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The Best Leather Jacket | Brand Battle

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Every man needs a leather jacket for fall/autumn. Here I show you three of my favourites from Topman, ASOS and Zara; and rank them from 3 to 1. Watch to see which one wins! Thank you to Joel (AKA Gallucks) for helping me film this one! Check out his channel here: http://robin.yt/GallucksYT #LeatherJacket #FallFashion #Menswear #MensStyle _______________________ FEATURED LEATHER JACKETS: Topman (left) - http://rstyle.me/n/by44uwb6ah7 Zara (centre) - http://robin.yt/2cekq5y ASOS (right) - http://rstyle.me/n/bwvf7hb6ah7 ______________________ I'M WEARING: Leather jackets (as above) Grey sweatshirt - http://rstyle.me/~8Tsyk Jeans - http://rstyle.me/~8TsyT Chelsea boots - http://rstyle.me/n/bnnrdeb6ah7 Sunglasses - http://rstyle.me/n/bz8z7db6ah7 _______________________ FOLLOW ME! Come and follow me on... Facebook: /ManForHimself Twitter: @ManForHimself Instagram: @ManForHimself Snapchat: @ManForHimself Check out my blog too: http://www.ManForHimself.com ________________________ SUBSCRIBE My YouTube channel is a destination for men's style, lifestyle and grooming. I make videos showing how to achieve different hairstyles and haircuts; exploring grooming products; and showcasing men's seasonal and trend led style and fashion. ________________________ MUSIC: Getaway - Lakey Inspired - https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/getaway ________________________ This video is not sponsored.
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Text Comments (197)
TheWitness (24 days ago)
lets keep it real...... if you want a leather jacket, dont be on a budget!!!!!!! save up!!!! you want a proper jacket that will last a long time ? have great quality and looks good.... dont get anything below 750!!!!! NEVER BE ON A BUDGET FOR A LEATHER JACKET!!!! that stupid!!!! dont be stupid.... like those cunts that run around with ripped jeans and then bitch about it being cold..... patience is a virtue (The ability to wait for something without frustration is a useful skill and a good aspect of one’s personality, having this trait will help you carry that jacket with class, other wise you are just like the rest of the cunts running around thinking they are cool because they have a cheap leather jacket on) ... wait that extra month or 2 to get the money, and treat yourself to a proper jacket!!!
Crixus Noyola (5 months ago)
Asos. I always like a leather jacket with the belt. Second would be topman.
Tommy Nguyen (6 months ago)
been debating this jacket forever and wasn't sure what brand to get but after seeing this video... schott nyc, the OG it is ;)
derick boakye (7 months ago)
Do u go true to size when wearing a hoodie?
Roku (8 months ago)
oh no he is gay...
MD Al-N (9 months ago)
How can I buy this zara jacket.....
sameer ansari (10 months ago)
These are perfect for winter you know it's cold
xuchia117 (10 months ago)
Those are really nice looking ones. Got my first bikers leather jacket from All Saints. It so damn comfortable
bigmike 77 (11 months ago)
I have the asos one
Joe Guzman (11 months ago)
Schott 100% the best quality ,i have 4 and 2 are fron 30 years ago and still look good
ゾロロロノア (1 year ago)
The best leather jacket is absolutely the plain one, without unecessary pocket, zipper, or else but grey hoodie
Etienne Villeneuve (1 year ago)
1.Saint Laurent Paris L01. 2.Saint Laurent Paris L17. 3.Rick Owens "Stooges".
