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Nick Diaz: GSP Should've Taken The Fight Against Silva (UFC Time Is Now Press)

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http://www.MMAWeekly.com/ -- Nick Diaz addressed the press and answered fan questions about his upcoming fight against Anderson Silva at The Time Is Now UFC press conference in Las Vegas, NV at The Smith's Center.
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Text Comments (606)
Har Dison (2 months ago)
Nick diaz the best fighter in the world
Simo Harjane (10 months ago)
He wasn’t knocked out . Because silva was on steroid and nick on weeds
Gabriel Araujo (1 year ago)
watching nick diaz talk is so funny when you're high. i love that mofo
Maggie G (1 year ago)
Conor and nick would be the best fight in the UFC
thanks for tha cheese (1 year ago)
basically explained the advantage your bro had against conor at 170😉
Ben T (1 year ago)
Tf is nick talking about
Martian (1 year ago)
Nick is bad at talking, but you can understand him if you try
Velocity (1 year ago)
wo w, Nick hijacked this conference, Mcgregor was quiet for once, the respect is real.
nicoduran98 (1 year ago)
Nick Diaz you haven't see the whole thing don't you...
Srinivas Suresh (2 years ago)
1 and half years later conor mcgregor says fuck the diaz brothers
Missy P (2 years ago)
The sexiest man in the UFC.💪🏻
notdrunk_enough (2 years ago)
"close mouths don't get fed" !
Slow Down (2 years ago)
which ufc confrence is this
Darwiin Ewan (1 year ago)
The time is now i think
brknspacebar (2 years ago)
Show some respect you bitches
Christine Lust (2 years ago)
I love him but he's retarded
Cfunk 5150k (2 years ago)
Nick Diaz sounds like a broken robot.
Captain Howdy (2 years ago)
Diaz is the fucking bomb. Those who don't like him are fuckin fairies.
Bryan Figueroa (3 years ago)
Where you at georges?
thunderhors (3 years ago)
stoned as fuck
itzfixed (3 years ago)
I was wonering if diaz could perfom at 160.  I think Diaz vs. Mcgregor is a possibility ,if conor gets through 145 div.Which he will imo.
thor master (3 years ago)
Nick diaz is a bad man
Ask The Pro DJ (3 years ago)
DIAZ vs SILVA,  I did not see this Nick there what I say was a little boy running from a injured man, he pussed out in that fight and was a disappointment not only to me but the entire UFC family,  JASON "MAYHEM" MILLER CUNG LE JON FITCH NATE QUARRY JAVIER VAZQUEZ DENNIS HALLMAN  CHRIS CONDO BROCK LESNAR DIEGO SANCHEZ TIM SYLVIA PHIL DAVIS TANK ABBOT MATT HUGHES MANNY YARBOROUGH
Diego Augusto (3 years ago)
He looked exhausted at the end there. Also funny how Dana looks at Nick like his prodigal son that he loves
Stoney Lonsome (3 years ago)
You gotta like Nick man, not as a fighter I mean as a person. he's just honest and down to earth in a way that's rare among these kinds of ppl. I like him as a fighter as well but that's a different story. I don't think he gets enough credit for his technical skills when it comes to boxing. Because he taunts and plays the "bad boy" role ppl see him as aggressive but he is actually very technically proficient when it comes to boxing. he has a very unique style that I've never seen before, but damn it's effective. Very few ppl can match his conditioning either, the guys a beast. 
Tony Gareth (3 years ago)
I believe Silva was not using his full arsenal on Nick. I think Silva can KO Nick. Silva definitely won the fight though. Glad Nick is still around
Tony Gareth (3 years ago)
I don't believe GSP needs to do anything. I think he could've done well against Silva if he could avoid big strikes, but it's not happening. Diaz did good by getting in there with Silva, he lost the fight, but he did it. Silva would have KOd Nick 2 years ago or more though.
Olivia Colomar (3 years ago)
I think he doesn't know what he's trying to say but he expects us to know, "you know?"
