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Sublime Text Tutorials #18 - Correct Syntax Highlighting

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The 18th video in the Sublime Text 2 tutorial series. Here I show you how to easily have proper syntax highlighting in Sublime Text 2 or 3.
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Text Comments (25)
Manny P (15 days ago)
Shouldn't the syntax highlighting set itself when you save the file as the type you wanted? I saved a file I was working on as python yet the syntax highlighting never worked. Does anyone else get this problem?
brext noir (3 months ago)
thank soooooooooooooo much bro
Mark Dickson (4 months ago)
I found this video title to be misleading. I was looking for a way to create your own custom syntax highlighting rules. Or at the very least, make changes to existing rules.
LevelUpTuts (4 months ago)
I don't think the title really indicates that we would be covering custom syntax theme creation.
Syntax Logic (4 months ago)
Sigh.... skip to 1:20.
LevelUpTuts (4 months ago)
VTILV (1 year ago)
you saved my life haha .thanks bro
Moshe Cohen (1 year ago)
thank you sooo much!!!!!!
Nothing to see here (1 year ago)
I need to know how to modify the syntax highlighting, not how to apply it! Edit: I found out how to edit it.
John Madison (9 months ago)
Where did you figure it out? I've been reading a lot and so far I've figured out : Tools --> Developer --> New Syntax. But as to where to save that. Not sure.
sllypper (2 years ago)
How do I edit existing syntaxes? For example, I have a lua syntax that uses # as a line comment.
sllypper (2 years ago)
Found out: Found the Lua.sublime-package file in Program Files/Sublime 3/Packages, unpacked it and edited the Lua.sublime-syntax file.
hey Teacher, i did'nt see "SET SYNTEXT SCSS" after pressing Ctrl+Sift+p , and typing "SCSS" but see only"SET SYNTEXT CSS"' that dosen't work like you, i am using sublime text 3, help me , please !
eXtreme (1 year ago)
Probably too late to help you, but maybe i can help someone else: You have to select Package Control first, then maybe wait a few seconds until the other search bar shows up where you can search for what you want
Maxwell O'Roark (2 years ago)
Is package control only available for licensed copies of Sublime Text??
Stover PiX (2 years ago)
Definitely the best tutorials.
LevelUpTuts (2 years ago)
+Stover PiX Thank you!
freincky (3 years ago)
ctrl+shift+P Yeah get it!! :)
Benjamin Jordan (3 years ago)
Thank you so much, seriously
woooyJ (3 years ago)
mate you are guru! went through thousand of instructions - and you made it so easy, that is just so unreal!
7 Days in sunny june (4 years ago)
Thanks! very helpful video!
LevelUpTuts (4 years ago)
+Luciano Oliveira Glad to hear. :)
gurnzbot (4 years ago)
I have SCSS installed, however one day I noticed that the syntax is no longer listed in my syntax popup, nor is it listed in the Command Pallette. Any idea what happened?  Should I simply uninstall it and re-install?  If so, how do you uninstall a package?
phaedris (4 years ago)
the audio on this vid is spectacular. I have my headphones on and it's as if you are right here in the room.
LevelUpTuts (4 years ago)
Thank you! I've actually been making a large effort to improve the quality of audio in my videos. Glad to hear that it's made a difference.

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