progress_lover86 (1 year ago)
Save your money kids and buy a schott
Richard Kim (1 year ago)
progress_lover86 Thank god someone said this finally
Jeffrey Car (1 year ago)
What size are you wearing? And how tall are you? Was looking to buy the top man
Artin A (1 year ago)
what the are boots you are wearing called? they look like Chelsea and Harness boots combined
PLUSHY (1 year ago)
Good review but all three of those jackets look stupid and as a biker I wouldn't be caught dead wearing any of those terrible designs
Zain Anwar (1 year ago)
Hi Hope everybody is fine I'm leather product manufacturere if any one want any kind of ladies or men catsuits pant jackets skirts etc please contact men phone no18153253508 like fb page on text https://web.facebook.com/Jeckets-gloves-etc-118810261800048/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
Jude Forrester (1 year ago)
If you're gonna wear a leather jacket, tuck your tshirt
grease boy (1 year ago)
i got zara leather jacket for greasin but a way different look to it
Antonio Sierra (1 year ago)
Is it for teens robin? Or more old men
Jesse Sheppard (1 year ago)
The only leather jacket that's worth it is Schott.
Mysteryboy0007 (1 year ago)
all trash jackets... how is this the best jackets? o.O I understand everyone have their opinions but these jackets are low quality its like going to walmart to buy leather jackets and say they are best? :O
recitient (1 year ago)
My Guess Faux Leather Jacket
Rami Lomb (1 year ago)
The zara one is awful sorry. Maybe it's just so boring next to the other ones(? Idk
Mo Khan (1 year ago)
Robin you should try Bodaskins leather jacket and do a review on it.
Sun Wu (1 year ago)
The answer is none of these. Get a good leather jacket, take care of it and it will last a lifetime.
Samantha Barton (1 year ago)
Still waiting on that video of you in the Levi's jeans tucked into boots n wearing the fully zipped up black leather biker greaser jacket , shirt tucked in. Show full backside as well
That Ghillied Guy (1 year ago)
I need them chelsea boots..
Samantha Barton (1 year ago)
Miguel Arostegui (1 year ago)
top man
Alex W (1 year ago)
yess i got the same one as u nice to know that i picked out a good one
Oreo Biscuit (1 year ago)
Those jackets look a bit short on you mate
Mr Duke Silver (2 years ago)
I bought a vintage Schott G-1 Leather jacket for 45$, they go for 250 on the internet lol
Duy Tran Hoang (3 months ago)
lol .
Ruben Juarez (11 months ago)
fake lol
MD Al-N (2 years ago)
i need zara's jacket.....what can i do for this?
Abhinav Karna (1 year ago)
MD Al-N http://www.zara.com/fi/en/man/jackets/view-all/biker-jacket-c758501p3931005.html. Youre welcome.
Hella poppin (2 years ago)
go to Zara
ZyroSugar (2 years ago)
Robin what would be the more expensive options of those two biker jackets? Please help!
OfficialNaye (2 years ago)
Thank you :)
tcekamper (2 years ago)
How is the sizing on the topman jacket? Should i go TTS? or size down, up?
Alon Lustigmann (2 years ago)
I think Allsaints make the best leather jackets on the high street..
Robin James (2 years ago)
They are great, but not under £200.
ZyroSugar (2 years ago)
Hey Robin, why didn't you go for the Zara biker one that is more similar with the other two?
Robin James (2 years ago)
Hey there, I'm pretty sure that one isn't real leather. I checked and it's pleather.
jack hughes (2 years ago)
still think allsaints, though more expensive is a lot more stylish
Kyle Lim (2 years ago)
Topman for sure!!
BipolarDex (2 years ago)
Hey robin james, I have a quick question. I watched ur hair video and it's really helpful but I have a problem if i style my hair. look if my hair is dry I only use hairspray to style it and that's it. But the problem is, I get sweat from the sun and that causes my hair to get wet and my hair is basicly like when i get out the shower. Do you know what im doing wrong? Or do i need to buy other products?
x yy (2 years ago)
how do you edit your videos???😍😲😲😍😍
x yy (2 years ago)
Yes so cool
Robin James (2 years ago)
I edit on FCPX. You like?
Nathan Wright (2 years ago)
Nice video can you do a video on what music you like?
Nathan Wright (2 years ago)
+Robin James thanks
Robin James (2 years ago)
Could be a shout, maybe for a Q&A?