Adam Conner (3 years ago)
Taken too many punches to the head and smoked himself somewhat retarded sounding
Robin MXZ (3 years ago)
Not GSPs fault. He's actually busy trying to save the world from an Alien invasion. #GSPSaviorOfEarth
Harold G (3 years ago)
GSP was very wise to not fight  Silva ,Anderson ask Georges  fight  in Middleweight , it's fuck good adventage for Silva he will come in the octagon at 225 lbs, and a big handicap for Georges , it's not fair at all , you want to fight me so come in  ,welterweight ,170 lbs, that all ,
Harold G (3 years ago)
GSP only want to say it's a nice opportunity , for Silva ,and a big handicap  for you Nick ,Anderson will weight  about 225 for the fight .and you need more money than GSP ,he is rich, why fight Silva ,it's Anderson who want fight GSP so just go get him at 170 lbs .GSP will be happy to fight him ,is what he say. 
Nickname58 (3 years ago)
Gsp is a clown-shoe.
kazpa85 (3 years ago)
nick knows why gsp did not take the fight cause silva needed a good come back cant have a good fight if silva looses to gsp
kazpa85 (3 years ago)
ha nick still crying about gsp you lost get over it 
Chung Chow (3 years ago)
HookedTapater (3 years ago)
Nick is so fried. This shit is hilarious. My face hurts from laughing.
bramptonman (3 years ago)
Why do so many of these guys still have GSP on the breath?   Nick should lay off the pot and maybe he could focus on what he's talking about....WTF lol
TrueBag PipeRock (3 years ago)
Would love to see him fight Hendricks. He seems to want Jonny real bad.
Ethan's Adventures (3 years ago)
Nick Diaz is a punk with a big mouth
BlackMetalRC (3 years ago)
i always prefered people like nick who speak  from their heart and not holding anything back. telling the truth is always the best. i dont care if he's mumbling or murmuring or whatever the fuck else.thats the kind of people i trust most.
Wanlop Anongchanya (3 years ago)
What now bitches?!! Johnson!!! Won.
MotoJB (3 years ago)
Love Nick but he needs to learn when to shaddap. LOL
Robert M (3 years ago)
to mikeyg789 GSP beat Diaz it wasn't even close.  He is the greatest welterweight of all time. A classy brilliant mixed martial artist who retired champ. Anyone who knows anything about the sport agrees.That is his legacy.  You legacy is that you are a fool who posts retarded comments.
Theiron2142 (3 years ago)
"I just want to be the best that i can be" take notes kids.
mus82uk (3 years ago)
love the Diaz brother but they can't talk lol
Michael Thomas (3 years ago)
Who actually can understand what Nick is trying to say for the first two minutes lol. 
Jenkins1155 (3 years ago)
I don't like Diaz but he is right about this. GSP was offered the fight with Anderson multiple times and turned it down every time. He knew Anderson would be too much of a challenge for him and preferred to keep taking fights at 170 where he was strong enough to simply wrestle everyone to the ground and hold them there for 5 rounds. I applaud Diaz for stepping up and showing that he is a real fighter by accepting a tough challenge. 
Ryan James (3 years ago)
Nick all the way!!! Love this guy. His awkwardness.. His copyroger420 mentality.. Stockton motherfucka :p
Clover Jetz (3 years ago)
The only thing interesting is the caliber strikers going at it. Period
john berry (3 years ago)
LOL bashed GSP 
Adan Chaidez (3 years ago)
That's my njgga nick.
espada9 (3 years ago)
Still obsessed with the guy who handily beat him.
nike rodgers (3 years ago)
i love diaz and silva, but hearing diaz talk gives me a headache
redeye jedi (3 years ago)
Silva will bag diaz just like gsp did, hurts to say but I live in the real world
redeye jedi (3 years ago)
Huge diaz fan but rush beat him like eggs
Adriatik Mehana (3 years ago)
Nick Diaz is so original he is not even trying to be the center of attention but he is haha , there are a lot of fighters in this press conference and nick is the one who is shining , I am so glad that he is back in the ufc and back in fighting man , hehehe you can not just not like this dude man hehe , 
STELO76 (3 years ago)
NICK FUCKIN DIAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
phillip zamora (3 years ago)
I dont think its so hard to comprehend what Diaz says. Either way War Diaz . The only mma fighter to fight both p4p fighters in the ufc . respect.
