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Classic Clipper Fade Tutorial

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In this video, MC Barber will be demonstrating how to do a classic clipper haircut. Interested in the razor MC uses to cut hair? Check it out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/122352285907 -1:15 MC starts with a 1 1/2 metal guard on Oster clippers to remove bulk and create a foundation. -4:22 Switching to Wahl clippers, MC uses a closed guard to begin his fade from 0. -5:55 MC moves to a 1 plastic guard on Wahl clippers. -7:04 Fading down to avoid removing unwanted hair, MC switches to a 1/2 plastic guard on Wahl clippers. -7:51 To create a hard part and shape up, he uses Andis trimmers. -8:41 Moving to the top, MC uses scissors over knuckles to remove length. -11:00 He uses a notching technique on the bangs to avoid a blunt line. -11:13 To blend the sides and back into the fade, MC uses scissors over comb. -12:17 Watch a thumb control technique. -13:29 Watch a quick blow dry/style. Enjoy!!
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Text Comments (113)
Pankaj Mohan Thakur (3 days ago)
Ultimate Brother
Everton Melo (4 days ago)
Mc barbe tu e fera
Eliseo Torres (1 month ago)
Right in the beginning of the video, did he pull a comb out the quats and not rinse or wipe it down atleast, or am i trippin?
Lucky Zoya (1 month ago)
Guď job sir ji
Zozo Remaks (2 months ago)
.Great job MC! My son is a young barber and he follows your videos eagerly. Greetings from Iraq
jeffrey patterson (2 months ago)
Hey MC!!! Great haircut brother!!! Barber love from Michigan!!!👍🔥💈🍀
Pedro Hernández (3 months ago)
Excellent video and cut. Congrats
Alex Ubario (3 months ago)
Did you part a line with your razor?
Santi Valencia (3 months ago)
Me encanta como haces tu trabajo ... Eres un maestro.. lástima que no lo traducen en español jejjejeje
WOW ... Quedó INCREÍBLE EL resultado final me sorprende, es perfecto Éxitos, saludos y gracias por compartir
Dennis Ramos (4 months ago)
your good but we cut hair better in the USA
Carlota Mandes (4 months ago)
Cameraman not always good focusing on cut. Why are you standing in front of mirror with client facing the camera? For me, not all that good showing detail of cut.
Linda Shook (4 months ago)
Good Luck in Paris. You Got it ALL. You are Awesome.
lima viagens (5 months ago)
Nice vídeos MC Barber ,******
Ruth Mejia (5 months ago)
Hello thanks for the video where can I get the little thing to store you’d scissors? Thanks
Ruth Mejia (5 months ago)
MC Barber thanks
MC Barber (5 months ago)
Blanca Mendez (7 months ago)
Wow! You cut with both hands....Awesome cut..love it..thank you for this tutorial...✂💜✂💜
Jean Coelho (7 months ago)
Show! Like...
Edo Tastic (7 months ago)
You are amazing. Thanks
MR.Thavorn Seachia (8 months ago)
FC I Love you MC
Respect from Perú
Tan Greene (8 months ago)
Great video, but that ahhhhh every time you talk is erking my ever lasting nerves😲
SuperFenderstrato (9 months ago)
Porfavor ,si quiere usted enseñarnos de verdad un tutorial como se pela, nos lo enseña por todos los obstáculos.. no podemos ver porjemplo la parte de atrás y la.camara se enfoca en la cara.. ESTOY totalmente desacuerdo con sus tutoriales.. Gracias
QORXMAZ Sadigov (9 months ago)
👍👍✌Nice work
Luciano Pereira (9 months ago)
Para bens meu amigo sou do Brasil te acompanho sempre
GREGG CHATMAN (9 months ago)
Your are very skilled. I was thinking about going to barber school and now after watching your video I have made up my mind. I get a satisfaction from giving people a nice hair cut. One day I will be as good as you. I can’t wait to watch more of your videos. I’ve definitely subscribed. Thanks
Playmate NY (10 months ago)
You have a lots cute guys in your town.
