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KKW Beauty! Is it worth the HYPE??

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Text Comments (417)
فاطمة محمد (1 month ago)
Love the look
NuhanPlays (2 months ago)
Men, no makeup, still look like studs, women, no makeup, look like shit
NuhanPlays (2 months ago)
Poor women they soo ugly naturally they gotta spread shit around there faces for hours to look decent lol...
Moules Marinieres (3 months ago)
Gosh Dina. I just came across your page and insta. I’m loving you already. So spontaneous and funny. Love you Dina.
Saira Khan (6 months ago)
Wow Dina eye makeup 👍💖
Shabbo Raani (6 months ago)
You call that shit hijaab...?
Insar GB (7 months ago)
That bag reminds me of a MRE packet
Alia Mohammed (7 months ago)
Hi, dear Dina... I expect that your future videos will be without Hijab, I know satan plans, they are gradual steps and you may nowadays think about the last step.
Dan Jerry (8 months ago)
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poetiklee vehrzed (8 months ago)
I love the color combos on you!!!!
Alison Izzo (8 months ago)
You work the blue eyeshadow! <3
Iram NAVEED (8 months ago)
Asalamualaikum Dina, I would just like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May Allah keep you healthy and happy and the rest of your family wealthy!!! (including Hana, she is sooo cute mashallah, and congrats on your baby, may that baby be healthy) AMEEN!!! ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY, EVEN THOUGH ITS IN RAMADAN!!! HOPE YOU GET LOTS OF PRESENTS!!! btw, im soooo sorry i couldnt send you a present, but my present to you is my duas and respect!!! P.S #luvurvideos!!! byeeeeeeeeee!!! Wasalam, Iram Naveed
Diana (8 months ago)
Hamna Hamid (8 months ago)
Has one of ur cats got lost before or u could not find him
Amaal Nour (8 months ago)
Dina you look amazing! you’re a doll 💕💕but KKW is an absolute bag a tricks!! How’d she become famous again? It certainly wasn’t by designing beauty palettes. I’m not supporting anything she or her arrogant hubby create.
Zamira Nasiri (8 months ago)
hi dina, not makeup related 😉 can u.plz.tell.me.where you buy your childs islamic book ?? tia
Amina a (8 months ago)
Your skins looks amazing
samara iqbal (8 months ago)
Dina you never did a review of huda foundation
Ufaq Reyaz (8 months ago)
Krissy (8 months ago)
OMG i love her!
Ani Zaa (8 months ago)
Best Suhoor pick me up video. It’s a kind of kick your heels off & relax....Enjoy! Kinda video. Loved it. Your opinion matters as it’s the truth!
taharaah little (8 months ago)
“Yeah I’m sure that + Botox helps” 😂😂😂
Rosabelle DuBois (8 months ago)
MaryamPlays (8 months ago)
Hi Dina! I don't even like make up but lol your commentary is always so fun and hilarious. I've been watching your videos for years now and really like how you've expanded with your other channels. I've started my own gaming channel just because there aren't many hijabi gamers out there. I would love for the shoutout and if you can support the channel. My Instagram is @hijabi_gamer and twitter the same name as my channel. Thank you and keep up the awesome work guys! :3
Bad Gyal Riri (8 months ago)
Is botox haram
Razan Alz (8 months ago)
What foundation did you use?
Najeebah Ariffin (8 months ago)
damn Dina can definitely rock a dramatic eye makeup look! xxx
Aryan Sayed (8 months ago)
You look beautifull Dina 😍😍❤❤ mashAllah😭💖💖
Ioana Provo (8 months ago)
That skin tho'. *perfection*
toffee tarts (8 months ago)
Dina you look glowing pregnant mashaAllah . I just look like a fat pig
Rajia parween (8 months ago)
Assalamalaikum sister which brush are you using for your eye make up?
HAIR'ME Extensions (8 months ago)
I wished it was lighter... I had the feeling seeing nothing at all with the eye shadows 😭
Femme Fatale (8 months ago)
Too many steps mannnn lol. I cant even be bothered to put on foundation 99% of the time.
Yoemna Ely (8 months ago)
That eye shadow whoa 🙌🏻❤️💃🏻👌🏻👌🏻
MyUser Name (8 months ago)
7:36 “baking powder” :/
Mahnaaz Razi (8 months ago)
"Oh shit...that came out a little too far...oh shit again" 😂😂😂 i couldn't stop laughing!
