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Hot Black Music - RnB R&B R'n'B Classic Mix

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My first try on Traktor Scratch Pro + Reloop Digital Jockey 2
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Text Comments (19)
Tiffany Jean (1 year ago)
hi Can you send me your remix please because i really loved it .....
Jessy Amri (5 years ago)
boy's 2 men roll with me
Jessy Amri (5 years ago)
boys to men
Marko Ivic (5 years ago)
4:30 name of the song? :)
kikka nera (5 years ago)
non mi piace : (
Taipan Dragon (5 years ago)
fredsyo (5 years ago)
Ivita Rogule like this song.
chantel fortuin (5 years ago)
i love i love
fl0wiix (6 years ago)
Nelly & boyz 2 men ;)
nat buron (6 years ago)
Sanjeev Sharma (6 years ago)
shit remix
rigan ts (6 years ago)
cancion del minuto 9: 30? plis
Humphrey Jainandan-jha (6 years ago)
love you lady ,lady lady la la la la lady lady
Vlad Calugher (6 years ago)
I love R'n'B
Natalie Renee (7 years ago)
Great mix of awesome songs!
Saia manaia (7 years ago)
mean remix
KDASmusic (7 years ago)
very goood choice of songs ! keep rockin
Fragola1610 (7 years ago)
Eve - Got what you need
youknowasuprite (7 years ago)
you are good ...this is hott

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