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A Day at the Beach

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The filthy sequel to A Day at the Park: With the forces of time travel at their hands, nobody is safe on the beach. Starring Helen, Jürgen, Sebastian, Ignacio, some normal British people, a Thug with secrets, a Grandpa, a silly cat, Lucious Cowpussy, and several other morons IG: @brandonbored Shot by GABRIEL GONZALEZ IG: @mooninthemilk Produced by JONATHAN HINMAN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ6Jsuwyh2id3jWd_0TNjhg
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Text Comments (35006)
Espeonixx :3 (28 minutes ago)
*”Dafuq, I’ve been bamboozled.”*
Taitua Pairama (1 hour ago)
Anthony padilla
So I decided to leave home and go home to sandy desert of Nevada it’s not the sand it’s the beach
landry blake (4 hours ago)
I swear to fucking god what the fuck is the song at the end
Declan Corbett (4 hours ago)
Good now you have something to go f yourself with my God Best line 😂😂😂
SuperBad 7187 (7 hours ago)
5:20 There Are No Gays In Ireland
BlueX XDragon (7 hours ago)
There should a back story video of why Jurgen thinks his girlfriend is black
Gordon’s Son (7 hours ago)
He needs an adult swim show
Emily gachagirl 10 (8 hours ago)
19:52 made me cry 😭😭😭
Chett the Gamer (8 hours ago)
Oh hey Anthony Padilla is still alive. Huh
brie plays (9 hours ago)
I was watching this and when we got to the the period thing I got my period
its_funfox 629 (9 hours ago)
OMG Jon Cozart!!
PaulieMoly (10 hours ago)
SuperSisterLocationPlush (10 hours ago)
2018 or 2019?
Hockey Geek 12 (11 hours ago)
Clouds (11 hours ago)
Bloom Studios (12 hours ago)
The wonderful lesbians
emo potato (14 hours ago)
*I don't wear sunglasses because my futures not bright*
Amastheyo (14 hours ago)
yayayyayayy Anthony is here 1:53
LUCAS GAMING killz (14 hours ago)
As a british person i would like to say go fuck your yourself
Gacha Demon (14 hours ago)
Hands up British lesbians🤚🏻
LUCAS GAMING killz (14 hours ago)
Anthony padillia
mike gaming (15 hours ago)
X why is Anthony from Smosh principle that gets shot in the middle of the video
WhiteCourtain (16 hours ago)
you have 10 seconds to grab a viewers attention he did at 0:05 and there's not another second of rest from then on
NightCherry (16 hours ago)
Helen is my favorite out of them all and my second favorite is Donna 😂😂 you're so damn funny i subbed
dark lavender (17 hours ago)
thAts WhAt shE saId
LinabeanlovesFox YT (17 hours ago)
How did Dana Get her Crutches Back
The Beavers Family (17 hours ago)
Flint dicker sound a lot like Bryce tankthrust, and he is always wearing all red too...
LinabeanlovesFox YT (17 hours ago)
Lukan (17 hours ago)
Look its Anthony Padildo
Kennedy Ann Muldoon (18 hours ago)
wheres mom
Lillian Rojeaki (18 hours ago)
Right in the vertina
Cheyanna Garza (18 hours ago)
"BULLSEYE MAYN!" "RIGHT IN THE PERCHINA!" "Yeah mayn, fuck that lady mayn..." I dies
Lillian Rojeaki (18 hours ago)
Lol this is so racist but so funny at the same time
Anthony Liao (19 hours ago)
You should have sex
Zavier Alexander (20 hours ago)
I am F**king melting my tits are turning into my nuts,that part had me dying
Sawlomeh Luna IV (20 hours ago)
Oh cool just noticed anthony from smosh was principal morris
Mia Marie (21 hours ago)
did anyone else start crying at the end oof 😭😭
Alicia Crombie (21 hours ago)
Ruby Goat (21 hours ago)
The new season of doctor who looks pretty rad
Salvation Salvatoré (21 hours ago)
My favorite word from CockWaddle’s vocabulary sheet is “baby tits”
Salvation Salvatoré (21 hours ago)
I am fucking melting! My tits are turning into my nUTS!