Juan Flores (10 months ago)
how much do u charge
tega (10 months ago)
i like your way of cuting
Elgin Loyd (11 months ago)
Where are u located
lima viagens (11 months ago)
Nice vídeos MC barber
Alice Vonleh (1 year ago)
Nice hair cuts
alloneword154 (1 year ago)
Taking a comb out of the barbicide without rinsing it off with water is unprofessional. Nobody wants disinfectant in their hair. Gross.
Sam Gray (1 year ago)
Damn your good! I haven't seen this style look so clean!
Meme Gameplays (1 year ago)
Very good haircut, excellent barber ..😏
Dr. Banter (1 year ago)
He went from Clinton to Vladimir Putin, from Kenny Rogers to NFL Football Coach lol
Porsche 206 (1 year ago)
Can you do a video with tips on how to complete a haircut? Like tapering up sideburns and trimming stubborn hairs around ears and lining up the front hairline? Just looking for tips on how to really personalize my haircuts. Thanks!!
David Alvarez (1 year ago)
looking good kenny rogers
مصعب تازنگ (1 year ago)
بسیار عالی
Mohan Pruthvi (1 year ago)
ವಾವ್ ವೆರಿ ನೈಸ್ ಹೇರ್ ಡ್ರೆಸ್ಸಿಂಗ್
Rodrigo Patriota (1 year ago)
So mutch Bigmouth
Nicholas Giaquinto (1 year ago)
You are so talented thank you for sharing!
Julie Warner (1 year ago)
love your videos
MrJjhap (1 year ago)
he looks younger
Ed (1 year ago)
Yes, he desperately needed that haircut. Grey hair looks best when it's short, in my opinion.
Videographer Tom (1 year ago)
Nice barber with slow professional technique.
ryo ramandha (1 year ago)
i am from indonesia,,,,saya sangat suka skill mc barber..thanks for inspiration
Átila Oliveira (1 year ago)
Não etendi nada oq vc falou ,mais ficou show muito bom seu trabalho abraço alô brazil
HELENVAV55555 (1 year ago)
Очень нравятся ваши работы! Спасибо что делитесь познаниями! Благодарю!!
Ameer Ameer (1 year ago)
عاشت ايدك
Drea Silva (1 year ago)
Thank you for your inspiration and support. :)
lima viagens (1 year ago)
profissional mano tamos juntos !!!!!
lima viagens (1 year ago)
ola amigo escrito no canal massa sempre vejo os modelos de corte !!!
Not Kolsh (1 year ago)
Can you do James Rodriguez haircut
Thank MC
Vidadi Elesgerli V (1 year ago)
Master Mc Barber👍
Amer Jasarevic (1 year ago)
Keep up the great work MC. You're the best!!
starlite556 (1 year ago)
I  went to  Beauty  College  was   taught  nothing  about  clippers.   Do you  wash  the  hair  after  your  clipper  work  because of  the  clipper oil  or  before and how  bad  is  the clipper  oil  on  the  hair  and  skin?  Thank you.
Ys/park brush but not combs? Fix up mcbarber! Ha ha, just kidding. But seriously, I use ys 336 cutting and 282 clipper combs and seriously wouldn't use anything else. They are simply the best
TM 510 (1 year ago)
Great tutorials... Thanks MC!
Maduro Barber Bangkok (1 year ago)
Nice technique, I really enjoyed this video 🖒
Paula Andrea (1 year ago)
Hello MC could you write the name of the styling brush so I can look up online to buy it ? Thank you
Vic (1 year ago)
Where are you located??? what city??
V Lim (1 year ago)
Your fading is smooth!
Mohammed Iraqi (1 year ago)
I"am from Iraq I love you MC Barber
gil Barber (1 year ago)
muito top MC Barber
Faroek Nasierkhan (1 year ago)
MC you look like a muslim with amazing babering skills.
Calu Henke (1 year ago)
Hi MC, i'm a huge Fan from Brazil. How can i atend to the aprentice Program? How much It costs? thank You!!
