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Micromax Canvas HD vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Benchmarks

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Text Comments (490)
Yogesh Kumar (4 years ago)
What is name of second test ? Mean a mark ? I could not understand
Mayank Kawli (4 years ago)
Can u pls list out rumoured phones in 2014 q1
Anuj Singh (4 years ago)
2000 Mah !
saad wahab (4 years ago)
I am the user of canvas hd and this mobile is awsome I also buy samsung grand but display of grand is bad and canvas good hd colors and battery backup good desing cheap price more profit
Nikhil Shankar (5 years ago)
People remember they are just phones......
sachin sharma (5 years ago)
oxford dictionary
Shibasis Dutta (5 years ago)
Hey guys, what about the battery back up in Canvas HD???
Rakesh Sharma (5 years ago)
I bought canvas HD and performing well
hunsur tp (5 years ago)
Please add a video related to the micromax canvas lite A92
Girish Kumar (5 years ago)
which pohan best
Manthan Chakraborty (5 years ago)
im gonna buy samsung galaxy grand tomorrow
Souvik Saha (5 years ago)
when u r calling it a smart phone,then u should take its smart features into ur consideration,which far far better in galaxy grand than micromax canvas 3 or 4
LAKSHAY SHARMA (5 years ago)
Xolo q800
Soham Patankar (5 years ago)
Man.. people in the comments below think they r absolutely awesome....... v bad......
Prafulla Pallal (5 years ago)
Dude. You have no idea abt what is used in a phone and how a phone works, Go suck on ur apply iphone. I use a micromax Canvas HD. this is way better than my friend's Grand in almost every aspect ... and including the camera quality ... which u were mentioning earlier.
Gahan N Rao (5 years ago)
Canvas HD is not even HD than Galaxy Grand
Chandra shaker (5 years ago)
Micormax because battery is best and rest all hardly matters for price difference.
Manan Shah (5 years ago)
Samsung galaxy grand is better than micromax canvas hd
Sanath Kumar J (5 years ago)
of course s3 dude!!!!
ELJOKER (5 years ago)
who is better samsung galaxy grand or samsung galaxy s3
indianguy (5 years ago)
Oh REALLY?. Micromax is not doing any favor to India by selling their stuff. They are a COMPANY and they are there for a REASON. which is PROFIT. For example why will I care whether X company is Indian or Spanish or WHATEVER?. As long as I get a QUALITY product i dont care two hootes !. And Micromax sure does not make Quality products.
indianguy (5 years ago)
They is a REASON why Samsung and Apple phones are No1. They make quality products after YEARS of hardware R&D and what not. You expect Micromax to compete against these giants?. Its a joke really. Who cares what the Benchmark scores are?. A owner of Micromax would not know what is quality unless he is given a Samsung Phone. Similarly a Samsung phone owner would not know what is quality unless he is given an Apple Phone. Quality always comes at a price. You cannot get QUALITY at LOW PRICE.
indianguy (5 years ago)
so ur telling me a 20K phone is worse off than a 14 k phone?. Gimme a break here. Sure I accept that the display resolution is not too good in the grand but the build quality, the color reproduction, the camera quality, the gaming experience, the Video experience will be surely better in the Samsung Phone. The problem with us Indians is that we settle for an inferior quality if the price is less. A company like Micromax would not survive a single day in any Western country.
rbflowin (5 years ago)
yeah, just be careful, if ure putting it in a jeans pocket. Because of the size of the phone, it pops out of the pocket,and could be tempting to pick pockets.Good luck with your Grand, though.
Tushar Handa (5 years ago)
ouch! that's sad :(
rbflowin (5 years ago)
...And some pickpocket stole my grand,last week while i was boarding a bus,Boohuuu.....:-(
Tushar Handa (5 years ago)
i am getting Samsung Galaxy Grand on my birthday [19 July] i am sooo happy :D
Bipin Karki (5 years ago)
mmx a116 canvas hd wins again !!
rohanb2711 (5 years ago)
In case you didn't notice,i first appreciated him for the video.So i think the guy with the problem is YOU
bala murugan (5 years ago)
i need a comparison between canvas 2 and galaxy s duos
bala murugan (5 years ago)
need a compare with canvas 2 and galaxy s duos
rohanb2711 (5 years ago)
dude,good video but horrible English ... TOTEL ? really ?
BaLa Gongale (5 years ago)
Compare with same price rage phn and then tell !!! Canvas HD is best in it's price range . Grand is poor phn with high price tag completely useless !!!
