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Bottle Brights - 6th DIY of Christmas!

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahrobeson | snapchat: sharrahrobeson On the SIXTH DIY of Christmas..... We made BOTTLE BRIGHTS! The perfect lighting for any holiday occasion! SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=robesondesignstudios 1st DIY of Christmas: http://youtu.be/r4YTrkfykrQ?list=PLkA1hfccUV37NwJHhjAdo8zdq7fGyhy8z 2nd DIY of Christmas: http://youtu.be/AwrmoY7X70E Watch our other Christmas tutorials: 3rd DIY of Christmas: http://youtu.be/J3q9rJ7qmm8 4th DIY of Christmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG1vpYj1yPw&list=UUjJSveRu3NHMB-fSuoJyxxA 5th DIY of Christmas: http://youtu.be/McNmNZDoSE4 Creative DIY Christmas Tree for Small Apartments: http://youtu.be/PFP8CH51uSg Find out HOW TO MAKE OUR SANTA BEARDS: http://robesondesign.com/santa-beard-diy/ How to decorate for Christmas: http://youtu.be/4TlqhLLpJPg Christmas Decorating ideas for DIY'rs. Easy Christmas decorations, Christmas Tree Decorating, Christmas 2014, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Decorating Ideas. Today is the SIXTH day of our new Christmas series: The 12 DIY's of Christmas! Will be uploading a new Christmas DIY every week day for 12 days! We have fun holiday art, lighting, and decor ideas along with a few inexpensive gift ideas for family and friends! Make sure to subscribe and check back every day for a new cost effective christmas diy to decorate your home, apartment or dorm room with for the Holidays! Watch the DIY Wednesdays version of the Sparkleball: http://youtu.be/eGGvq9exI14 Watch the original Sparkleball video here: http://youtu.be/2QvBgZckUgo Watch the Robesonized Toxic Ball version of the Sparkle Ball here: http://youtu.be/8ZQ9cg7MHh0 Follow us on INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahrobeson Follow us on PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/robesondesign Follow us on TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/robesondesign Check us out on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RobesonDesign Follow us on HOUZZ: http://www.houzz.com/pro/rebeccarobeson EXCLUSIVE music was provided by Jimmy Robeson You can purchase Jimmy’s tunes here: https://robesonproductions.bandcamp.com All other music is royalty free by Premium Beats Robeson Design Productions: Videography and editing by Greyson Darrow
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Text Comments (97)
Gus W (7 days ago)
so redundant
You can do it too (15 days ago)
Plz subscribe https://youtu.be/OAj314TZ-8s
Chen Huajie (1 month ago)
Where can I buy the tools?
Sanskriti Jha (2 months ago)
Hi..whats that socket called ??
Chaitrali Sawarn (2 months ago)
can i use plastic bottle ?
shoaib khan (2 months ago)
What about heat ? Bottle will not break ?
Anshad Anshad (5 months ago)
Love it
Your Choiice (7 months ago)
ali hs (8 months ago)
Very nice video
COLOR KID'S WORLD (9 months ago)
My Unicorn crafts (9 months ago)
In good
Ponnam Mahesh (10 months ago)
where can i buy the led string lights
LazyOddball (11 months ago)
Scorpia AK (11 months ago)
the guy is so hot <3
Damsel and Angel (11 months ago)
I used clear transparent plastic bottles with USB rice lights. I put Orbeez inside and it looks awesome. https://youtu.be/aygWbeHTCFs
Temjen Yanger (1 year ago)
instead of drilling and wasting time. . u can put the lights from the cap
annu ani (1 year ago)
Put it directly from opening of bottle why you need to drill
Christine W4 (1 year ago)
Because the plug would then have to hang out the top of the bottle, ruining the whole look
Sunny Trehan (1 year ago)
if the bottle heated so fast then what we doing and what time we lighten bottle
jie zhou (1 year ago)
This bottle light is similar and great: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GY6PBWK
iMazer (1 year ago)
There is a better way to have a USB powered bottle light, just search "iMazer bottle light" on Amazon
Ayat Ali (1 year ago)
can i use a plastic bottle for lemp ?