Ryan4321 (3 years ago)
Nick Diaz is a real gangster! you know he got into all kinds of fights growing up. respect to the Diaz brothers and respect to myself for eating pizza right now 
MMA Opinion (3 years ago)
4:20 " try to hold the guy down, maybe you can't do it" hahahahahhah classic 
Luiz Otávio (3 years ago)
I like both, I guess I won't cheer for any of them. But I really do think that Anderson will win... Diaz would better adapt his style for Silva, he should be more aggressive. I think Anderson is not only taller, but stronger and faster. Diaz is too thin. He have a great boxe style and nice jiu jitsu skills. But I've seen it before, it doesn't work with much stronger fighters, as it was with St Pierre.
Ashley Bodlovick (3 years ago)
Is he high or something?
Rodrigo Cortes (3 years ago)
Nick, I am from Stockton, let me be your ring announcer.
Marv_Par (3 years ago)
Diaz v Silva.. Love both fighters. Diaz talking real talk about GSP. GSP you're a bitch brah
Sideler74 (3 years ago)
I think if Diaz fought Lawler again, he'd beat him, again.
facelessrkr (3 years ago)
Who dat?... ummm who der?...
Byrd Thegreatbeast (3 years ago)
Take your glasses off Connor you are inside bro.
big rick (3 years ago)
Gotta luv nick he always put on a great fight
David Ashman (3 years ago)
Great fighter but he such a boring person...He say's so much but at the same time so little.... 
I wonder why GSP has so many fan boys defending his arse over the net. I mean theres 100s of fighters to choose from yet they choose a guy with the most boring style in the ufc. In my opinion its all marketing and his image. People are fickle. Hes talented yes but hasnt finished a fight in years. Why so many fans boys ? I dont get it 
liddo pizza (3 years ago)
Wtf are you saying nate?
Bob Burnell (3 years ago)
fucking right ear
Wanlop Anongchanya (3 years ago)
Jones won.I was wrong so far 1-1.
Yamaha R1 (3 years ago)
Diaz would kill GSP 
Yamaha R1 (3 years ago)
on the second fight gsp claimed injury so the fight didnt happen gsp might be on roids lol
Dashcam Dumbasses (3 years ago)
+Yamaha r6 GSP had issues too. He, for the most part, stayed focused on the fight first then tackled other things later.
Yamaha R1 (3 years ago)
he was going through some fucked up shit i hope they fight  again 
Dashcam Dumbasses (3 years ago)
Then why didn't he? He had the opportunity as they did fight before.
DrKnock19 (3 years ago)
Skrap pack all day! Diaz all day! Motherfuckers! Also Connor is a beast!
unknown (3 years ago)
to mikeyg789 I can tell you know nothing about ufc you probably only follow nick but know nothing do you remember when nick was calling out gsp for yrs wanting to fight him but what happened when they met he didn't hold nick down he just whooped his ass for 5 rounds I can tell this dude really got mental issues but hey nick and all nick followers keep riding gsp dick when your great like gsp is people wanna see you lose but guess what gsp left on top 7yrs of being the champ oh yeah and for mikeyg789 it takes two people to agree on the fight the only time silva even said gsp name is cause they was wanting him to fight jones but he didn't want none of that so he started riding gsp dick after gsp had to come back from his injury just like your boy nick lol and if you don't remember that fight go look it up if I can remember right gsp beat the shit out of nick gay ass but let me also say this gsp wasn't going around dogging nick the reports came to gsp and asked him his thoughts about that fight and the man simple said he making a bad mistake he could of said he gonna get his ass beat look at what i did to him but he didn't..dam and another thing while its on my mind i know you don't follow ufc is cause don't you know Anderson silva has a problem beating wrestlers and gsp is one of the best in that department go look that up to nick diaz dick riders lol
AlexDay (3 years ago)
dana white has to be loving nick these days 
BigRod10x (3 years ago)
Man O man!!! Is Diaz showing the signs of too many punches and too much weed !! Wow. In another 10 years he won't be able to make a sentence.
