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Funny Windows 8™ Japanese Commercials

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A compilation of funny Japanese commercials featuring Windows 8™. Enjoy watching! ;-)
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Text Comments (80)
InterMiner (28 days ago)
3:11 watch the mirror xD
Calvint Lim (1 month ago)
It's Chinese
gabby olegario (1 month ago)
It's chinese
Tatsuki Natsume (10 months ago)
This is not Japanese
Jordandreas (1 year ago)
Bad transition ever
Ade Asker (1 year ago)
No jp its chn
Oribe Mafuyu (2 years ago)
ummm... my user name may be japanese but I am a korean and the last one is nor korean. I think it's chinese. I know this because I go to a chinese academy but I started jusy recently so I can't really differentiate mandarin and other similar languages.
the last one is the best XD
Reporter Super (2 years ago)
now my nose itchy... bcoz the last one
Andrea Leoni (3 years ago)
the last one sounds both chinese and korean, but i know it's korean haha. like her accent wtf??
Andrea Leoni (3 years ago)
The last one is Korean, not Japanese. You can tell that they are not japanese. her accent in korean is oo wierd though.
Revan (3 years ago)
hahha lol the last one :D
Akid HTF (3 years ago)
I see a Chinese nerd. It MEANS IT IS FROM CHINA
Krumpl Jirka (3 years ago)
0:22 song?
Chi Hyun Ahn (2 years ago)
turkish march
anyone know the music used in opening this video ? :3
Timetraveler (3 years ago)
is Thai and Vietnamese, or anyway is something Asian or from over there
Calvint Lim (1 month ago)
It's Chinese
Akiteck (3 years ago)
its korean
Oribe Mafuyu (1 year ago)
It's obviously not Korean....
Akiteck (3 years ago)
+Andrea Leoni That's irrelevant to the topic.. But I don't find it weird. I'm a chinese in japan, so I can differentiate the language effectively. Koreans have many different accents. This applies to chinese and japanese too, especially countryside and city people. They just talk very differently even though they are same race.
Andrea Leoni (3 years ago)
+Akiteck I knew it was korean, and i only know the alphabet, but ino grammar. But don't you find that her accent is reaally wierd in korean? and her mouth moves differently from what she says
Andrea Leoni (3 years ago)
+LPwithME You sound like a fucking ignorant white boy. how does that feel bitch? I'm also white btw so....
Alice Kirkland (3 years ago)
+LPwithME You should. At least pay them some respect.
Andy S (3 years ago)
Come on, people, it's not Chinese, at least not mandarin. I'm guessing it's not even a language....they made it for all Asian markets, so they decide to be creative. Sorry if it's actually someone's native language....
Calvint Lim (1 month ago)
Try match this makeup script : 在这你们学到这些了,看你们以后好好学习看看,以后你们想快点好看不行,浓浓的look,能画的歪的,懂不懂,以后你干什么,要来试好好,知道了吗,自己可以吗,自己搞。(拍拍手),自由画,(timer),一体建??,你干什么,这个是直刀车,操了自个弄机,你干嘛拿这个东西,怎样,拿这个可以弄什么东西,@#&&%¥%,停,就不知道怎么弄是啊,由弄得猴耍似的,就是要搞的猴子耍的,不好好的削呢,你看呢,我就知道是你忘了口红,停,是怎样,不好好跟你弄,弄,这样涂这样涂,也不知道怎么涂上去,以后不好好画,你肯定不过了,砰。。。 This definitely Chinese
みかみにちわ (3 years ago)
This is not japanese
Joven Albarida (4 years ago)
this is chinese not japanese idiot but this really funny to watch
luca zheng (3 years ago)
ne sei proprio? mica sei cinese
Timber (3 years ago)
+luca zheng It's Chinese. They are speaking Jin Chinese (晋语).
luca zheng (3 years ago)
This is not chinese
The GunSlinger (4 years ago)
Microsoft sucks for not making commercials like these in America XD
Gabrie (4 years ago)
Hey! This is Korea!
Calvint Lim (1 month ago)
Ask someone know Chinese and match the makeup part with this script: 在这你们学到这些了,看你们以后好好学习看看,以后你们想快点好看不行,浓浓的look,能画的歪的,懂不懂,以后你干什么,要来试好好,知道了吗,自己可以吗,自己搞。(拍拍手),自由画,(timer),一体建??,你干什么,这个是直刀车,操了自个弄机,你干嘛拿这个东西,怎样,拿这个可以弄什么东西,@#&&%¥%,停,就不知道怎么弄是啊,由弄得猴耍似的,就是要搞的猴子耍的,不好好的削呢,你看呢,我就知道是你忘了口红,停,是怎样,不好好跟你弄,弄,这样涂这样涂,也不知道怎么涂上去,以后不好好画,你肯定不过了,砰。。。
Calvint Lim (1 month ago)
Idiot, this is Chinese.
