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Hawleywood's Barbershop

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http://dickies.eu/friends/hawleywood Hawleywood's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor is the original men only, period correct 1940's style shop that specializes in the hot towel, straight razor shaves and the high and tight haircuts like the Full Back High Pomp, Slick Back, Johnson Boogie, Hawleywood Puff, Old Fashioned Taper, The Waterfall, Flat Top, Mohawk and Medium Taper with a Part. Donnie Hawley and his crew offer the cleanest haircut you can get in the Southern California.
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stratman70528 (5 months ago)
I wish his shop was local...seems like a cool place to go to
Heidi Kleindienst (6 months ago)
All this passion about hair and he wears a hat 🤔
Vic Reece (8 months ago)
A great barber can make you feel like a million buck and a bad haircut will make you feel like you owe someone a million bucks. I think for so many years, us men have fallen somewhere in between that. So many times that barbershops are youre in and out of the chair so fast that you cant relax and feel like a million bucks but Im glad that hes bringing back the golden age of barbering
Jody The Barber (1 year ago)
...and one more thing, this also goes for the domineering guys trying to tell the Stylist how to do her hair. I have experience with this too, and after the client and her husband left, the stylists called him a sexist pig, and I agree.
Jody The Barber (1 year ago)
Donnie knows his history. Too bad people on here throwing around the word "misogyny". I've been doing this just shy of 20 years, and like he said "we love our women". That being said... Countless times I have a husband or a man 18 to 25 who came with his mom. Countless times I'm interrupted by a controlling domineering spouse or mother just into the cut, fading the sides, rubbing her hands in the hair, asking me if I'm gonna cut the top too... breathing down my neck questioning my skill, trying to tell me how to do my job, making it awkward for her husband/son, annoying the shit out if me, only to love what I did at the end. I think what Donnie is saying and the service he is providing in this video is a way better environment for a guy to enjoy the service than my and these guys experience that I talked about above. If you're a guy who likes his women controlling every aspect of his life (haircut or otherwise) go to the salon, Donnies is not for you. It's as simple as that.
john davis (6 days ago)
Mark Shy (1 year ago)
he is an old school barbers, stick to salons boys
Zach Lile (2 years ago)
This man loves what he does, and to me that's the American Dream!
Buffsbeard (2 years ago)
I am not keen on this guy at all . Maybe it's the sniffing i find annoying .
Snake Eyes C (2 years ago)
I aprecieate your technique and ethic
Leonardo da Vinci (2 years ago)
Adolf Heidinkoff (2 years ago)
+Leonardo da Vinci I know right, this place is for men. Actual men
Rodan Danner (2 years ago)
I'm getting my straight edge razor supplies this week. I still shave DE, but wanted to add SE to my skills. Love these videos. Love the clothes.
ya boi (3 years ago)
I get my hair done by corbin on the 4th seat back
doublestack2k (3 years ago)
Saw these guys set-up at the Ink N' Iron festival. Will be paying a visit soon for a high and tight Pomp. They're mainly local here in Southern California with shops in Costa Mesa, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach but they also have a shop in Sydney, Australia.
G Coyne (3 years ago)
This man cuts hair for a living....i think somewhere along the way he's forgotten that. He cuts hair ladies and gentlemen
Jody The Barber (1 year ago)
G Coyne you are clearly a person who knows what they're talking about.
Bubbles (2 years ago)
+G Coyne no hes not cutting hair hes making art
itsokyoucanlaugh (3 years ago)
man i wish i could get a cut from this guy
srenteria0729 (3 years ago)
Where's this shop located?
RAGGARADEthirst (3 years ago)
Give him a fucking break, he's a productive member of society and barbers are bar none in the top 20 list of badasses
Dan P. (4 years ago)
Dude, this whole time I've been seeing the guy on the chair chewing gum. No attention to the barber what so ever lol.
MadeInVolantis (4 years ago)
HAHA the guy in the chair at 2:25 "Yeah.. I hear that."
MadeInVolantis (4 years ago)
Hahaha again at 2:44
Bashful Bones (4 years ago)
They are all butt buddies
Don Juan (4 years ago)
This guy is cool I guess but why the fuck are your combs 20 bucks, I want it but what the fuck Donnie
authentic barber (4 years ago)
I like the old school look!
LegendaryLifts (4 years ago)
these haircuts are cool but when you start to go bald they exaggerate the hairline even worse, short is the way to go
Adam Turnbow (4 years ago)
Why does everyone knock this they are catering to a certain type of people if that don't fit you puss off people are always mad when somebody is doing good
elephant2monkey (4 years ago)
Every patron has a goofy haircut. 
