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Microsoft Windows XP TV Commercial (2001)

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This is a Microsoft Windows XP TV Commercial from December 2001. This copy was shown on VH1. It features the Madonna song Ray Of Light. With someone flying around connecting everyone via Windows XP. One thing to notice in the commercial you will see a man with a red shirt on. He is at work video chatting. What is important to note about him is that he is the actor Vyto Ruginis. Who has done a lot of work including playing Arkady Kolcheck on the hit CBS show NCIS LA.
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Text Comments (36)
Sean Tillisch (23 days ago)
Windows seagull is smart
Sean Tillisch (23 days ago)
Xp was the best
kamen enchev (2 months ago)
wheni was little i have a windows xp but is not working
kamen enchev (2 months ago)
cool music
Charles Gomez (3 months ago)
New Super Retro Man (3 months ago)
Still use to play my old grand theft auto sonic and sims classics
Yusuf Eren Yaman (4 months ago)
Windows xp
New Super Retro Man (7 months ago)
What's song
THE MAULIK SHOW (7 months ago)
It Was so easy to Use XP !!
Jean Carlos S (6 months ago)
Krishna Joshi yes
Дидо Динков (9 months ago)
Windows XP is the best!The best operation system!XP is my life!
Anton1699 (10 months ago)
Obama's OS of choice? :D
Devi Pirts (10 months ago)
I'm only watching this in 2018 because of The Verge
Martin M (6 months ago)
me too :-)
mostafiz rahman (9 months ago)
same here 😂😂😂
nothumanlol (10 months ago)
Devi Pirts from article “Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6” 😜
Nick Raleigh (10 months ago)
When is this coming out?? I want to fly
SilverHelmet (29 days ago)
Bryan Martinez r/woosh
Daniel Slewa (2 months ago)
Nick Raleigh This OS was coming out October 25 2001.
ECSTASY (2 months ago)
never understood sarcasm?
CharlieXw25 (3 months ago)
Your a little late, Btw it lost support
Bryan Martinez (5 months ago)
Nick Raleigh Are you dumb?
Philip V (10 months ago)
it's like the song was made for a Windows Commercial
*moved* (11 months ago)
Anyone else remember Windows XP?
Song name?
UltraGenesis (1 year ago)
Ray of Light - Madonna
Rhody (2 years ago)
DarklingGolem50 (2 years ago)
Before: Prepare to fly Then 9/11 happened Now:Yes you can
Maxx Groulx (9 months ago)
XP and this commercial came out before 9/11
KoreanAnime (2 years ago)
But this commercial was some time after 9/11.
thevideorewind (2 years ago)
+BloxMaster720 it was not way after 9/11 it was shown in the fall of 2001. This was shown during the commercials during something I recorded on VH1. I recorded that in December 2001. Which was only a couple months after.
DarklingGolem50 (2 years ago)
+BloxMaster720 thats why the slogan is "Yes you can" Not Prepare to fly
KoreanAnime (2 years ago)
This commercial was way after 9/11.
Goodbye Windows XP
The Hammer Breake (8 months ago)
Матвей Инчин no!!! No!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Thomas Potterack (10 months ago)
A lot of faults when it first came out.xp was easy

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