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Men's fade hairstyle | How to fade with a clipper | Real soccer player haircut for Men

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Men's footballer hair fade - short hair inspiration! In this tutorial we show you how to create a hair fade with barber techniques with clippers. for a barbers hair style. Haircut & styling by Infamous barbers featured by Slikhaar TV. ★Shop online! http://www.SlikhaarShop.com ★Instagram: SlikhaarTVofficial Hi GUYS! We hope you all enjoyed this video! Please let us know what other videos you'd like for us to make. Hair products used in the video are listed below… Follow, like, share and more: ⇨ Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SlikhaarTV ⇨ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SlikhaarTVGroup ⇨ Instagram: https://instagram.com/slikhaartvofficial/ ⇨ Blog: http://www.slikhaarshop.com/news ⇨ Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/B6Mqj ⇨ Snapchat: SlikhaarTV HAIRCUT Sides: 0-0,6cm Top front: 4-6cm Top center: 3-5cm PRODUCTS USED ☆ By Vilain - Sidekick ☆ By Vilain - Gold Digger Music by Gramatik ★Download Gramatik's music FREE at Gramatik.net Best regards Emil & Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen SLIKHAAR TV TEAM Send all requests to: [email protected] Salon website: http://www.SlikhaarStudio.dk ♥ Slikhaar TV is a hairstyling channel for men founded by the twin brothers Emil & Rasmus. We give you new hairstyle inspiration every week: Tutorials, how-to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles, and professional tips to optimise your hair and overall style. Stay tuned and remember to tell us what you want to see next! barber
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Text Comments (584)
lawleight (3 days ago)
Usually they explain how to do things in a tutorial and why .
Kellie Volk (4 months ago)
What a cutie😉
Eastwood Westwood (5 months ago)
I’m struggling with haircuts in Chinaaaa!!!
Comrade Björnsson (5 months ago)
very german youth
Derek Beaver (6 months ago)
Good luck finding a barber that skilled!
Manny Fresh (6 months ago)
What is this haircut called?
Oliver Benham (8 months ago)
If I wanted this haircut, what should I say to my barber?
Adrian Guardiola (9 months ago)
Okay. That is a sick haircut. I like it because it's got the modern fade thing going on, but it's not so dramatic. It's short on the sides, but the fade extends a lot longer and doesn't suddenly run into longer hair. It's more gradual until you get to the top, I guess. I cut my own hair, and surprisingly, I'm getting a lot better at it—but I'd love to have someone in my area that could do this. It would look better and save me 1.5 hours every time.
q doba (9 months ago)
Lmao soccer player fade ?
Burnt Chicken (10 months ago)
That moment when you see the location 😲
Andrew R (10 months ago)
Alright, now how about playing that back at 1/10 speed and throwing some words in? There wasn't a whole lot of how to in this video.
Tasmanian Devil (11 months ago)
Men cut hair hair better
Najeer Khan (11 months ago)
soruff sotuff (1 year ago)
Damn the video was 1:58, but I'm thinking real time 10 to 15min, which is amazing. I HATE BEING IN A BARBER'S 30mins or more, I have things to do. Amazing vid, excellent barber!!
Hairstyle tutorial (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/Uorxt7Zn1yo plz like share Nd subscribe
KinG FLY (1 year ago)
Benjamin (1 year ago)
Those bangs are awsome how did he make them look like that
Tra Pper (1 year ago)
If I were to go to a barber and want this what would I say?
s731s (1 year ago)
nice video but I didn't learn a thing 😄
Federico Amarilla (1 year ago)
q buen corte amigo en la mejor cancha de argentina en la de gallito de moron
Cheetah Chenko (1 year ago)
Nice so you did not explain how to fade anything.
I love pizza (1 year ago)
What a weird place to have a saloon on
Israel Mendoza (1 year ago)
ask for the soccer fade?
Caleb Medeiros (1 year ago)
Didn't even show how to do the fade..
Thomas Derby (1 year ago)
this one player keeps kicking my ass is it TheLegend27?
Gary (1 year ago)
Ok I got the cut now I just need this guys face and Im good to go.