ExtremeCringe TV (10 months ago)
its not korean you idito
Vincent zhao (4 years ago)
this is not Chinese , i am a Chinese . i didn't undersatand at all.
Calvint Lim (1 month ago)
It's Chinese Try match makeup video with this script: 在这你们学到这些了,看你们以后好好学习看看,以后你们想快点好看不行,浓浓的look,能画的歪的,懂不懂,以后你干什么,要来试好好,知道了吗,自己可以吗,自己搞。(拍拍手),自由画,(timer),一体建??,你干什么,这个是直刀车,操了自个弄机,你干嘛拿这个东西,怎样,拿这个可以弄什么东西,@#&&%¥%,停,就不知道怎么弄是啊,由弄得猴耍似的,就是要搞的猴子耍的,不好好的削呢,你看呢,我就知道是你忘了口红,停,是怎样,不好好跟你弄,弄,这样涂这样涂,也不知道怎么涂上去,以后不好好画,你肯定不过了,砰。。。
luca zheng (3 years ago)
Si vivo in italia.
Andrea Leoni (3 years ago)
quando scrivi sui messaggi pero
Andrea Leoni (3 years ago)
a. ma vivi in italia? comunque si dice quando scrivi in inglese, lo so parlare da..tutta la mia vita. 
luca zheng (3 years ago)
1) perche non so l'inglese 2) se scrivevo cinese non lo capirebbe nessuno 3)potevo scrivere in spagnolo ma mi piaceva pi l'italiano 4)non so cosa vuol dire quel -r u italian?-ma penso che sia un errore di battitura ed volevi scrivere you, ache cosi non aveva tanto senso quindi ho pensato ch volevi scrivere -are you italian?- e quindi,No non sono italiano
TheSovietSnail (4 years ago)
Dying of laugh the last one
Azwan GP (4 years ago)
This is obviously Chinese you dumb sheeeet
Emuru Mudkip (4 years ago)
Absolutely it's chinese. People should be more educated about world languages and their differences. Someone has to break those people's streotypeical thinking.
アップルパイ (4 years ago)
"Japanese" my ass...
김용현 (4 years ago)
I'm Korean myself, learned basic Japanese Language, and have some Chinese people on our college and heard how they talk. The Chinese letters on top right corner (which seems to be a broadcast station's name) says it pretty much already ( Japan use them too as Kanji, But they also have Hiragana and Katakana.. ) Hence, The way they talk is Chinese, so these must be all Chinese commercials. Plus, we koreans do use chinese implemented in use, But we don't usually use the characters of chinese ( we write their 'sound' in Hangul ) and we prefer sticking to using Hangul ( Korean Letters ) and some English.
Kevin Chen (4 years ago)
which idiot is saying these are Chinese commercials?
Nikolai0169 (4 years ago)
kksk128 (4 years ago)
hiroo yamagata (4 years ago)
They are ALL Chinese CMs. none of them are Japanese.
twillightsky (4 years ago)
There is no Korean CM. I think these are all Chinese.
Briony Devlin (4 years ago)
Bahahahahahaha my god, that was funny XD
Bianca Hodges (4 years ago)
One of them sounds like Korean
Bianca Hodges (4 years ago)
One of them sounds like Korean
LUPIN Zema (4 years ago)
Japanese??..That can't be,last one talking Chinese..lol
Golden Phoenix (4 years ago)
3. Beautiful, but now with a brain concussion.
Nikolas Stiffel (4 years ago)
I use Win8. The commercials.... TRUTH! TRUTH EVERYWHRE! NIN-NIN!
Raffhell Hadden (4 years ago)
the best tech spots are made by orientals =D
MrCPmovieproductions (4 years ago)
One is Korean and the first one I don't think is Japanese. Rather the first one might be Chinese or an other race.
ThisIsYC (4 years ago)
What's the song called in the introduction?
Niu Bie (4 years ago)
WAW... :D
4EverBanishment (5 years ago)
I liked the watermelon commercial XD
OfficialParadox (4 years ago)
Me too. That one was pretty cool.
guochocinco (5 years ago)
this isn't chinese. this isn't a real language.
bubbawaba98 (5 years ago)
3:11 LOL XD
PCHelps (5 years ago)
This is never japanese, it´s 100% chinese
sleocvreetly (5 years ago)
I hate it when people are ignorant in the fact that they assume all asians are either japanese, or chinese or korean. You don't have to be experts but please do some research.
MysteriousAznDuDe (5 years ago)
you dun goofed. youku the chinese youtube...
yuan guo (5 years ago)
This from JWT shanghai
Potato-Senpai (5 years ago)
For everything whats creepy or just fucking weird you blame us
Mysticsloth (5 years ago)
yeah it's quite funny - exept, it's not Japanese, for heaven's sake.... <__<
LenLeonardo (5 years ago)
Must of thought it was Japanese cos it was that awesome
MrSirHaku (5 years ago)
This is Chinese...not Japanese
sarasaaraify (5 years ago)
Sigh... This is Chinese commercials.

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