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Ray Dalio Shares His Advice on Investing, Life and Business

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Billionaire Ray Dalio being interviewed on the charlie rose show , he is asks a variety of questions , most to do with work, life and the economy. 📚 Books by Ray Dalio and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗ Ray Dalio Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link) Principles: Life and Work: http://bit.ly/PrinciplesDalio Ray Dalio’s Favourite Books🔥 The Lessons Of History: http://bit.ly/LessonsofHistory Security Analysis: Sixth Edition:http://bit.ly/Securityanalysis For More Investing/Entrepreneur/Economics Videos Check Out The Channel What is Investors Archive ? = Its a Youtube Channel dedicated to having all the best Interviews/ Biography/ educational / courses on Investing/Entrepreneur/Economics so you can find all the free knowledge you need in one place ! Remember to Sub for all the Best New Content
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Nicholas Huss (1 year ago)
phrenzy1 (3 years ago)
Could not encourage enough anyone seeing this to read some Will Durant, or listen to the excellent Alexander Adams audio book versions. His books define wisdom for me.
Chris shoop (3 years ago)
don't listen to this guy, he'll just cost you a lot of $$$.
you a special kind of idiot, aren't you
wulf67 (2 years ago)
You dont have enough money for Ray Dalio to advise you even if he hadn't stopped accepting new investors many years ago.
scottab140 (3 years ago)
+Chris shoop How? What financial advise did he give?

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