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The EASY Home Haircut | How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home | Trimming Tips & Tricks

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Text Comments (942)
Punit Kumar (4 days ago)
Maaa chod di balo ki
Cold Steel Truth (4 days ago)
Looks exactly the same.
Yousef Ahmed (5 days ago)
What is this nigga doin
Ryan Spann (7 days ago)
Just the tip...story of my life my friend! Love the vids, how am I just now seeing this??
Larry Simmons (10 days ago)
yes If you want ur hair to fall that way ..! Ur cutting it or should say if that's the way u what ur hair to laydown .. nice job good information but somebody new and don't quite understand the hair cutting method would totally screw up their hair especially if that's not the look they are doing !? for
Fotty Totty (14 days ago)
I’m bald now
DeAndre Thomas (14 days ago)
I just tested this on my brother. Good thing I didn’t test it on myself first because his hair looks like shit
Madden with enriqueee (17 days ago)
So these are the old videos you were talking about 😂
varizonfx (25 days ago)
the hair salon kind of screwed up one side of my head because it was way longer there and I fixed it so I'm happy
Libby Cindy (1 month ago)
Wow ...for easy...now I can trim the top of my hair....thanks
Nico Sama (1 month ago)
i tried to this at home
David Collins (1 month ago)
I didn’t realise Peter Andre does hair style vids on tube, Koolio. 👍
Emmett Olson (1 month ago)
I’m so glad this man is here to help men with basic hygiene. He is a saint.
VEX TM (1 month ago)
next video how to have a better hairline my hairline is like ------/------
Mark Rogers (1 month ago)
I've done this for a while and saved myself a lot of cash at the barbers.
Oguzhan Basdogan (1 month ago)
It does not worth cleaning around.
Obi Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
Damn I actually cut my hair pretty good thanks to you.
Bronx B (1 month ago)
good shit man, i got two victorinox scissors and i shampooed my hair and started to cut and trim with shampoo. it looks so great now.. dun know why i was going to hairdressers lol.
MrNightpwner (1 month ago)
The most dangerous video on YouTube easily
Dinesh Verma (1 month ago)
Did this at home and nearly shaved off my balls
J Johnson (1 month ago)
I kept waiting for Aaron to bring out a Flowbee.
Cris Ownzz (2 months ago)
U did absolutely nothing to ur hair. Lol
Glenn Ingersoll (2 months ago)
You should always tip cut
Franky (2 months ago)
Yes this is a video for me cutting the top not the sides
Thomas Thompson (2 months ago)
Instructions unclear cut of penis
Lu (2 months ago)
Starts at 1:19
Brandon Calvilo (2 months ago)
You sounds like a transman
Iqbal Azmi (2 months ago)
What a hot grandpa?!!!
Raidan Dani (2 months ago)
Has anyone succes doing this? Like if you did because I'm too lazy to read the comments😂😂😂
monkeymuggs (2 months ago)
How do you trim the bangs
Freddy Guevara (3 months ago)
Why do you remind me so much of Chris McLean from the _Total Drama_ series? lol
Jordi Aumatell (3 months ago)
0:17 IS MY MOOD 24/7 akkskskskkakdndmlaappejr
Baker AG (3 months ago)
Needed this. Thanks man! I took way too much off last time when I grabbed the wrong guard and it's finally back to where it needed a trim. This helped a lot.
Prince Rajan (3 months ago)
Incompleate utting
Lakers fan (3 months ago)
are you gay
Bean (3 months ago)
How to trim my balls?
Nasra Milosc (3 months ago)
this is trash 😂😂😂
GeminiStrike (4 months ago)
Aaron in every haircut video you just ignore the back. But how can we cut the back of the hair? Need a tutorial on that.
Moises C. (4 months ago)
Pinchi Grelludo.
Stewie Griffin (4 months ago)
You sound like Nick off New Girl.
DreidXL (4 months ago)
I wonder what happened to your left eye
TJ marines (4 months ago)
Thats what I want to know
Brian Key (4 months ago)
I wanted to like it
CrystalChubs (4 months ago)
You said gentleman but I’m a lady lol. Ur helping us too.
Creation Music (5 months ago)
Hi Alpha, when you do the centre top try cutting without flipping your wrist over. And snip quicker! You,ll get less scissor lines. Well done though! Great to encourage people to have a go! But it’s easy to make a mess, .
Nada - standoff 2 (5 months ago)
Diego costa
Syed Arham Ali 8bp (5 months ago)
What if you don't have hands?
Adam Smith (3 months ago)
Syed Arham Ali 8bp Well, do you have scissors for hands? Because that would also suffice.
Siraj Usman (5 months ago)
Omg Wrecker (5 months ago)
Aaron ! How do you get your side cut
john wick (5 months ago)
To much soy in your diet!
E T (5 months ago)
How do you get anywhere on time? I'm handsome and get plenty and get hit on by men all the time, I'm always flattered, but I keep it simple. The best advice I ever got when it was obvious I was trying too hard was "its not the clothes (or hair) it's the hanger". Peace to you dude, but you are way too high maintenance. Laters.
elr456 (5 months ago)
I was pretty nervous to touch my own hair but I did exactly as Aaron said and it worked! It looks quite nice, it’s unreal. Thank you so much for taking time from your day to help us, I appreciate this video and others a lot.