Erik Barajas (2 years ago)
The ASOS one is the one that Negan wears in The Walking Dead 😂
Robin James (2 years ago)
They chose well! Ha
Reb Tortona (2 years ago)
Always wanted a leather jacket but I'm afraid of its leather getting peeled over time due to hot weather or getting wet in the rain. Do you have an idea if that's possible or am I just overthinking it? HAHA!
Robin James (2 years ago)
A good quality leather jacket shouldn't do that. Pleather will.
Erik Barajas (2 years ago)
Robin , I tried buying the TopMan leather jacket but it says "the page doesn't exist"
Robin James (2 years ago)
Oh, weird. Where are you trying from? US?
Vincent Shenko (2 years ago)
Can you recommend any without real animal leather because I'm a vegan.
Robin James (2 years ago)
Hey - it would have to be pleather then. They'll be a lot cheaper. Try any of these shops again.
Charlie Turnbull (2 years ago)
I love leather jackets! 😆but I can't afford them 😥
Robin James (2 years ago)
Well, one day. Save!
Charlie Turnbull (2 years ago)
PS topman one is my fave
Erin Kaye Ozga (2 years ago)
Great review Robin as always 👍🏻 I have that exact TopMan jacket! I love it!🆒😎
Robin James (2 years ago)
It's a goodie! 👌🏼
Tamás Szabó (2 years ago)
Hello Robin. your hair how many milimaters on sides?
Tamás Szabó (2 years ago)
But when u had, how long do you cut it?
Robin James (2 years ago)
Not sure, sorry. Not had it cut for a while.
Žydrūnas Gira (2 years ago)
Yes, Topman one looks definitely the best because of the details and amazing texture! By the way, Robin, it'd great if next time you'd include still images or would include a video footage of your outfits being filmed from a little bit more far away as it gets difficult to compare different clothing pieces when one most of the time sees only fragments of them.
Robin James (2 years ago)
Ah, sorry. I thought I had a good mix of wide shots (all three next to each other), mid-shots and details?
David Harkess (2 years ago)
Hiya  Robin ... Just to let you know that I wear one of these jackets when I go for a ride on my bike ... It is the ASOS and it is so comfortable, you would think it would be cold wearing it on my bike but truthfully it is quite warm ... I got a shock when I saw you wearing it.  You look really good in all three.  Keep up the good work Robin.
Samantha Barton (2 years ago)
You have any levis jeans???
Samantha Barton (2 years ago)
Can you do another video in the 511s tucked into some boots, shirt tucked in wearing that fully zipped up leather biker jacket? Show full backside as well
Robin James (2 years ago)
I do indeed. I have a pair of 511s and another pair of wider legged ones.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Nice to see a NEW way standing up against a wall looking around wearing outfits is presented lol. Seriously though, this is a FIRST with the cloning effect I have seen so very nicely done mate.
Robin James (2 years ago)
Thanks Stephen. To be fair re. the wall though, it does focus the attention on the outfit rather than the environment. I hear you though!
jamesleckie1000 (2 years ago)
I enjoy your videos keep it up mate
Robin James (2 years ago)
Thank you so much.
ItsRooo (2 years ago)
awesome video robin
Robin James (2 years ago)
Thanks Rooo
Hai Vu Hong (2 years ago)
wish they would add the sleeves zipper on the asos jacket :(
Robin James (2 years ago)
Love the zippers. Such a good detail.
Justin Melendez (2 years ago)
Robin, what are the fits of the Hopman & ASOS. I'm interested in buying one, but don't exactly know how to size them
Robin James (2 years ago)
Topman was a small and nice and snug. Same with ASOS (a bit baggier) and Zara was a snug medium.
Austin Meehan (2 years ago)
I love leather jackets but not sure if they go well in Florida!
Robin James (2 years ago)
Ha ha! Unless you're always in air-con.
Andres Gomez (2 years ago)
best jean jacket??? please,ive been looking for one
Robin James (2 years ago)
Good idea!