Cody the Barber (1 year ago)
you use alot of clippers
Hey Cody the Barber, It is usually depend on the hairdresser how he wants to make specific hairstyle, but as long as it does the job it should be good, right? 😉
Nicholas Bridgemohan (1 year ago)
Anyone else noticed he got a "footballer haircut" in a football stadium? aha
Mr. McMan (1 year ago)
10/10 I'd fuck him
Tanner Scanlan (1 year ago)
More details in how to style
JOHNNY TUBE (1 year ago)
Clean fade bro
Asphalt8ficionado (1 year ago)
I'm sick and tired of all the undercut videos. That's the only reason why I unsubscribed from Slikhaar. Shorter hairstyles please! E.g. Buzzcuts, crew cuts, fade cuts... come on. There's more styles in this world than darn undercuts.
Chris Rodriguez (1 year ago)
wow.. could of went to the barbershop to see this.. stupid bait
ERamos1993 (1 year ago)
Jacob Porter (1 year ago)
could u do this hair cut on a white person?
Stephen Nevarez (1 year ago)
What's the number he uses on the sides?
theunwantedworld1 (1 year ago)
lower section 0.5 guard mid 1 guard then 2-3 guard
luis valdez (1 year ago)
name of hair cut ???
gorilla twist (1 year ago)
Chris Miller (1 year ago)
What is this, a music video? No instruction whatsoever.
Shane Bsttles (2 years ago)
What number razor does he use first ??
Lady Violin (2 years ago)
Wow what a beauty
Nathan Peng (2 years ago)
How much is ur haircut
Ivan Arriaga (2 years ago)
How can I tell my barber I want this haircut??
TheLilMissJasmin (2 years ago)
goddaamnn that model is fine. ugh 😍😍
Sebastian Botello (2 years ago)
Como se llama este corte?
Carlos Betancourt (2 years ago)
ciro inmobile
AngryDonutGuy (2 years ago)
Devices used, Oster Fast Feed, Andis Fade, Chrome clipper "no name"?, Wahl Super Close Shaver Shaper..
mervue16 (2 years ago)
Man all the barbers in my city are fucking blind
Evo Fitness (2 years ago)
There is fuckall 'how to' in this video
Jim Winterman (2 years ago)
when was the last time alfie hit another mill subs?
Jim Winterman (2 years ago)
Alfie who cares about what people think, pls make a video with them ball pits things, your fans will love it like so alfie can see
momo the great (2 years ago)
nice i like it
Gerardo Olatxea (2 years ago)
What's the name of the stylist-coiffeur, please?
Keith Herman (2 years ago)
Incredibly handsome! Awesome haircut!
Justin DiBenedetto (2 years ago)
What is this hairstyle called..?
andre mansour (2 years ago)
How do I style my hair like this
little biffy (2 years ago)
He is so hot and a very nice hair cut...
Chapel Montoya (2 years ago)
Haşimsi (2 years ago)
nice man <3
zacariasuuu shinpai (2 years ago)
song name?
OX vR6 (2 years ago)
I need this guy to barber me
Abi Cuh (2 years ago)
How can I get a beautiful ass haircut like that my hair is always falling down and flat 💔help
Maazz Sadiq (2 years ago)
i love hair cut
1hard2findbro (2 years ago)
Loud Sh (2 years ago)
best haircut ever
EmBreezy / Breezy TV (2 years ago)
+Nebula Genesis wanna do this to you
specularhat pique (2 years ago)
What cut does the barber have ??
BlueLineRipper (2 years ago)
Anyone know how short this is on the sides?
IViftyhands (2 years ago)
BlueLineRipper (2 years ago)
+blackopssavage Username - blackopssavage Bio- Reddit Confirmed mouth breathing virgin.
blackopssavage (2 years ago)
+Jake 1 KYS
BlueLineRipper (2 years ago)
+blackopssavage na
blackopssavage (2 years ago)
+Jake 1 nah what?
Revidescent84 (2 years ago)
This is straight up inspiring! I love doing fades, but damn you take it to a whole another level! I hope I get this good! And loving the fun, cheeky product names haha!
1metrok (2 years ago)
Kun Agüero
Franco Rojas (2 years ago)
Estadio Nuevo Francisco Urbano, Club Deportivo Morón, Argentina!!!
