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Men get fully pampered at this NYC barbershop

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Men get pampered at Barber's Blueprint.
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Hermione 10Gaming (2 days ago)
I can't tell a difference 😅🤔🤷
jasmine (15 days ago)
0:51 MOOD
Yxung FX (17 days ago)
This why you domt go to white barbers
Jenny Santos (19 days ago)
Who else thought of JoJo Siwa when he said “for receding hairlines” 😂😂😂
Akashi Orravan (22 days ago)
that looks bad 😬
nawidthegamer (26 days ago)
i think i saw blood on the top of his head 1:09
The mischief Girl (1 month ago)
Well isnt that cool?
ArghRawrWhoa (1 month ago)
All a means to supporting eugenics
ArghRawrWhoa (1 month ago)
Sean Mallon (1 month ago)
the soy boy smirk
Sean nt (1 month ago)
0:18 the disrespect
Katie Doge 101 (1 month ago)
Tbh everyone came here for the thumbnail and how satisfying it looks 👌
*I thought they got Pampers on them u understand like pampered*
Leo Pickles (1 month ago)
Where is it located in the city
Maddy. The local (1 month ago)
Your hairline is receiding lol
It looks no different
Men or MAN?
Giovanni Dealecio (2 months ago)
I live in New York City and I can get a better haircut than that at my local barber shop 😂
I dont deserve likes (2 months ago)
Hey you left some hair in here <------------ Try to wipe it off, its gonna be hard
Opalmew Gaming (3 months ago)
God damn, and I thought jacksfilms had a big forehead.
2 weeks ago (3 months ago)
Damn. Gotta go to N.Y. to find these fine brothers
Toaster Head (3 months ago)
Ah yes let's try out this barbers by sending somebody with little hair
La Terria (3 months ago)
rossrodriguez321 (4 months ago)
Only shit I see is he go gayer
Oh Pandaz (4 months ago)
Pushed that hairline back
Maddie Breitweiser (4 months ago)
He looks the same lmao
Mia Cayleb (4 months ago)
For the before and after part at the end I can’t see the difference in his hair and face😂
ryan weerasinghe (4 months ago)
hey better then daequan hairline
Jesus Condom (4 months ago)
I can fit the whole alphabet in that huge forehead
Tonya Henderson (4 months ago)
미리 암Miriam (19 days ago)
Tonya Henderson why not
AcGaming (4 months ago)
Get you a hood barber for less, and he’ll hook you up better.
basi the cool (4 months ago)
why does he need a haircut and a shave
Thorust Bane (4 months ago)
but yu gay
Ronnie D. (4 months ago)
Here in India I get my haircut and beard trimmed with money that is equal to half a dollar and still better than this shit.
Christopher van Zyl (4 months ago)
Sponsored by reeces peanut butter cups
Intensity EXILE (4 months ago)
Looks same me
Numair Ahmed (4 months ago)
Faze Cloak (4 months ago)
1:07 those scissor tricks in the background tho😭😭
Nsr Gzh (4 months ago)
he is an iphone x
Rajesh Chopra (4 months ago)
Meh, we get this everywhere in India for just $6
AngeloNix (4 months ago)
I don't see any differences except for the faded part on his haircut
Splucer (4 months ago)
Yasss get it queen
Brian Flores (4 months ago)
Tbh You Looked the same 😂
Marlowe Roberts (4 months ago)
His hairline traveled back to the 60s I’M SCREAMING😂
Jaelan Milligan (4 months ago)
Probably costs about 600 dollars
PG 13 (4 months ago)
Here in my country you can get a dope lookin haircut for just about 2-5$
SWOOSH LOGO (4 months ago)
That hairline tho
ANTonio51006 (4 months ago)
Bruh, he looks like a African American version of Jack Douglas 😂 😂 😂
LordTen (4 months ago)
Bro went from 4 head to a 5 head
Saucy AssTot (4 months ago)
That part made it ugly fam
9ine 6ix (4 months ago)
Would love to go but I can't trust a white barber 😂
Sean (4 months ago)
Any happy ending?