JulesJJF (1 year ago)
Hey there.. I have a question. So, when I put the Christmas lights into my wine bottle they got really hot... is there any chance to hmm dunno separate the lights and make them smaller so it won't get too hot or something?
my channel (1 year ago)
Phoebe Lee (2 years ago)
Cool. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LPCDL66?m=A1E1C7QPWCAERX&ref_=v_sp_detail_page I got this ultra thin string lights from Amazon. It is easily put into the bottle. Worth a try.
Missy Ledwell (2 years ago)
fun fun 💝
Hoan Lee (2 years ago)
right at the time the she walks out the frame i knew for sure that she will kick the electrical wire, and . . . . . oops she did it! :). pretty cool and fun DIY christmas bottle lights - liked and Subbed
King Tubby (2 years ago)
What drill bit was that?
ashu goyal (2 years ago)
Bunny Mad (3 years ago)
Rijalda Čebo (3 years ago)
And this is supposed to be "do it yourself"? who the fuck can use in their home drill for the bottle and not kill himself omg
Miss Chevious (1 year ago)
Lol.. its not hard to use a hole saw/drill. Im going to assume you are a woman - please dont give the rest of us women a bad rep - we are very capable of using a hole saw to drill a hole in a wine bottle. I do my own home renos from framing to painting. Theres no reason to think this is too difficult to do yourself 🙄
Tavros Nitram (1 year ago)
People who are actually handy I can name at least 20 people I know who have this tool and can do this easily
Denise Hardy (3 years ago)
Hi - I have just sat and watched a few videos of people making these and I must say yours is the BEST :) Well Done and thank you for showing us
absolutely love these 💟👍👍👍👍
Vivek Bhunjun (3 years ago)
so cool
Yahaira Florentino (3 years ago)
He's hot ;)
Gm_beanzz Flick (3 years ago)
love this thank you 💜👍
Raynara Ortega (3 years ago)
Very easy, great look!!
Juan Garza (2 years ago)
thanks You In everybody's who like it
Antonia Dragongirl (3 years ago)
We can use and plastic bottles?
Amanda Fischer (3 years ago)
+Antonia Dragongirl Well they shouldn't, but they're still going to put off heat. Whatever you end up doing, I'd keep a close eye on it for a few hours until you know how the container and lights work together. Also, you should probably turn them off if you're going to leave the house.
Antonia Dragongirl (3 years ago)
The leds do not burn,right?
Amanda Fischer (3 years ago)
+Antonia Dragongirl I would suggest not to because even little Christmas lights get hot when they're in confined areas. I think it's a good idea that they drilled a hole in the glass bottle because it helps with air flow.
Phoebe (3 years ago)
very cool. =)
Rézina Kudrnatá (3 years ago)
WOW! This is bautiful!! Thank you very much for inspirations ;)
Hana Phuong Hoa (3 years ago)
what did u guys use to spray on the bottle at the end? Thank you.
Stella Johnson (3 years ago)
OMG, he makes it look so easy! Love the end results though. Well, we'd better start drinking now... Haha! xxx
divya nandarapu (3 years ago)
Well it is clearly explained. I will try this for sure :)
ashley Rodriguez (3 years ago)
So cool so fun
Alen_Egre T (3 years ago)
Pecfect for a man cave  christmas decor.
otan tha liosi to kalodio logo yperthermansis ekei masa kai gini braxikikloma .. bgate meta video pos tha einai to spiti...
Gina Macanufo (3 years ago)
love it so pretty!!thank you guys 😃
sallianne piltz (3 years ago)
Yan Anderson (3 years ago)
Amanda Pitre (3 years ago)
Love this!