Subninjay Studios (21 hours ago)
I Laugh SOooooo Hard😂😂😂😂😂 8:43
Bluena WOLF (21 hours ago)
what song is at the end
Death By Trap (23 hours ago)
Dude that British chick is soooo hot You know he made an excuse to slap her ass at 6:31 lol And to touch her tits at 14:41 lmaooo
mystic. marygrace (23 hours ago)
4:27 :p
llad44342 (23 hours ago)
1:53 anthony... I'm havin a memory of a memory
school teachers be like 1:14
Kana Lee (1 day ago)
Damn this is an actual masterpiece ❤️
Connor Baldwin (1 day ago)
What’s the ending song called?
NYLA SO COLD (1 day ago)
Sam Hopwood (1 day ago)
the greatest crossover since infinity war
Kylo Em (1 day ago)
OMG 2:00 ANTONY FROM SMOSH !!!!!!!! YASSS !!!!
Robert Meyers (1 day ago)
1:59 it Anthony from smosh
Hannah LaRue (1 day ago)
*RiGht iN tHe PurChiNa*
*so relatable*
Smallish Bean (1 day ago)
1:57 o no îts Anthony
I miss Jahseh (1 day ago)
Hey November 4th is my birthday
Morgan Hall (1 day ago)
March 22, 2033 **Sees March 22 and sobs in emo**
Dang it Mimi (1 day ago)
milkybagel (1 day ago)
Jon omg
H_A_R_O_O_N (1 day ago)
where did she get the blood from
Hiim L_ovely (1 day ago)
Coach: how dose it feel to be a loser!? Me: a what..? Coach: erm...great student Me:.. mind: GET THAT BULL SH-T OUT OF HERE
Cheyenne (1 day ago)
5:01 lost my absolute mind lmao
Eleazar Rosales (1 day ago)
Don't you think that these characters played by Brandon Rogers might be related like Sebastian,Jurgen,Lord Mingeworthy,Sam,Darlene,Bryce,Kathy,Helen,Lucius,Flint Dicker,Grandpa George,Clifton,and some other ones might be half brothers and sisters and it also suprised me that Brandon never thought at having these characters to meet each other or work together and stuff.
Eleazar Rosales (1 day ago)
And I forgot about Blame,too.
Matthew Ronald (1 day ago)
i fucking love this
Eleazar Rosales (1 day ago)
This was made since August 3rd,2018.
The Lonely X (1 day ago)
7:35 XD
big bone boy (1 day ago)
Edwin Tolentino (1 day ago)
I'll have my crew roll next door open up a PIZZA SHOP! Italian or Mexican? Is Domino's DAWG. Oh god Mexican alright fine.
Kiko Mohammad (1 day ago)
Who dares to dislike
"I don't wear sunglasses, 'cuz my futures not bright" Yeah same here dude xD
Pineapple Octopie (1 day ago)
1:32 3:11
Patience Grecko (1 day ago)
Daniel Connolly (1 day ago)
gay] #
LilBomb146144 (1 day ago)
11:46 Darling we’re stranded in the wild F U C K I N G WEST
Black Wolf 1 (1 day ago)
Lol Anthony from smosh was in this
Sherman_l (1 day ago)
That ending though
Céleste Bacon (1 day ago)
Miguel Vivar (1 day ago)
Sima Draľová (2 days ago)
That is Anthony from smoch
TechnoCurry (2 days ago)
is that anthony from what was smosh. rip
Mystic Aviator (2 days ago)
8:41 lol
Patrick Johnson Jr (2 days ago)
What the fuck did I just watch
Michael Karpinski (2 days ago)
Jesus I've contributed to like 1,000 views. . .
Joseluis Narvaez (2 days ago)
I love it😭😭😭😭
Is anothney from smosh the principal
Sesu the fox (2 days ago)
I'm not here cuz I wanna, I came here cuz I'm lost 😂
north woods gaming (2 days ago)
Oh I seem to have found a cunt.
Jeff Ballard (2 days ago)
DoMakesMe YT (2 days ago)
Penis pls.
eddie (2 days ago)
No matter how many times I watch this I always love it. It’s fucking hilarious and always makes me emotional. Great job Brandon ❤️❤️❤️
Lena Marroquin (2 days ago)
In - Sanity (2 days ago)
November 4 is ma birthday
jhope fan _love (2 days ago)
7:36 I am died 😂😂😂😂😂
jhope fan _love (2 days ago)
Wtf lol
Amnesia83 Animations (2 days ago)
Pardon me, I'm looking for two vertically challenged guacamole goblers
AmericanGaming (2 days ago)
The end was actually very wholesome for a Brandon Rogers video.
straw berry (2 days ago)
Is that Anthony from smosh
woomy love (2 days ago)
*_iM bEen bAmBoOzElD_*

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