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A Sim is born - Making of a Beechcraft Baron G58 Flight Simulation Home Cockpit Panel

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Getting my flight simulator to where it is today is a long story, in fact much longer than the actual designing and building time. During the various building phases of my generation#3 Baron my fellow co-builder Chris and I made some footage and I made this short Making Of video to give you an idea which major chapters the process involved. It was great fun and the result is rewarding, thanks Chris for being part of this journey!
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Text Comments (42)
paul7053 (1 day ago)
How did you make & engrave the panels? (which look very good btw)
plsniper (2 days ago)
Two thumbs down? Who in their right fucking mind would give this a thumbs down?!
Howard Rockliffe (6 days ago)
Great job matey. Well done.
Bryan Jansen (9 days ago)
insane... wow
Ryan Easte (18 days ago)
where on earth do you find all the switches etc?
Eduardo Henrique (27 days ago)
Very interesting, I just did not understand how the backlight was done, everything sticker is this?
Eduardo Henrique (23 days ago)
+Alfred twinSim Thanks!!
Alfred twinSim (23 days ago)
Eduardo Henrique actually it is a very thin engraving plate that lets light through where the text is. It is black upon a white surface. I did the glue it to a 2mm transparent acrylic sheet. Behind are ordinary 12 led strips. That’s it.
Scotty (1 month ago)
Very Very Nice Work
Flight sim ZM (1 month ago)
cant be more beautiful and more real than this! Bro, amazing!!
JUARMAS NUÉ (2 months ago)
Gord Rose (2 months ago)
G Shible (2 months ago)
Amazing work. It's a cool project.
Mister Online Games (2 months ago)
olha gostei muito de seu projeto. teria como disponibilizar dowload dos arquivos usados para os corte da cnc?
Sam Turner (2 months ago)
Very Nice! What are the buttons above the de-icing pressure gauge for? (pause, reset, menu, repos. time, weather....) Are they to control the sim without needing the mouse? :) Are this macro buttons to control xplane or? planning my own barron with G600 & GTN stack :)
Alfred twinSim (2 months ago)
Indeed they are for recurring controlling commands, but since I control the sim now through the iPad instructor station I do not need them too often... Have fun building your sim!
Jimmy Hinkle (3 months ago)
Very nice!
Hi Alfred, your projects are amazing!! I'd like to do some cockpit similar. it's posible buy your G1000 cnc laser cut design? (i don't know the real dimensions G1000). I want to do my own cockpit. Thanks.
Alfred twinSim (2 months ago)
JUAN MANUEL ALEGRE ROMERO the current G1000 is from Simionic, so not self built
ebawebaw (5 months ago)
A piece of art, may I ask, the annunciators, where do they come from? Also from flight illusions? Or open cockpits? Thanks
Alfred twinSim (2 months ago)
ebawebaw they are from a US company www.pcflights.com
Jeffery Gough (5 months ago)
Amazing. But why not just get a pilot's license?
riddlin4u (2 months ago)
Why...sheesh. Why don't people ask fans who enjoy FPS, "why don't you just join the army?'
He may have the money but an old baron costs around 200k and 60k per year to maintain. Plus around 10-20k for the pilot license.
SIMULAR É (5 months ago)
amazing project, congrats
Alfred twinSim (5 months ago)
+SOUZAELS thanks! am I remembering correctly that you were building a beautiful panel your self too? How far are you?
Thomas Joas (6 months ago)
Stunning work, mate ;-)
Alfred twinSim (6 months ago)
+Thomas Joas Thanks buddy!
Paul Alessie (7 months ago)
Hi Alfred, great sim! What kind of material did you use for the black backlit panels (the foil)?
Alfred twinSim (6 months ago)
+Paul Alessie I had it lasered by a friend who also got the material for me, it is some sort of Laser Ply... look for engraving material. But I do not know which particular I used I am afraid...
ebawebaw (8 months ago)
I meant the width of the switches, there are small ones and large ones, it looks like the holes on the top panel are at least 12 mm wide
Alfred twinSim (6 months ago)
+ebawebaw exactly 12mm!
Alfred twinSim (8 months ago)
ebawebaw yes, actually you see it in the beginning when i make such a hole in corel, you can see 12/12 in the uper left. those are big switches... I find them pretty realistic
ebawebaw (8 months ago)
Thanks, realy beautifull ! I start to make the mine with the same design , regarding hardware, just got the Simionic bezels and the Flight illusion gauges will follow If you don,t mind, the switches look nice, any part number? Or brand name?
Alfred twinSim (8 months ago)
+ebawebaw thanks! just google toggle switch and you find those easily, but the colored caps are custom made...
Y Ben-Ad (8 months ago)
Maestro Alfred, I salute you. I wish I had the skills & funds to put something like this.
Y Ben-Ad (8 months ago)
..found it the junk ..... I moved to inbox .. tnx u so much :-)
Alfred twinSim (8 months ago)
O Ben-Ad I got your message and replied 2 days ago!
Y Ben-Ad (8 months ago)
Hey Alfred, tnx for your replay .... & BTW I doped you a message on your we site
Alfred twinSim (8 months ago)
+O Ben-Ad I started small too, was not expensive and still cool immersive!
ebawebaw (8 months ago)
Amazing, just perfect, may I ask how you made the black glare?
Alfred twinSim (8 months ago)
+ebawebaw the glare shield is a real one from a Piper PA28

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