Sadiyah Akhtar (8 months ago)
After your review I'm gonna order the concealer kit. I thought it was a hyped up product. But you don't sugarcoat, you tell us how it exactly is ❤
Doidies (8 months ago)
We have a lot in common dina 😊♥️ both mixed race, both half Arab half English, both English revert mums, both Arab dads. Both have two cats. Both married to Pakistani /patan men. Both same age. Both lived in London and Birmingham. Both have been through eating disorders. Mashallah :')
Fauziah S (8 months ago)
Ur cockney accent man u cracking me upppp
Inspiring Everyday Mum (8 months ago)
Salam Dina, not sure if this will get to you, but I thought I should let you know, just in case you actually haven’t given them the right to do this, but wish.com is using your picture as to promote a headscarf which you used to do a video on.
Sadia (8 months ago)
10:53 You are welcome
Amana Ahmed (8 months ago)
Hey Dina!, can you please react to the video Deen Squad-Muslim Girls video? It’s an amazing video and I would love to watch u react to it much love 💗 -Amana x
Ruhela Begum (8 months ago)
Always in awe of you, you're blooming gorgeous Masha'Allah! ❤
Ruby Handley (8 months ago)
You’re so so beautiful inside and out Dina! You fucking go girl!
Nathalie Bsat (8 months ago)
Omg you do not. Need. Botox you look 20 you crazy. Also how do you close one eye at a time I’m so jealous. Doing your eyes must be so easy
Zeba Shah (8 months ago)
did you have to pay the border tax rubbish or whatever its called ????
It’sjustElla (8 months ago)
I know you’re allowed to do whatever u want but PLZ DONT SWEAR IN RAMADAN
Sophie withlovee (8 months ago)
Mashalllaaah you look so beautifull When you came walking in !
Tas B (8 months ago)
Looks like I need to invest in KKW kit. Looked this look Dina 💜
ItsRmalik (8 months ago)
please stop shouting... your always so loud!!!
Selma-Alg (8 months ago)
God y u shouting
Z x J (8 months ago)
You should leave the link to your sponsor’s channels in the description box
Sophia Reinheimer (8 months ago)
You have amazing cheekbones
Imi. xv (8 months ago)
Dina you look like Raquel from house of cards 😂❤️
James Malcolm Edmonds (8 months ago)
That looks awesome. The blue goes very well with skin tone.👍
Mehak N (8 months ago)
mashallah dina you are glowingggggg
China Rodriguez (8 months ago)
10:54 Haha, Sid.
Chloe Caprio (8 months ago)
Omg why do u keep shouting/talking Really loud litterally had my headphones in and u bursted my ear drums
PIXIE CHICK (8 months ago)
FAB LOOK! Also THANK YOU for the shoutout! You're killing it!!
Yusrah Cassim (8 months ago)
Dina you’re the only YouTuber I know that can use every colour in an eyeshadow palette without the final look being muddy 😂
Vintage Queen (8 months ago)
lmaooo funniest makeup video ever 😂 the quality is amazing! giving me vogue beauty vibes
Beauty Chik (8 months ago)
I was like why the hell did you put so much eyeshadows and then I was like : Oh it's like me when am doing my makeup for fun I just layer and layer and layer eyeshadows and the result is just as good. Love the fact that you're talking about other channels and would love to be on the next video inshallah :) Loved the vidéo <3
saira m (8 months ago)
2:26 loool 😂😂
I feel like if i was a turban wearer (im just a hijab girl) and I had my towel like this on my head, I'd forget to remove it and go outside like that
Aneesah Aneesah (8 months ago)
You look soooo gorgeous 😍 but her products are soooo overpriced and the powders are like eyeshadow samples smh, wish you spoke about that 😩 kkw are robbing people 🙄👍🏻😂
Abda Bint-Juma (8 months ago)
That laugh is hilarious 0:02
I'm an Illustrator (8 months ago)
Awww you look so gorgeous and worked the kit so well! Was blown away by your insta photo after having done this makeup! Went to try find the palette for myself but they’re all £70+ :””””((((. Does anyone know any affordable dupes with similar shades pleaseeeee? Thankyou x
Abida R (8 months ago)
Your a natural Dina you never fails to make me laugh. 😆
Ruqayyah bint Mustafa (8 months ago)
اعوذ بلله من الشيطان الرجيم May Allah عزوجل free you all from the shackles of a filthy trend and forgive you all for your sins, and shortcomings, and grant you all knowledge of His Deen; Allahumma Ameen
Isha Loona (8 months ago)
This video was so chill, it gave me back in the day Dina vibes and I love it
Lujain Ahmed (8 months ago)
Love you!!!!
