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Coffee Filter Snowflakes - 3rd DIY of Christmas!

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/SharrahRobeson | Snapchat: SharrahRobeson On the THIRD DIY of Christmas..... SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=robesondesignstudios To check out the different patterns we used to make these snowflakes, check out our blog at the end of the week for a detailed list of them all! http://www.robesondesign.com/blog 1st DIY of Christmas: http://youtu.be/r4YTrkfykrQ?list=PLkA1hfccUV37NwJHhjAdo8zdq7fGyhy8z 2nd DIY of Christmas: http://youtu.be/AwrmoY7X70E Watch our other Christmas tutorials: Creative DIY Christmas Tree for Small Apartments: http://youtu.be/PFP8CH51uSg Find out HOW TO MAKE OUR SANTA BEARDS: http://robesondesign.com/santa-beard-diy/ How to decorate for Christmas: http://youtu.be/4TlqhLLpJPg Christmas Decorating ideas for DIY'rs. Easy Christmas decorations, Christmas Tree Decorating, Christmas 2014, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Decorating Ideas. Today is the THIRD day of our new Christmas series: The 12 DIY's of Christmas! Will be uploading a new Christmas DIY every week day for 12 days! We have fun holiday art, lighting, and decor ideas along with a few inexpensive gift ideas for family and friends! Make sure to subscribe and check back every day for a new cost effective christmas diy to decorate your home, apartment or dorm room with for the Holidays! Watch the DIY Wednesdays version of the Sparkleball: http://youtu.be/eGGvq9exI14 Watch the original Sparkleball video here: http://youtu.be/2QvBgZckUgo Watch the Robesonized Toxic Ball version of the Sparkle Ball here: http://youtu.be/8ZQ9cg7MHh0 Follow us on INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahrobeson Follow us on HOUZZ: http://www.houzz.com/pro/rebeccarobeson EXCLUSIVE music was provided by Jimmy Robeson You can purchase Jimmy’s tunes here: https://robesonproductions.bandcamp.com All other music is royalty free by Premium Beats Robeson Design Productions: Videography and editing by Greyson Darrow
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Text Comments (54)
Brent Eamer (22 days ago)
Love it, greetings from PEI , Canada.
Jennifer Nunez (1 month ago)
How about doing them a regular speed.
AmbyJeans (1 month ago)
If you iron the coffee filter paper beforehand you don't need the clips and you can iron out the wrinkles. I use an old hair flat iron to iron mine. It also gives the paper a really nice texture.
Adam C (1 year ago)
another way to straighten them out is a hair straightener lol tried it last night worked great
Nancy Thorson (2 years ago)
Ironing the snow flake with a slightly damp towel over top & let dry!
Maddie Reynolds (3 years ago)
I also find folding it in 3rds makes rly beautiful ones too😊 nice video sarah
sallianne piltz (3 years ago)
dolce gabbana (3 years ago)
jajajajjahahahajahaj  greyson you crack me up!!!
Eunice Cordova (3 years ago)
Making these next year!
Hii How are youuu (3 years ago)
Heather Imhoff (4 years ago)
What about using an iron with a steam setting?
AmbyJeans (1 month ago)
I lightly spray mine with water and use a hair flat iron
Heather Imhoff (4 years ago)
Or just a hot iron with no steam?
Steam is a water and if the water will get on the filter it will get instantly wet and cat easily be torn apparr
Karlia mei (4 years ago)
I was just about to comment that but then I saw your comment it would be so much easier
Liz Gonzalez (4 years ago)
You guys are fun to watch and those BIG scissors :D hilarious! Cool idea I just need a ton of hands jk....
Choose Joy (4 years ago)
So cool, I'm doing this. Thank you!
47stoneymaine (4 years ago)
I went to the blog to find the patterns because the vid was so fast, and even searched "snowflakes" -- nothing.  WHERE are the patterns, please.
47stoneymaine (4 years ago)
Way too fast, but beautiful.
Head Jyve (4 years ago)
Thosr big ol' long scissors had me laughing. I love this channel!
liacokelat (4 years ago)
Lucky papers, got a massage from greyson :P
Beta Tran (4 years ago)
Why do we use the water?
ExploringCalifornia (4 years ago)
This is a great idea.  I made snowflakes out of paper and laminated each one.  I used them to decorate the windows at the office.  When Christmas is over I don't have to worry about damaging my works of art because they have been laminated to for storage purpose. 
Mary Chen (4 years ago)
Thanks for all the DIY ideas. You guys made not only fun videos to watch but easy projects to do. Thumbs up! Keep em coming :)
Kitty Yuan (4 years ago)
At least Greyson's mouth is filtered.
awesomeskylineally (4 years ago)
Ha ha Greyson always have me laughing out loud with his jokes !!!!!! Yes Greyson your mouth has been filtered:)))) Love this project l could just imagine how great these would look with glitter spray on them. Hugs Alli.
ourbabyluv3 (4 years ago)
you could spray starch them and iron them. they would dry more quickly and be stiffer to hang.
Fuchsia Sketch (4 years ago)
Great ideas and a new subbie! <3
Dahlia 42k1 (4 years ago)
Great idea!
Mary Marks (4 years ago)
I will play this vid when we do this project with the students in my daughters classroom party as a craft to do!  Inexpensive and very fun!
SandyzSerious (4 years ago)
These are so pretty.
Jacqueline Castrillo (4 years ago)
Never thought those long scissors existed except on Edward scissor hands lol
Francisco TR (4 years ago)
casi me haces reir...
Jot Te (4 years ago)
I think it would be very difficult to hang snowflakes made of filters, In my opinion they aren't stiff enough. Maybe U can show us how to do it.
suggarachel (4 years ago)
Grayson you should try a tooth brush and some toothpaste that gives you a minty aftertaste in your mouth that coffe filter lacks and you can reuse the toothbrush XD
Yvette Ballesteros (4 years ago)
LoVe you guys
Geneva Wilkinson (4 years ago)
Reaped Design (4 years ago)
Great job guys! I love it
DennygirlJO (4 years ago)
Or. You can iron em out!
Renee Marshall (4 years ago)
Stella Marie (4 years ago)
Who didn't know how to do this? Lol still of course, a great video to watch.
klhtrading7 (4 years ago)
Cool, pretty and CHEAP idea!  Love it!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Sykora (4 years ago)
An awesome simple idea! Have another great day you two!!! :D
Cheryl Hock (4 years ago)
I LOVED this one guys! I'm going to give it a try. Thanks. 
maya diab (4 years ago)
So cute!!
Jared Martell (4 years ago)
Tea candle holders
D.A. Strahl (4 years ago)
You two are hysterical together....watch out Burns and Allen.... Does it work to iron the snowflakes to make them flat? 
Miss Marigold (4 years ago)
Love love love ( I am expressing how much I love this..) pleeeeese can you show how to make a"large 3d snowflake" you guys always make things look so EASY **}.. I used your video on how to decorate christmas lights on a tree.. And my tree looks amazing this year .. Not just light my lights vomited all over my tree.. Thanks soo soo much xxxx
Barb Nauman (4 years ago)
LET IT SNOW, YOU ROCK STARS!!  Keep it clean Grayson, there's always soap when the filter fails!! :)
Max W (4 years ago)
Thanks guys, great as always. I just wondered why you didn't iron the snow flakes it would be much faster? Ironing paper is fine
ansbach74 (4 years ago)
I have done this before; great for kid.
Professional Fangirl (4 years ago)
I'm so going to try this!!!
Jessica Laughman (4 years ago)
We did that as kids with Grammie; It's fun
Aileen Canavan (4 years ago)
1st comment

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