BaLa Gongale (5 years ago)
Yes anad m 100 % agree with u, if u compare the other company phn with same price range , then uncountably canvas HD is surplus in all the benchmark test, if any doubt plz check out igyaan.in
Anand Arumugam (5 years ago)
wt kind of dumass ur to compare two products of diff price range... if you compare it with a samsung of same price range of micromax canvas HD sure samsung will suck big time....
Samyak Mehta (5 years ago)
In which area you is your customer service center.
Gunjeet Singh (5 years ago)
mmx is best and samsung goes 2 hell.......... me to is having mmx a65 ,i am much happier than ny friend having grand who doesm't like apps of that fone.....!! MMX is cheap and best....!! nD smsng goes 2 hell... sakjcziucuiszdvp9vohvdpzfo
sahelanthropus (5 years ago)
behen ke lode phir jeans shirt kyu pehen raha hai, dhoti pehen ke baith ja.
Gagan Preet (5 years ago)
grand is cortex a9 and canvas hd is cortex a7
sanjay singh (5 years ago)
Fuck off Idiot hegde !!
Hemant Singh (5 years ago)
Using canvas a110 working fine I am fully satisfy n in my area customer service is also so good
mutaib shah (5 years ago)
Is it total or "TOTEL"
charlie purohit (5 years ago)
samsung rocks
Anindya Mahajan (5 years ago)
The reviewer doesn't even know that NenaMark 2 depends upon the screen resolution and GPU as well. Therefore it is not surprising to see a HD Display phone giving way to a WXGA Display one.
atik shaikh (5 years ago)
gr8 phone for such a low price
Akki4p (5 years ago)
iPhones are also made in China. That doesn't make them chinese phones. The profits still go to Apple. So yea, support your country [email protected]
Rohan Mehta (5 years ago)
2:39 Its TOTAL not TOETL
Mihir Thakkar (5 years ago)
So,,,,whats the best buy..?
Sharan gill (5 years ago)
but canvas dont have attractivness as grand
Khushvinder Singh (5 years ago)
what about sunlight visibility in micromax hd,r u able to see the content easily in sunny daylight
Vinit Magade (5 years ago)
please give the one secession which smartphone by the 10000 to 15000 rs this renege or Micromax Canvas HD , Samsung Galaxy Grand which best of best phone.
tamoghno (5 years ago)
except there's nothing indian about Micromax , just a baniya company buying stuff from china and putting their own stickers .
s27945 (5 years ago)
Sai Dheeraj Krovvidi (5 years ago)
whose cam is best
Ravi Haria (5 years ago)
Dude where u got from for 19k... its 24-26k all over in Mumbai
TECH TIPS INDIA (5 years ago)
which app ur using for testing multi touch...
Spicycow (5 years ago)
what's the refresh rate of the a116?
Rahul Mayuranath (5 years ago)
lol.I got a 1,5 ghz quad core 2gb ram android 4.2 nexus 4 for 19k.Stop letting samsung fool you.
uvweep (5 years ago)
i hate your kind. India got it regardless of who made it. you buy it, you're buying indian. when this comes to the philippines (my countrymen), people like you will inevitably rise up and say the same things, if not worse. stop tugging down your own country, stop this "3rd world" trend.
Shoeb Surve (5 years ago)
which is best to buy for gaming........
Gagan Preet (5 years ago)
never run nenamark 2 coz it never goes over 60 fps because of screen refresh rate of 60hz always use gl benchmark 1080p offsceen it gives acurate results
Gagan Preet (5 years ago)
canvas uses quad a7 cortex processor where as grand uses dual a9 cortex cpu so they should be almost identical in performance
anil kumar (5 years ago)
nop its worse mobile as now im useing , its camera is worse ! 2 mp camera of nokia and sumsung are better compareing with this
Prakhar Srivastav (5 years ago)
Made in China, branded in India
luke martinez (5 years ago)
if u insist i can also post xperia z with 14245 score....while its got around 20000
Mayank Patel (5 years ago)
Can i know the names of all the benchmarks?
sony abraham (5 years ago)
they just approach taiwan based companies, customize the product and sell it here.
sony abraham (5 years ago)
micromax is not a made in india phone
Raihan Patel (5 years ago)
what the fuck.... Grand has a 14320 score....u really need a treatment....
Raihan Patel (5 years ago)
what the fuck....
MountManage (5 years ago)
Agreed. I have a Grand and I bought it despite knowing that it only pushed higher gaming benchmark fps scores because of the lower resolution. There is no surprise here. I still like my phone though. ;) Same principal applies on PC computer gaming benchmarks where you get progressively lower fps the higher the resolution is set. A benchmark comparison here for these phones is comparing apples and oranges.
