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Sweet Dreams, From Medusa (Soul Eater CMV)

72 ratings | 4552 views
Staring Tsubaki~Tsubaki Star Crona~Michi-chan Patty~Lee Lee-chan WITH GUEST~ Medusa~Yvonne Picard (http://www.youtube.com/user/yvonnepicard/videos?flow=grid&view=1)
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Text Comments (7)
amber proctor (3 years ago)
yes... this...this beautiful.
ronibopshop (4 years ago)
Stefán Atli (5 years ago)
Medusa is freddie cruger
Luna Nightroad (5 years ago)
Vriska Serket (5 years ago)
that was just amazing... i love this!!!
Anime4everLuver (6 years ago)
Whoa.. :)
yvonnepicard (6 years ago)
Still can't believe how great this came out!

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