Sangiev (2 years ago)
Although I think the cut and silhouette of the ZARA jacket is great I'd have to agree with you and go with the Topman jacket! Real nice video Robin!
Robin James (2 years ago)
Totally. The Zara just really isn't my vibe.
Jacob Gershwitz (2 years ago)
three great jackets! love the zara except for that awful back
Robin James (2 years ago)
True! It's so soft.
cmnzzz (2 years ago)
Wow, so close to 100k subs. Awesome!
Robin James (2 years ago)
10k away... a little while yet! Eek!
Brian Horton (2 years ago)
i have the second one
Robin James (2 years ago)
Good shout!
Neon Hoang (2 years ago)
Super informative, great as usual !
Robin James (2 years ago)
Thank you. Glad you liked it.
i like heavy metal lether jackets with the studs and all that crap. so great
sorry couldn't respond i was in school. you should do a video on battle vest's they're a one of a kind. you can also add heavy metal patches on em so. gud stuff
Robin James (2 years ago)
Love a stud!
Ethel LaVain (2 years ago)
I have and love the Zara one.
Robin James (2 years ago)
It's so soft! Good choice, Jordan.
Benedikt (2 years ago)
topman was my favorite
Robin James (2 years ago)
Livi Lou (2 years ago)
I'm freaking obsessed with leather jackets, especially paired with my favorite flower crowns, but I'm a broke vegan so cheap pleather from Zara it is!
Robin James (2 years ago)
A broke vegan! love that. Sure you will work and own the pleather, Livi.
InkPaw (2 years ago)
i dont realy like leather jacket since they are so short and dont look good when you zip it up
Robin James (2 years ago)
I always wear them open. Would never do it up really. But thank you.
InkPaw (2 years ago)
but great vidéo ;)
Rebel Cowboy Elvis (2 years ago)
I love the style of jacket 2 with removable belt and jacket 3 the classic Perfecto style jacket
Robin James (2 years ago)
We're on the same wavelength!
aR0ttenBANANA96 (2 years ago)
In canada it gets from hot to cold in about a week lol. I used to have one but I don't think it's gonna have much use. Think him just gonna buy something from rutsak or idk.
Robin James (2 years ago)
It's like that here too. Leather should be good for most weather types.
Lance Schecter (2 years ago)
Robin the top man website isn't working
Robin James (2 years ago)
Oh, really? I tried and it looked okay. Working now?
JonnyF98 (2 years ago)
Hi Robin, me again. Just wondering if you could tell me your hair length on top at this moment in time. Also if you get a fade cut with this length? Thanks!
xSTATOKEx (2 years ago)
I've got the ASOS one, it's amazing for the amount you buy. I prefer the simpler jackets, don't like that detailing stuff you see a lot of.
Robin James (2 years ago)
True story. Keep it simple!
Dylan O Brien (2 years ago)
Fuck guys, there’s bloody three of him now! :P
Robin James (2 years ago)
Quentin Alexandre (2 years ago)
Also 100% leather doesn't mean anything at all. Leather can go from cheap shit made in Indian slums to royalous leather made in the best tanneries.
Disinf3ctant (1 year ago)
You don't make leather - for the most part. It grows on animals. The quality part is mainly to do with selecting the best part. A completely shit cut might need to be sanded down and PU coated to reinforce it causing it to feel less supple. However it still moves, feels, smells and ages like leather. Which is a hell of alot better than most plastic. So yes, genuine leather does mean something.
Quentin Alexandre (1 year ago)
You and me both.
Nefus1988 (1 year ago)
I saw a nasty video how indian cows are treated for cheap leather jackets
Alec Sanchez (1 year ago)
Zoya Ali Um yes the title matters because the brands showcased do not make quality leather anything. These are fast fashion brands. You buy for the style not the quality hence the low price tag.
Quentin Alexandre (2 years ago)
You can't speak of best leather jacket and talk about those brands.
Robin James (2 years ago)
Well, I did. And I also mentioned it was under £200.