ColeTheOrignal (4 months ago)
This dude thinks he’s cute lmao
Dauri noor (4 months ago)
I could get a haircut and head massage for 1$
Thejus George (4 months ago)
He looks exactly the same before n after
MrBigT (4 months ago)
that cut was weak AF. Thats what you get for letting a white dude cut your hair. I don't even let somali/ Ethopian brothers cut my hair [they have different hair texture], imagine letting a white dude cut me
Vincent D (4 months ago)
I would slap some one if they put they tar shit in my hair
azxheq lenny (4 months ago)
I feel that his glasses doesnt fits the new hair cut
Palvinder Mahal (4 months ago)
Aww that smile in the end was to die to ❤️🔥
Tyler Bredice (4 months ago)
Typo in the title... it’s suppose to be “Man”***
These are not men they are bunch of fanny bandits. hehehehehehehe
Mayo Titan (4 months ago)
did. he. just. pushback. his. hair.
Chris Civatte (4 months ago)
he needs to get pampered at the orthodontist
PreciousBundlesNursrey (4 months ago)
Can he please stop making those faces....
Dog :D (4 months ago)
SkyDivingPenguin (4 months ago)
I need to fly there just for a haircut
Logan Blunk (4 months ago)
Before: average After: same but now with less money
Alleeyah Smith (5 months ago)
He looks very similar to Remi Baker! omg
Energ y (5 months ago)
They forgot to pamper him
sus box (5 months ago)
Barber What you want Guy Can you set my hairline to 220 Barber Say no more fam
Plam tree (5 months ago)
0:32 all you need is a finger and you got yourself a meme
Daquan TheRealist (5 months ago)
Haircuts are over rated
Prohn (5 months ago)
Never go against the waves wtf
LuxuryPalmBay2121 (5 months ago)
William's World (5 months ago)
I hope his hair grows straight under his neck
G ISRAEL (5 months ago)
Ellie (5 months ago)
Rude comments here. He looks good and even if you don’t see a huge difference the experience was probably relaxing
Star SpekleZ (5 months ago)
Sports clips
lilsealion (5 months ago)
My barber does all this
Ricky Lopez (5 months ago)
Shit was whack af
Ricky Lopez (5 months ago)
lilsealion forreal Bro lol
lilsealion (5 months ago)
Ricky Lopez 😂
K (5 months ago)
Better before and after would have been nice!
Angel Hernandez (5 months ago)
Pagaste 60$ pa verte igual
Karol Vina Santiago (5 months ago)
He reminds me of Pharrell
MarcTary DARIUS (5 months ago)
The guy has lost his money
nep (5 months ago)
Fresh af but when u see dem teeths...wow
Ash (5 months ago)
Now he's just gotta fix his teeth
Rebecca Jordan (5 months ago)
Too fast to enjoy
Noah Wardak (5 months ago)
The waves ARE gone
Matt Anderson (5 months ago)
that guy is gay
anthony vlogs (5 months ago)
That cut is not fresh that shit fucked up
tash marie (5 months ago)
i saw dat blood 1:09 👀
Lance Medina (5 months ago)
Dat hairline tho
Alberto Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Umm my barber already does this , expect that green stuff , 20$ - haircut , wash, shave, plus a nice view .... milk monsters .
Remoizer4545 (5 months ago)
Hey look, it's drake
Djolle (5 months ago)
0:51 Mans not hot
David Nieto (5 months ago)
He still has a big forehead
mighty duck man himself (5 months ago)
Why did I watch this?
Mvp-AngelOfGod (5 months ago)
Gay asf
gangstalishis (5 months ago)
Stupid shit that just Jack's up the price like the face message and green mask.
Hen Ben (5 months ago)
Ugly @$$ cut RIP to da hair line

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