BaldMaxx (4 years ago)
Dispite what others have said, I feel that this is one of the coolest guys in the business. I know, some feel he is pretentious and fake, but just LOOK at him. Almost every inch of his exposed skin is a tatoo expressing his passion, barbering. Artist tend to look, talk, and act a certain way, and if you can't understand that, well that's unfortunate. From what I have seen in just the two brief videos featuring his shop, I really don't see any exclusively other than it being rather Caucasian. This is understandable because of the styles of cuts, and nothing more. Donnie's shop is unique, and I would have NO problem being a regular customer, if I lived in California. NOBODY on the east coast of the states has anything like his shop. Let's just give the man props for doing something that unique.
kwade220 (4 years ago)
I agree, I think a lot of people dont know the first thing about the trade if they're calling this guy fake or saying he sucks. Im not a barber but go to a well respected barber in the small town where I live and I know what goes into it. This guys been in business since 1999, and if he wasnt any good his business wouldnt have survived this long. And yeah hes a little cocky but theres a certain type of pride and confidence that comes witg owning your own business and being sucessful, more power to him.
nic22bro (4 years ago)
Sweet shop man, love the bringing it back to the mans thing! I wouldn't give a shit what anyone thinks aye, everyone is different, different perspectives, different style.. As long as you are happy with who you are and what you do.. all good!!! Rock it wear it live it!!
Chin Chin (4 years ago)
This is a man with true pride!
quacksacker (4 years ago)
He seems like my kind of barber.  I'd go to him if I had any hair
三毛猫助 (4 years ago)
hamdog almighty (4 years ago)
"you know"
Russell Dobbins (4 years ago)
He's a clown.
Brandon Lee (4 years ago)
They look like mafia. I'd like to get a sick haircut at that barber shop
BARBinc News (4 years ago)
Video featured on BARBinc News (NEWS.BARBINC.COM) on Feb-6-2014. Article:  #tbt – Retro Barbershops Thrive in Long Beach, CA
RazrDaze07 (4 years ago)
Hawleywood's barber shop! Good shop, good haircuts, good service and the barbers are good people.
bingbongstar (4 years ago)
Great shop! I noticed that the one guy was wearing a vintage Hamilton Electric watch too!
nick ward (4 years ago)
Can't wait to get my barbers license
drvnhard 02 (4 years ago)
Dis click is sick
A J Mc Laughlin (4 years ago)
I like this guy! I would go to him if he were local to me
DKonjetzky (4 years ago)
were to find these suits or anyone knows the kind of suit 
Johnny Violence (4 years ago)
Pretty awesome to see a barber shop, and owner who knows where it's at, I started shaving with my grandfather's old straight razor from WW2, he was a barber and so was his father, I've never looked back, learned to strop it, hone it and keep that edge perfect.
Jesse Webb (4 years ago)
who is this dude? he has it figured out! He is a real dude with skills!
Benny c (5 years ago)
If I missed something explain? You give this video to much credit, and there's countless places like this. In Long Beach alone you have Razorbacks, and Syndicate, in Santa Ana you have American Barbershop and Catrin, and True Blue Barbers Shop. I really don't care if my barber is male or female or dresses up like a guy from 1920's. I just care about the cut, not some macho ideology. Men can be men no matter where they are its the morals and principles that make a man not the surroundings.
victrd101 (5 years ago)
Man this is so true.. This guy knows wat hes talkin about.. If u dont know pick up a book..
Robert Bailey (5 years ago)
Truly a lost art.
Christian Nelson (5 years ago)
You, My friend might want to watch this video again. This time paying attention to what he is saying. And also pay attention to your surroundings. Maybe then you might understand what he is talking about.
aaron chrysostom (5 years ago)
35 you knows
Alex Sebastian (5 years ago)
1:46 wtf?
Dragon Lord (5 years ago)
part of me thinks this guy is very ignorant whereas part of me also feels as if he is a kinda guy you'd love to have a drink with and have tell you stories of growing up
flagwaver1969 (5 years ago)
The Barber I knew for 30 years used a straight razor and a strap. He was a great barber and a good man who fought in Korea.Since he passed on, I haven't found a barber that could hold a candle to him.
flagwaver1969 (5 years ago)
Lol. Be a man for God's sake!
itsFisch (5 years ago)
I was half expecting him to yank out a tommy with a round drum.
chrisJ wake (5 years ago)
at 1:56
chrisJ wake (5 years ago)
what style of clothes are these guys wearing??? like it a lot!!
Jack Rockwell (5 years ago)
Isn't that the dude from LA Ink whose get his hair cut?
Benny c (5 years ago)
"Were a Man, can come and be a Man!" Get the fuck out of here with that. A man is a man 365 days out of the year, and like everyman, I'm the King of my Castle. Unless, you don't wear the pants in your house hold maybe you should head to a barbershop to feel like a man.
Muscle Man Mitch (8 months ago)
You wear the pants in your house after you wash them.😂😂😂
pisswizard (10 months ago)
Benny D mr macho insecurity over here
Edwin Suclupe (5 years ago)
Recomiendo a todo los chicos a dar un check al video . #fashionistas
Avelino Mayoral (5 years ago)
I have been a licensed barber since 1980. I own my own barbershop and it is becoming more and more difficult to find old fashion barbershops. God Forbid...if you happen to find a barbershop that the barbers still use a straight razor to shave around the back of the next and around the ears, the money is well worth what you may have to pay. A highly skilled barber is 10 times better then a hair-dresser as far as doing clipper hair cuts.