Jelle (2 years ago)
Robin James (2 years ago)
Dick (2 years ago)
Will you please make fragrance video pleeeeaase
Dick (2 years ago)
Oh thats awesome
Robin James (2 years ago)
I'd love to!
Waldo (2 years ago)
i love that Zara jacket! I bought a similar one one from Zara last year and i still wear it allthought it is allready small for me!
Robin James (2 years ago)
I love Zara stuff, for sure. But the other ones were just a little better for me.
InkPaw (2 years ago)
because you grow up or what ?
noah rozario (2 years ago)
You wear your collar pretty weird man
Robin James (2 years ago)
In what way?
I can't imagine my self in a leather jacket. It just doesn't suit my style, or I just don't know how to wear it. It does however, look good on you, especially with those skinnies, and it matches your hair colour absolutely great.
No, I am even a bit scared to put it on. May be it's a lack of confidence. May be I have not grown up yet, to wear this.
Robin James (2 years ago)
Thanks. I'm sure there's a style that would suit you. Have you tried?
Hoodiahoy (2 years ago)
OMFG I've been looking for one for ages and I've been so harsh on my rankings ;-; This video is a life saver!!! I love you Robin!!!! ☺️🙌
Robin James (2 years ago)
Glad it helped!
prokillzU FTW (2 years ago)
Great video, can i send you a snapchat tonight as i need some advice?
Robin James (2 years ago)
Sorry I missed this!
Tsar Marklovski (2 years ago)
You can notice why the TopMan jacket is 60 more when you look up close. I don't think biker jackets look great on me tho.
Robin James (2 years ago)
True! Much better quality.
Aimee.Charie (2 years ago)
Very true
Aimee.Charie (2 years ago)
Very true
Hanns (2 years ago)
is possible to tailor an asos leather jacket?
Robin James (2 years ago)
I wouldn't recommend it, but I don't see why not!
Daniel Smith (2 years ago)
any news on your diet and fitness video?
Robin James (2 years ago)
No news. But no news is good news, right?
StenchLord (2 years ago)
Great idea for video, I am buying a harley davidson jacket soon
Robin James (2 years ago)
Ooh, good one!
Von Richthofen (2 years ago)
Topman looks cool
Robin James (2 years ago)
M. S. Smith (2 years ago)
I coincidentally decided to wear my leather jacket today. The one I wear isn't any of the ones in the video, but I still love it.
Robin James (2 years ago)
I'm sure it looks great!
Nathan Hawkett (2 years ago)
I'm leaving a big blue heart 💙
Robin James (2 years ago)
Ah, Nathan! Thanks.
Rishi Dubey (2 years ago)
Asos nailed it..!! 👍 btw Cool editing 🎬 and nice Shades 👓
Robin James (2 years ago)
Cheers Rishi!
zacheri martir (2 years ago)
Hey robin...I need some help..I have a cow lick on the front of my head so when I wake up my hair is already naturally in a quiff so I don't have to put any product in it...but my hair always looks so dry...how can I fix that???
Rishi Dubey (2 years ago)
Use some products which have strong to medium hold with shine to it..!! or may be a styling cream would do fine
ansh nagpure (2 years ago)
please I want you to do a review on osis + flexwax gel!
موسى fm (2 years ago)
Robin James (2 years ago)
Robin James (2 years ago)
It’s the battle of the leather jackets! Which is your favourite?
Mark Hemming (9 months ago)
I like the Topman jacket except for the ribbing on the back which looks tacky and cheaply added.
Gerald Dela Merced (1 year ago)
TOPMAN but im hard to find here in to the phillipines .. i want to buy that because my Idol Daniel Padilla wear topman Leather jacket :)
Mysteryboy0007 (1 year ago)
yeah quality jacket right there unlike the trash in the video
HD SG (2 years ago)
review the all saints conroy is my fave
The Big LeBoschski (2 years ago)
I got a real nice dark brown Zara leather jacket, very bomber style with a hint of formality. It was on a mad sale in Germany for €99.00

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