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Samsung GALAXY S4 - LCD Display & Touch screen Replacement

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How to disassemble / take apart the smartphone and change / replace the Digitizer Glass and LCD display w/o frame. i9500, i9505, i9505G, i337, i545 L720 L720T • Video chronology: 0:27 - Rear frame removal 1:18 - New spare part test 2:01 - Logic / main board removal (display assembly, front camera, light sensor, antenna cables) 2:37 - Display assembly and display / middle frame separating 3:52 - New spare part installing 4:36 - Reassembling Related links: Galaxy A3 A5 A7 - 5 Tips & Tricks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcKHAMWwcPU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17pmEshAzg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (38)
Yuzhong Zhang (6 months ago)
Why do you need to remove the motherboard? I believe the repair can be performed perfectly without motherboard removed, can you please advice?
Pantelis Marantos (7 months ago)
BeLlSiBuB (1 year ago)
All these tutorials come with the gold lead attached to the screen and yet none of them tell you what they are called or how to attach them. are they sold new with them attached or do you have to rip it off the broken screen and attach to the new one? Is there a tutorial for that?
ZFix (1 year ago)
BeLlSiBuB it is attached to the new display assembly. Do not buy the spare part without this metal folio. It is difficult to separate it from thr oldisplay.
Pls sand link
Sand link for bay this screen
ZFix ok thanks
ZFix (1 year ago)
Ali Hussnain Punjabi songs try eBay or Amazom
Price screen and teach
superb dhungana (1 year ago)
does the replacement erases internal files and photos?
ZFix (1 year ago)
superb dhungana no, it doesn't
Shehryar Rana (1 year ago)
My s4 mobile panel is damage what I do
Andi Rahman (1 year ago)
Hello I wanna Samsung Galaxy S4 E330L screen repairing but the S4 E330 amoled display that is hard to find and expensive. so I have a qustion Galaxy S4 i9500 , i9505 or i9506 's amoled display compatible with E330? (no Bezel frame aseembly , just LCD display touch screen digitizer)
Beatriz Lopez (1 year ago)
Getting I'm getting my screening September well I might need you
SaRa VaNaN (2 years ago)
can do for LENOVO a316i screen replacement
Alexandr (2 years ago)
As always, a good review. The display for the Samsung Galaxy s4 i9500 cheap to buy here: http://ali.pub/mzipy Safety tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500: http://ali.pub/bc6q3
Xhuliano Zekaj (2 years ago)
My friend..i just need to move the LCD+Glass of my phone to a new frame (I bought a new full housing). Any video how to do it without any damage to the LCD? Thanks!
타니 (2 years ago)
뭐가 뭔지 모르것네
Abdelhak Benlakbir (2 years ago)
i whant one free :/
Sam Sullivan (2 years ago)
can u put a link in where u ordered this replacement
ZFix (2 years ago)
+Sam Sullivan eBay or Amazon, just search for Galaxy S4 screen white (or black...). But if you want to buy display assembly with frame (it's easier) then you need the correct phone model - i9500, i9505, i337, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra0p-zJ8v-Q
TheKalinfg (2 years ago)
Pls help. I did everything that you did. Everything works except that the touchscreen is not working, i mean that i have color/picture but the phone does not react when i touch the screen. Great video btw.
Vadim E (2 years ago)
ZFix can you please tell me what the logic board is? I also replaced my screen with the one in this video and touch screen doesn't work
TheKalinfg (2 years ago)
+ZFix Problem, i have installed it ;( Tnx for the help ^^
ZFix (2 years ago)
+TheKalinfg If you haven't installed the display check the touch screen flex cable connector (a small connector near to the main connector). Also clean the display connector on the logic board.
Lloyd Stuart (3 years ago)
Thank you for this illustration. you did a great job!
emdeep101 (3 years ago)
thnx bro
emdeep101 (3 years ago)
where can I buy the lcd at the lowest price.....with international shipping
ZFix (3 years ago)
+emdeep101 I buy most of the parts from eBay and Amazon.
Jesus (3 years ago)
Hello , i dropped my s4 , screen cracked and it's black, don't hear anything , the back button and the menu button light's upp , but nothing else , is it the glass that's fucked up? Or the lcd? And is this the way to repair
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Anton Veszpremi The glass and the display are glued. You have to replace the display assembly like in this video or display assembly with frame like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra0p-zJ8v-Q It's more easy to use a spare part with a frame, but you have to order it by the model of your Galaxy S4.
roxana martinez (3 years ago)
Actually worked but my email Took off and all my data and I need it
roxana martinez (3 years ago)
Oh ok
ZFix (3 years ago)
+Roxana Martínez What exactly happened. Display replacement can not affect the data in your phone.
Memi Ninety Three (3 years ago)
nice video thank you
u2uve (3 years ago)
Where to buy those tools? Thanks!
ZFix (2 years ago)
Repair opening tools for smartphones
ZFix (3 years ago)
+u2uve You can find them on eBay, Amazon or other online shop like repair opening tools.

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