Fritz Musterman (5 years ago)
That's what I have been saying...
SUPER-RED-FALCON (5 years ago)
Swag is for children, class is for men.
planetmurkury (5 years ago)
This seems just as gay.
superdduper93 (5 years ago)
If you go deeper, it's the Man Boy and Real Man. Man boy are those stereotypical frat guys that do really stupid things like drinking beer out of someones butt, Real Man are guys that are out there with a purpose like exploring an undiscovered place, or changing the world through something.
A. Zaman (5 years ago)
4:10 Its, Don Vito Rizutto.
Brosephsride (5 years ago)
They dont strop because of health risks.Just like tattoo shops use new needles
Mike Watland (5 years ago)
We Don't USE,Straight Blades, And Hone And Strop, Our RAZORS????. Brother, I Love, All My Barber KIN???...But That's Nonsense!!!. I Use Ejectables, For Detail Work ONLY. But Honing and Stropping, Is Barber 101!!!. Call Me Up In SHAWNEE, KS. 913-631-9806.Gentlemen's West Barber Shop. My Name Is Mike. I Grew Up, And Worked, In PITTSBURGH, PA,My WHOLE Life... I Live In K.C Now. Because I Was A Knucklehead, and Almost lost My Family, To Nonsense...But We NEED TO TALK.
The Piano Man (5 years ago)
Is this at the Costa Mesa, Long Beach, or Huntington Beach location? Which is the best?
CC25Y (5 years ago)
Now this is what I need, a barbershop in NY that is dedicated to the old school ways of barbering. Take it back to old school.
Mc3badkid562 (5 years ago)
omg ima go for a haircut i want a pomp taper im located in longbeach so ima find out and go
Daniel Patrin (5 years ago)
yeah fuck that hahaha.
jordanaug81 (5 years ago)
Thank god for barbers, a fresh cut can save the day.
dat phong (5 years ago)
tuyet voi ....woa
Pablo Lanier (5 years ago)
Yes howley, I know what you mean...
Fritz Musterman (5 years ago)
:) Stay Classy My Friend!
ASARiJUSTiCAR (5 years ago)
Well said. Agree 100%.
daddybear443 (5 years ago)
Keep the tradition lite my man.
Caius Busato (5 years ago)
sick! i want to be a barber so bad, hawley you are the coolest dude ever!
iancoheekelsey (5 years ago)
cardinal sin
Senseless (5 years ago)
Love the whole vibe of the shop, looks so old school
Robert D'Avanzo (5 years ago)
Run as fast as you can from this clown! Still waiting to see what he does differently? Talking alot
Tony Martin (5 years ago)
ya know?
Jose Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Great video
Christopher Taylor (5 years ago)
Why would I go to a barber who wears a hat??
And he's about out of gum.
Fritz Musterman (5 years ago)
There are two things now, Class and Swag. Swag is when you have the wife beater tank top on with 57 gold chains. Class is when a Gentleman is wearing a nicely cut three piece. I personally like Class myself.
Fritz Musterman (5 years ago)
Any one in here know any good barbers in Chicago? I would go to Hawleywood but seeing as how I live in Chicago - I think that would be one damn expensive haircut.
Aaron Corthell (5 years ago)
We need more guys like this. None of these pretty boys with "Swag"
Hugo Martinez (5 years ago)
Tomas Barahona (5 years ago)
Good times we can keep it, just need to do our part guys
AbuGrabIt (5 years ago)
Damn I wish I could go to this barbershop. I remember being taken by my dad to the barber and he had all these boxing posters on the walls. Everyone talked about the local boxer and how he was getting closer to title contention. He eventually became champ. Loved those days with my dad.
TRAYBALLUNO (5 years ago)
So many a barbers copy this guy,Donnie is golden. Hawleywoods is legit.
joshmaster618 (5 years ago)
I love that guy, that's what it's about to, we're a guy can be guy , I remember when I use to go with my dad to Bills barber shop and hanging out as a kid and it did not bother me, now those places are dried up here in STL.
kazora1001 (5 years ago)
lol i spent 2 bucks on haircut
john doe (5 years ago)
worst barber shop in cali.
Stefen Phillips (5 years ago)
thats just good quality of a barbershop, these are men and i know its badass cause no women allowed and as long as you get a cut they serve pabst...
Erik Lares (5 years ago)
If i had a car, i would have a new regular barber.
Obo Hambo (5 years ago)
Good point. I remember former Cowboys coach Tom Landry removing his hat on the few occasions they played inside back then.
LISTEN2THEDROP (5 years ago)
Anybody know any nice barber shops near Austin TX?!
Tomis Muska (5 years ago)
guy is chewing gum and drinking beer...

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