jroger181 (3 years ago)
I think Anderson Silva's going to win, but don't get me wrong this is a legite fight. Nick Diaz is throwing his embarassment off to GSP, and good for him. It's just bad circumstance, cuz no1 in that crowd feels like that's a legite fight.
jroger181 (3 years ago)
Nick Diaz seems to really feel like he's in over his head fighting Anderson Silva at this conference.
mmanut (3 years ago)
Nick Diaz is the most exciting fighter in MMA. Love his style and his I just don't give a fu-- attitude.
lightningsmokerXx (3 years ago)
I once hated the Nick Diaz. I didn't understand him, i now feel i do. I'm not necessarily his biggest fan boy. But the guy is entertaining as can be.
Tyler Gregory (3 years ago)
GSP fucking embarrassed him in their fight and here he is talking shit. Stupid clown is gonna get his shit rocked by anderson and he knows it which is why he's not talking shit at all. He's not even trying to hype up the fight saying he thinks he's gonna beat him, because he knows he isn't going to. He's gonna be 1-3 since returning to the ufc after UFC 183. Then he's gonna retire again like always.
Mr500RWHP (3 years ago)
Haha Diaz is still clowning GSP
asssk1kr (3 years ago)
If people actually took the time to listen to EVERYTHING GSP said he actually praised diaz saying he was in with a good chance and the only mistake he made was fighting him at middleweight
77boondocksaint (3 years ago)
3 times he mentions a catch weight fight. He cant fight at 85 and that will be his sorry excuse that Anderson didn't do a catch weight fight can this cock sucker mouth piece just go away
GHOSTfaceKILLr74 (3 years ago)
Lets make one thing clear. Diaz vs Silva is not a super fight. Dana White didn't give Diaz this shot because he deserves it. Everyone knows Dana White doesn't like Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz got this fight because Dana White including everyone else wants to see Diaz get destroyed by Silva. Dana Knows people will pay to watch the return of Anderson Silva regardless of who he fights. Diaz is just a small stepping stone for Anderson silva's return PERIOD. I do agree with Diaz that GSP should have fought Silva which would have been one of the greatest super fights in UFC history BUT lets not forget that Diaz got his ass thoroughly kicked by GSP and will face a worse beating by Anderson Silva.
delreydavid (3 years ago)
Nick took the fight, but has no chance of winning.  So what is the point? 
Zeus _ (3 years ago)
him and his brother talk like retards
Substrate7 (3 years ago)
I respect Diaz...allot... He is a great fighter and I don't know of anyone who can match his sheer toughness....But listening to him try to answer questions is painful.
c463open (3 years ago)
Daniel Arellano (3 years ago)
Both are good. But Silva will have to mentally recover from his loss to Weideman mentally. Nick Diaz is a bundle of nervous aggression. But Silva is the better fighter IMO. He just needs to be at his best.
Edmond Dantez (3 years ago)
Can this guy make any sense at any time ... ever?
FreeeeBeer (3 years ago)
I agree with Nick also. GSP should keep his mouth shut because he had the chance to fight Anderson but did not take it so he has no room to talk about it. Nick says what is on his mind and that is great. GSP speaks in vague terms and in the end he tries to act like a politician and there is nothing to like about that.
Mad Pierrot (3 years ago)
I have always thought that the strongest point of Nick Diaz's fighting is that he constantly moves forward and doesn't give you time to think. Unfortunately, I feel like that is going to work against him when he fights Anderson Silva.
Gibbet Hoskins (3 years ago)
What an insane line up, holy shit
Roilan Hernandez (3 years ago)
what day will be all this fights?
that guy (3 years ago)
I like how respectful nick is towards anderson..
Wanlop Anongchanya (3 years ago)
I got one right so far. Lyoto Machida!!!
dojOdRiFTeR (3 years ago)
would this retard shut the fuck up gsp fucked him up
Sean Bailey (3 years ago)
nick diaz is one of my favorite fighters but silva is going to knock him the fuck out
jvilla21 (3 years ago)
this dude is stupid as fuck lol

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