😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖
Afsary Adiba (8 months ago)
Lookbook ❤️
Shameema Suleman (8 months ago)
What an absolutely real and touching video💜 When I was pregnant with my second little man (Hes a year now Alhamdulila) I went through a similar experience, it doesnt vanish after birth but very soon after it will💜 May Allah make this last stretch easy for you, incl giving birth and grant you a healthy little one whose the coolness of your eyes!
sweet angel (8 months ago)
Hi Dinah! I Think u should not eat pineapple when u r pregnant...
maryum jafri (8 months ago)
praying for a healthy pregnancy for you. hope u feel better soon xx
ciomaris pinto monteiro (8 months ago)
dinaaaaa we love uu , sometimes i have breakouts too , and i on those days what i only need is to stay in and do nothing , but i know it is a crappy mood and i just feel bad for the people surrounding me , feel well dina , love u
Sam H (8 months ago)
Hope you feel better when the baby comes love. But kind of get your feeling... I have been depressed for the past 10 years and I feel better Alhamdoulilah et know how to handle it now but like my biggest fear is postpartum and just when/if I have a baby inshallah my mental health makes it impossible to enjoy it and spoils everything... So as many said take a break rest and enjoy your toddler xx
Sonia Ali (8 months ago)
Pineapple has bromelain which causes contractions in the uterus. You should really avoid pineapple and pappaya during pregnancy, Dina!!
Imtisal Ali (8 months ago)
U need to go and check tht belly!!
Imtisal Ali (8 months ago)
Go to the midwife for a check up
xXR1ZXx (8 months ago)
Insha'Allah everything will be okay in the end. Stay strong Xx
Gorgeous Me (8 months ago)
Can you do a video on what you got for the baby.. and how you’ve set up the room. Also do a house tour..you’ve never done a house tour and this house looks really big.. please please do a house tour.. what about the primark makeup you got...?what happened to that??? Don’t stress yourself too much ..love you
Aamina Noorbhai (8 months ago)
Sahra Jama (8 months ago)
Dina I have never commented on your video before I have been watching you from the beginning of your YouTube days till now. This raw video you have shown has brought tears to my eyes. InshAllah oukti you will get through this. May Allah bless you and your family. Be patient sister. We love you. Ramadan mubrak
Aiysha (8 months ago)
This made me so sad. May Allah help you!
Say Cheesz (8 months ago)
Awwww Dina 😪.. it's okay to cry love. Things will feel better, in due time ❤🙏 God Bless
Ammzy (8 months ago)
So beautiful. So inspiring! You’re the real OG Dina. You paved the way for many of us and motivated us x
Eliz. Nicole (8 months ago)
My due date is July 10th, we are pretty close in our pregnancies. So I can relate to how you’re feeling. 💙
shabana miah (8 months ago)
Hi Dina, ive just turned 29 and have 5 children Alhumdulillah :) every pregnancy i went over 40 weeks lol, it was a real bummer. The waiting, aghhh. My littlest is similar age to Hana, so i am starting to miss the baby phase again...gosh you are so right about how we change when turning almost 30, its crazy! From being 16 to 20 to 25 to 30 is major changes.. and its just so scary how fast time actually flys .. Nevertheless your brilliant!! :) Hang in there, and take it easy, Rest as much as you can, your doing great x
Renu Dhanjal (8 months ago)
Omg I’m crying with you... hang in there babe, nearly there xxxx
Sarah L (8 months ago)
you may feel as if you're changing but you're transforming into such an incredible woman that it's been nice to witness over the years! keep doing you and that is being real because, after all these years, you're still such a breath of fresh air despite everyone and their grandma doing what you do! xxxx
Saariam (8 months ago)
ur breath baby... poor girl. feel hugged honey!!! u really will get trough your next section in life! you have such strong backround. dont fear <3
Victoria Howard (8 months ago)
29?! Such a youngin! Wait til your 55. My birthday is June 30! Happy Birthday and Ramadan Murbarak!
Victoria Howard (8 months ago)
Victoria Howard (8 months ago)
Eating disorders are so hard. Be easy on yourself. Rest. Love you, Sid, and Hannah!
Victoria Howard (8 months ago)
You’re in your “Nesting” phase.
Victoria Howard (8 months ago)
Hannah is so cute! She’ll be a great big sister! Weird about getting smaller the closer you are to delivery.
Qafia Khatun (8 months ago)
It's going to be a boooooy😍😍😍😍😍
PRO GAMER (8 months ago)
Awww dina you are super as always take your time take rest InshaaAllah you'll make it 😙❤
Kulsum Patel (8 months ago)
Hannas conversations 😍 m.a just like my toddler cant stop talking
Aneesa Kassim (8 months ago)
I think u pretty much said what every pregnant woman and mother has felt at some point. Those darn hormones. Lol. It will pass. Just as the kankles will. And the heartburn. And the cravings. Sooner or later after the birth they will pass. Most likely they will come back though no denying it! Especially those first few months with a newborn and sleepless nights can make you really lonely and down. But it gets better. Stay strong. Xx

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