Nelson Gomes (1 year ago)
Muito bom é isso ae Parabéns!
Celia Correia (1 year ago)
What is your machine?..
MC Barber (1 year ago)
Celia Correia oster octane
emma brewer (1 year ago)
I love the way you talk everything through as you do it so sick of these barber vids trying to be anything but educational with stupid music blasting over the vid...many have learnt so much from your set up and your teaching style
Barberboy Kevin (1 year ago)
emma brewer yep..I hope they take ah page from MC book
emma brewer (1 year ago)
Kevin Flemming haha yer that's what I mean,far better the way Mc does it.im glad you agree kevin
Barberboy Kevin (1 year ago)
emma brewer I totally agree..am I watching a tutorial or ah music video!?.keep up the good work MC
Said Zueke (1 year ago)
you look like isis with that beard!
Ahura Khasro (1 year ago)
Leonardo DiCaprio's Dad
sheepgray08 (1 year ago)
Ahura Khasro :... V that's what I fist thought
Russ Bogrett (1 year ago)
I have never used cordless clippers until I started watching your videos, now I use them all the time. I also thought I was the only barber who cut hair with a razor till I saw you videos. Fantastic looking cut! one of the best!💈
Said Zueke (1 year ago)
Russ Bogrett only barber? lol
Christy Lizarraga (1 year ago)
Thank u for sharing, I love ur work👌
Vikul Sharma (1 year ago)
u r a genius.......sir..
Abraham Aning (1 year ago)
MrCryingMoon (1 year ago)
What happened to the intro MC?
D.Leme (1 year ago)
great job MC!
Patrcia perez vidal (1 year ago)
sus técnicas son extraordinarias Maestro gracias por compartir :-)
AJ Barcelona Spain (1 year ago)
she is saying your hair cutting technice is awsm and thanks for share this video
MC Barber (1 year ago)
Patrcia perez vidal sorry I do not understand Spanish
Queria entender como pode alguém dar deslike num trabalho tão bem feito como esse 👏👏
Efy V (1 year ago)
I suggest you to add some music in background,it's a bit boring
Cory Cox (5 months ago)
emma brewer seriously I agree
emma brewer (1 year ago)
thats the whole point to his vids they ain't supposed to be entertaining they are educational and he talks you through every step he does..if you want trap music over barber vids,you tube is 90 percent of that so wontbehard to find... go elsewhere if you like the common stuff
Sirenitaa H (1 year ago)
Deberías de hacer un video en español. Me gustó mucho
El mejor de los mejores maestro Mc Barber
Anh Nguyen (1 year ago)
Ms Baber, How the tution goes? Thx
MC Barber (1 year ago)
Anh Nguyen contact us via phone 860-995-5779
Anh Nguyen (1 year ago)
Mc baber, It's an amazing! I'm a beginner, I always try to go fast but it always takes me a lot time for haircut. Wishing you a lot of successful!
Lizzy S. (1 year ago)
Great eye, style and detailed work....nice work! Best wishes for the Paris competition, have a wonderful time!! 🌠☄💈🎉💫💫💫
David Mitchell (1 year ago)
MC you are the master my friend! My barbering skills have improved so much since I have been following you.. I'm a year out of college and I can feel things starting to work and come together, cheers.
Tuncay Piriyev (1 year ago)
MC Barber thank you for all videos!
EugenioJorge (1 year ago)
sehr gut!
BeginnerCutz (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Love the content keep em comin!
Ashleigh Howes (1 year ago)
Shout out to MC Barber for being the best ever barber and the most humble man , I hope at some point you will come to the uk 🤗
Style Safwan (1 year ago)
I do have a request sir,😀😀😀Would you do a Flattop Haircut?😀😀😀
Best Barbers (1 year ago)
mohamed Qlf (1 year ago)
Style Safwan (1 year ago)
فلسطين حرة ya akhi r u from palestine?
nelson oliveira (1 year ago)
Acompanhando sempre seu trabalho, Brasillll
D.Leme (1 year ago)
nelson oliveira up
mohamed Qlf (1 year ago)

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