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Family Guy: Windows 7 Commercial

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No copyright intended. Very funny commercial.
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GFSM Original (4 months ago)
Whys his voice was high
Ford Mavericks OS X (1 year ago)
Fuck family guy.
BlueDragon992 (5 years ago)
*stereotypical Damn typo. :\
BlueDragon992 (5 years ago)
Knowing how big of a sterotypical hipster he is, you'd think that Brian would be a Mac user. XD
MrAertt5 (5 years ago)
season 8, episode 7 (i think)
Haplo (7 years ago)
@Crashbndcoot121 Do you have a better quality video or know where I can find this episode?
Manhattan (7 years ago)
@LinuxUser4Life I dunno, some episode where stewie writes a song.
Haplo (7 years ago)
Which episode is this from?
Manhattan (7 years ago)
@SuperWarioCementleg lol
mythplatypuspwned (7 years ago)
Manhattan (7 years ago)
@Qkumber1 Lol that's the first comment I ever gotten on the "likes/dislikes bar". Thumbs up for you, sir.

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