River Cabre (1 year ago)
es verdaddd
Whiteberg Slim (2 years ago)
It's really hard to find someone to cut a fade like this around my area.. I've had some fucked up fades from them old lady's lol... so bad
RobHP (1 year ago)
Whiteberg Slim I usually check to see of there is men cutting hair whenever I go to a new barber. can't let a woman cut my hair anymore too many fck ups.
joeyy17 (2 years ago)
go to a barber
Whiteberg Slim (2 years ago)
+AlexTheLion lmao probably so.
AlexTheLion (2 years ago)
😂😂 I think everybody has local old lady that fucks ppl up
John Kehrli (2 years ago)
Wait what does this have anything to do with soccer
dj twohands (2 years ago)
what is the name of this cut?
Main Stream (2 years ago)
Can you please reply and tell me what do I ask for when trying to get this haircut from my barber ?
AlexTheLion (2 years ago)
A 2 on the sides with a mid bald fade and a do hawk up too and show them the video if they don't get the picture haha
Jose Reyes (2 years ago)
What is the name of this haircut? Please help!
Jian Hang Chew (2 years ago)
What is his hairstyle?
Bassgetball (2 years ago)
I have the "fade" part, and I'm looking on how to style the front. I always get stuck keeping it up and forward in that style. Any links or tips would be appreciated, thanks :)
Deena Gohar (2 years ago)
Blow dry it with hot air (while your hair is wet) in the direction you want it to go. Then use wax/gel to keep it up. Should work
Átomo 77 (2 years ago)
Adam Szymański (2 years ago)
Thinning scissors / shears name?
Nextplains (2 years ago)
How would i tell my barber to do this haircut? like what type of fade is it on the sides and how much did he leave on the top?
Max Lor (2 years ago)
WOW I need that hair cut
Brew master (2 years ago)
calls it a how to video.doesnt explain how to....smh
trauma (2 years ago)
I need the exact same haircut what's it called plzz
Boca Juniors (2 years ago)
aguante Morón loco ! que hermoso estadio
GuNz EliTeX (2 years ago)
Slikhaar tv can you show how to get the mowhawk from John soap mactavish from cod modern warfare ?
natrone23 (2 years ago)
A real Barber.....not some silly hairstylist that can't do a proper fade. Bring this Barber back.
Rohan Royal (2 years ago)
So if I want this haircut, what exactly tell my barber? or do you have a picture somewhere I can show him?
brayden squires (2 years ago)
What do you suggest on the lower part ? A 3 on the bottom? And a 3.5 on the top to blend it ?
Davis (2 years ago)
well.its all nice...but i really want to learn how to fade like that..and cut hair....:(... all videos i see doesnt teach how to...
I Don't Care (2 years ago)
Step 1: Look like a model
Jack macario (2 years ago)
What number is for the top
Nuwair Akram (2 years ago)
What should I tell my barber? what are the side lengths or name of haircut
Luis Rivera (2 years ago)
what fade is that on the side ?
Walter White (2 years ago)
I need a barber permantly in my house.
Vendzor (2 years ago)
Why? Are you finally off chemotherapy?
Castiel Winchester (2 years ago)
I ain't no homo, but damn that guy is one good looking son of a bitch.
Boxing All Day27 (1 year ago)
yeah you are a homo you nasty fukin faggggot. i bet you got hard from that you sick fuckk
Manny Campos (2 years ago)
hahaha agree man !!
if you see his other videos you will find out hits guy is gay actually..fuck homos
Eric Gonzalez (2 years ago)
I'm straight but sometimes I wishe I look as handsome as some I see , don't hate
Tyra Dime Dolce (2 years ago)
I wanna cut his hair:) what his name
Alex Flores (2 years ago)
Finally someone that knows how to actually fade not like the rest of the videos they have on this channel get this it back here
Uncle Larry (2 years ago)
He has another extra ballsack on his chin wtf
Good Man (2 years ago)
Srdjan Cosic (2 years ago)
alvaro morata hairstyle?
Luis Jordan (2 years ago)
where did they plug on the hair drier?

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