Rohit mahadik (5 months ago)
I love your videos
G Strong Styles (5 months ago)
Cutting it on top it's easier. I'm a barber and, I can tell that with a good style you can take care of those hard lines people make cutting their hair.
Mikecapone Gaming (6 months ago)
Are you a hairstylist or are you just a person who’s talking 🤬
Mikecapone Gaming (6 months ago)
Omg as a hairstylist #1 you can do a dry cut and #2 you need thinning shears. If you’re not licensed you shouldn’t be doing cutting videos.
Media Consumption (5 months ago)
You should make a tutorial then... YouTube has no good haircutting tutorials by qualified stylists :(
J M (6 months ago)
What could ever go wrong cutting your own hair 😅
Joseph Ramirez (6 months ago)
yeahh… this is actually kind of.. terrible
Chronic Back Pain (6 months ago)
I'm probably the only dude that thinks you look better with the longer hair
Viral Nova (6 months ago)
What about the side of my head
Petr Kolman (6 months ago)
Your hair is amazing. I love your hair.
808Fishii (7 months ago)
Awesome vid! I needed a good video on how to trim my hair and yours was perfect! Will try on my day offs lol
Matthew Varney (7 months ago)
I think your hair looks best at 4:12
Jamie Mason (7 months ago)
His hair looks better messy
Low Rider (8 months ago)
Fantastic video i always wondered how i could trim my hair myself this is going to be extremely useful
Muhammad Nur Iman (8 months ago)
Try thinning it out to take off some of the weight
m7md27 (8 months ago)
You make my hair fire bitch كس امك
m7md27 (8 months ago)
Fuck uuuuuuuuu
Alexander Lin (8 months ago)
How to keep hair up
Raunak Das (8 months ago)
How to rim her ass like a gentleman next plsssss!
ponokunishima1 (8 months ago)
Cool video, I think I shall try this, would save me a trip to the barber and money as well!
RD Das Prank Call (8 months ago)
No so good
gaven w (8 months ago)
Hate going to barber shops, great video
HEY ! SHUT THE FUCK UP and CUT Hair, Sissy Earring boy wondermunt of HooliHee, GEZ Typical DemOSlap Liberal fkn A hole, Hillary Votee
Anan Faz (8 months ago)
Captain America infinity war hairstyle. Bro...do a video on how to get CA hairstyle.😀
the shit show ! (8 months ago)
Hah! Gaaaaaaayy
Auttie B (8 months ago)
Barbers around the world are quaking in their boots, good one!
A.C.A.B (8 months ago)
Pal as much as I love your videos I must say im not a big fan of that one. Im a barber and you what u did really triggers me 😂 sorry for being picky most people wouldn't notice but come on wheres your guidelines why man u need to use guidelines or else ur hair won't be even.
1-800 no one cares (8 months ago)
Dude my hair is down to my shoulders.
Adam B (9 months ago)
well shit .. wish me luck
Pharaphel (9 months ago)
hmmm, he's like "oh, no" at mirror, to have his hair I would be like "damn, yes"
Wee Abdull (9 months ago)
Lol alpha.m took off his ring on his right hand but keeps the other one on his left.. 😂😂
mr559 (9 months ago)
Watched a haircut video of yours about 8 years ago and have been using the same technique ever since.
developer oumis (9 months ago)
You say a looooooot 😈😈😈
Jeff Fogg (9 months ago)
Is this a commercial for Pete or Pedro?
Damon (9 months ago)
THANK YOU. My barber always takes way too much off. I always say “just a trim but don’t cut the back because I want it to grow long” and she proceeds to cut all of the back off and trim the top off by like 3 inches even though I only asked for 1 inch to be taken off. So I basically go from medium/long hair to a crew cut.
Mansur estes (10 months ago)
Fuck I cut my finger
TotsAndTattors (10 months ago)
After this he went straight to the barber and got it cut right.
Maher volgs (10 months ago)
SAME problem :D thanks bro
Torri loopay (10 months ago)
thank you! this was very helpful. my man keeps bugging me to cutt his hair... I'm to scared! I don't wanna jack his shit up. 😂😂😂😂
dont care (10 months ago)
lets see hope i dont fuck up
The Oath Keeper 420 (10 months ago)
This video is really informative, and helped me out a bunch. Thanks for the guide, and I loved the alphalpha joke btw.
walter Duszkiewicz (10 months ago)
Look like rat mixed with troll
Rusty Shackleford (10 months ago)
Those two missed strands at 2:15 felt just when someone doesn't fully clean a whiteboard
Lucian David (10 months ago)
Hey dude, you’re very hot!!
jimmycha12345 (10 months ago)
Just watched and done this. Helped out a lot! Thanks!
divyansh kothari (10 months ago)
this is the best video I ever seen on you tube
Hudson_OG (10 months ago)
I love your videos .
Blue Angel (10 months ago)
Right I'm a female with short hair. I don't trust many barbers with my hair anymore since they don't listen to me. This helps me alot. Thanks dude.
samar anand (10 months ago)
U saved lots of guys money

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