Sudhir Bhagat (5 years ago)
many samsung products also mfd in china
MonteCarlo185 (5 years ago)
And you're an unwise grandpa. The grand has the roughly the same performance as the old S2. The grand having a lesser resolution screen than Canvas shines when the device is used during game play. In Fact it performs as par with the S3 judging by the frame rate of course. You would be wandering why's that.. its because even though it is underpowered compared to the S3, it only needs to push the pixels at 480x800 unlike 720p screen of the S3. Which in turn means Benchmarking is meaningless.
Mayur Gangawane (5 years ago)
go home man, you're just a kid, you don't belong here! go play one of those free games on google play
Its not Indian. Its made is China from Hisense
MonteCarlo185 (5 years ago)
Yes I have..
luke martinez (5 years ago)
@ atulayare79...micromax is shit...it doesnot even count in top mobile.companies in world like samsung,apple,htc,sony etc..also any company doesnt want to loss money by giving such features in only 13000...means they are giving us dammed parts....micromax does create anything new like samsung or apple .only copy things that is degin of s3.
luke martinez (5 years ago)
what the hell....he is running benchmark behind opening too many apps...benchmark are run by closing all the apps or clearing the ram or restarting the phone.. he has not done anything because we can see too much staffs running on status bar. this benchmark score is nonsense.by the way galaxy grand score a 14320 score on antutu on xda..dont compare any shit like this again...
MMX is giving hard time to major competitors ... where there are those people who are brand loyal are turning to MMX brand. saying this by experience as one of my friend sold iphone4 and bought MMX canvas2 .. i kw, it sound ridiculous but people are actually praising these models. and secondly the price point factor, now a days most of the people dont wanna spend ample amount of money. why should they if there are options like MMX HD. some people only for the sake of pride,status lose opetunity.
martin roy (5 years ago)
i think u should play road rash its for u
MonteCarlo185 (5 years ago)
Benchmarking is fools tool. THe fact that the Galaxy grand has a lower res screen is a plus point during gaming and video tests. "This is quite surprising......bla bla bla" Why is someone who doesn't know anything about computing giving a comparison.
Ajay Bhatia (5 years ago)
03:00 just see the resolution!!!!
aryan jazz (5 years ago)
if u hv money shrtge ..try micromax HD.....u will dfntly satisfy....
King's (5 years ago)
Being Indian Definitely...Buying Chinese unfortunately...Anyways placed my order in snapdeal for MMX A116 :-)
Karthik Raju (5 years ago)
Dude Micromax doesnt ve a resale value n also doesnt ve service centres... Just think abt it dont keep on bragging on smethng...
Seven days Life (5 years ago)
bro...try doin mod into canvas...it will do d desired stuff!!
Seven days Life (5 years ago)
well said bro :)
Bhishm Yadav (5 years ago)
last i recall it was a team effort with global people not a specific country
Bhishm Yadav (5 years ago)
they can.. install on card dumb :P :P
aSHim bR (5 years ago)
HD games more than 1.6 GB can't be installed in Canvas due to low memory .....
moofgs (5 years ago)
you should but you have to respect others as well, your india didnt invent the smartphone
Prashant Sinha (5 years ago)
Yeah, but Samsung, Nokia etc Have their own R&D facilities.. they design the product and get it manufactured in China/Korea etc. Micromax, on the other hand, outsources even its Designing process.. this is the reason why you would not see ANY skinning or optimization in their products..
Akshay Hegde (5 years ago)
Lol dude see hows its made! Its barely Indian apart from the part its marketed by an Indian company~
Vishesh Panchal (5 years ago)
contact us (5 years ago)
nexttime when ur doing benchmark close background apps.
Mohan. D.G (5 years ago)
Hi Bharath, please review byond pii
Baba singh (5 years ago)
i am very sad by seeing mentaly of such indians like u! chinese doesnt mean chalu mal every time, of course majority of micromax are made in china but even apple's samsung's , etc majority of mobile made in china but that doesnt mean they have low quality . Thoda uncha socho indians , hum log ese saste achhe swadesi mobile chhod k samsung apple jaise 3-4 guna costly mobile kharidte jinme ek jaise features hai TO ISKO CHUTIYAGIRI NAHI TO AUR KYA BOLOGE ?
Lakshdeep Singh (5 years ago)
tanuj parihar (5 years ago)
with that price tag of about 14Ks mmx is decent
Insi Lakda (5 years ago)
obvi samsung is better!

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