* * (3 years ago)
Patricia Murphy (3 years ago)
derry  stepne
Eunice Cordova (3 years ago)
I would put the lights through the top too because I'm too scared to use tools 😩 haha!
runs ash (4 years ago)
Very nice idea I do it and feel smell like smoke my string lights are smoking and burning it is dangerous
Roksana0912 (4 years ago)
This is the best out of 10!
Hailey Shun (4 years ago)
:p uhm sorry Greyson, but i like Sharrah's better coz i dun think i could drill the bottles :p and the glittery spray does make them look more beautiful :D 
Kritika Chatterjee (4 years ago)
wow that was so cool.. i loved it.... please put more videos...:)
marjorie kippelen (4 years ago)
Awesome. ....I'll try to do it because it really creates a nice lightening! ! :-) ♡
Ersina Lewi (4 years ago)
Karen G (4 years ago)
Brilliant idea😊
Jessica Flores (4 years ago)
Im going to do this!!!!!
Tristan Dollinger (4 years ago)
Greyson did it better
Andrins N (4 years ago)
Sooo cool!!!
klhtrading7 (4 years ago)
Very pretty and not just for Christmas!
Faye Evans (4 years ago)
Love that idea 😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️🎄
kyle sich (4 years ago)
When drilling the hole if you put a piece of duct tape of the bottle it prevents it from cracking and keeps the bit more in place. Ps you should try tea-light candles inside the bottle also. I wonder if it would look good.
Timothy Smith (1 year ago)
kyle sich lllll z😂😅😅👑😅👑😊🍻😅🍻😅🍻😅🍻😊🍻
Nicole 04 (4 years ago)
DennygirlJO (4 years ago)
Gosh. I was so wondering how to take the lid off a bottle for a DIY I wanna upload. THANKS A MIL!
Geneva Wilkinson (4 years ago)
So cool!
suggarachel (4 years ago)
the Grayson bottle,the big dark one it was really nice just a little scary with the drilling in the bottle, guess I got to the hardware store and get myself some tools with diamonds :)
Carol W (4 years ago)
soooo awesome!
Jordan Sykora (4 years ago)
Awesome idea! Have to say think I prefer Sharrah's idea of putting through the top! Bit safer haha!
MrsLoretta (4 years ago)
I like this!!..GuessI had better get to drinking so I can have some empty bottles..LOL xoxox Loretta 
iMazer (1 year ago)
There is a better way to have a USB powered bottle light, just search "iMazer bottle light" on Amazon.
Reaped Design (4 years ago)
guys and girls do it together, oh that sounds so wrong! lol! thanks for this video guys!
SevrenLuna (4 years ago)
I love this, i am using this for my office party.
1helluvawomen (4 years ago)
I love this for Christmas decor, but I could use this idea all year round. I love the ambiance this lighting creates. 😍😍😍
Barb Nauman (4 years ago)
Those are very sharp!!  I think they would look very cool in a kitchen, man's office/man cave for the holidays-or, how about in bars and restaurants?  I'd like to hang several down from the ceiling as a Christmas light fixture/chandelier!  I think using champagne bottles would be so fun for a New Year's party...I don't think I'd even mind the labels (or, maybe just part of the label) if they were high end labels!  My mind is working overtime on ideas for this DIY!  GREAT job!!
maya diab (4 years ago)
These are so cool!!~I love them!!
Zachary Norman (4 years ago)
sweetpink71 (4 years ago)
Wow Love it !!!
Max W (4 years ago)
These look so great, who knew you could drill through a wine bottle? Greyson of course!
Cim Fan (4 years ago)
Love it!!!!
Sitara04 (4 years ago)
:O   I LOVE THIS!!!!
Robeson Design (4 years ago)
Those look so classy guys. I'm happy to be the recipient of all these cool DIY projects! Our office is looking AWESOME and Oh Sooo Christmassy :-) RR
LazyOddball (11 months ago)
Anaisa Arroyo (3 years ago)
xoxomaxine1 (4 years ago)
e cruz (4 years ago)
Wow! What a very classy concept! ^_^
Tyler C. Stevens (4 years ago)

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