Juwairia Sadik (8 months ago)
Wow Dina you look so glowing and beautiful in this video
Sonam Singh (8 months ago)
you made me want to buy the concealer kit Dina! you're actually the 1st review i genuinely liked and can relate to, haha! <3
Zainab Hussain (8 months ago)
It looks arabian, juss with blue instead of black/brown :p
Sakina Yasmin (8 months ago)
omg dina your skin looks great! what foundation did you use
Roo90 (8 months ago)
"Smells like when you go to B&Q or something" 😂😂😂😂
Provesha Pyne (8 months ago)
Dina be lookin BOMB as always!
Josh G (8 months ago)
what is going on in the back at 10:55 LMAOOOO
Deeqa Abdi (8 months ago)
I’m kind of disappointed that you gave this a try because many of your followers who are people of color and on the darker end of the spectrum don’t get the opportunity because brands like Kim disregard us and it’s pretty evident that the lighter products work better cuz she didn’t give a shit about the darker tones. I still love you tho and respect your hustle.
ciomaris pinto monteiro (8 months ago)
9:30 and your face still looks the bomb.com omggg this concealer is really making all 🤑 worthy!
ciomaris pinto monteiro (8 months ago)
“i’ve baked “ hahahahhaha u kill me with your jokes 😂😂😂
michyh89 (8 months ago)
So nice ! Really loving this lewk 💕💕💕
Nurahn xo (8 months ago)
You are so beautiful mashallah 🌻
Leta Que (8 months ago)
Albania ❤️❤️ I love you Dina.. you are my favourite youtuber.. 😘👌🏼 you are 🔥
Sara Ibraheem (8 months ago)
When Dina’s face is thinner than mine and I’m not even pregnant... (sighs) Also your makeup looks gorgeous!
Areej Khan (8 months ago)
Love youuu💗💗💗
Noor Noor (8 months ago)
Last evening I was talking about Botox with My Husband! He Said If you ever Will go for it! It Will make you Ugly! Why cant we embrace Every Age we have! Some people Will never become old! And whats wrong with a Wrinkle What Comes from Allaah SWT. Why are we Sheeples following people are to attaché on the earthly Life? To Make ourselfs “Pretty” by Going to Salon, make-up, exercise i can understand! But being a Sheeple to Enjoy others Its not right.... I see here on You Tube many young gilrs with Fillers, Botox! They are not even 25!. Whats Wrong with the world?. Some people arent Born with “perfection” a healthy Body! Say Alhamdoelilah If you are! And our Graves wont be Nice for us! He Will eat us into a week! So What Will be left?
S Sherrill (8 months ago)
Freaking gorgeous! I feel like you could rub dirt on your face and still look like a million bucks.❤️
نهال عزيز (8 months ago)
Did you make wadoe (وضوء)؟؟؟
Mscoloraturakae (8 months ago)
Why you so pretty?! 😭 This looks amazing...as always. I'm so jelly I can't look like this.
WeirdGirlKeri (8 months ago)
Aisha Muneera (8 months ago)
Still slaying in a robe and towel m’A😍
R K (8 months ago)
LOL as soon as I saw the color on her lips I went through 5 videos to figure out what she had on her lips, even watched it in slow mo, figured the entire thing out and then watched the rest of the video only for her to mention all the products in the video
michelle violetta (8 months ago)
Love your videos Dina You always entertain me too. 😙
Bushra Qamar (8 months ago)
Flawless Dina! 🌹 MA🎆
Halima Rawat (8 months ago)
Love the look!! Didn't you do wudu during the day?? How do you manage to keep the look so immaculate?
Aamna Here (8 months ago)
I know you were kidding but only go for botox if you can handle the fact that you will never stop at a little and since ageing only happens faster after that, botox will turn your face into an overly stretched pumped up balloon making you look plastic. Seeing the results on some of the richest people on earth, I wouldn't recommend it.
Aamna Here (8 months ago)
Miah 101 Considering the negative effects of botox and fillers, I wouldn't think they would be allowed. If you're a victim of an accident or abuse and want to fix your face through surgery that would be perfectly fine. Botox and fillers on the other hand, are addictive because they aren't permanently going to remove the wrinkles so you have to keep injecting them to freeze and plump up your face which is why all Hollywood stars with botox usually have duck lips and skin so tight they can hardly smile. They all look the same. I believe ageing naturally makes you look like a human unlike a wax statue and women should stop this obsession with perfection that we've been taught and influenced to work towards.
Miah 101 (8 months ago)
Aamna Here I know Botox isn't plastic surgery ... It's completely different but is it okay in Islam ? I wonder if it is. Aswell as lip filler because lip fillers isn't plastic surgery too?
lauren elise (8 months ago)
Leeza Castillo (8 months ago)
I don’t understand how anyone can be so pretty 😩

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