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[Angelica] ASMR~ Men's Shave + Haircut Barber Shop [Alternative Version]

105 ratings | 9662 views
Reupload of a deleted video. All rights belong to Angelica. Original title: "ASMR~ Men's Shave Role Play"
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Text Comments (13)
tali taggu (1 month ago)
love the hair
Mad Drawer (1 month ago)
This is stealing. You are stealing peoples videos. It dosn't matter if you 'credit' them, you never asked for permission.
Lukas High (3 days ago)
it's deleted flagged or removed videos. You are a moron. Archive channels are for historical record keeping.
City ViewR (4 months ago)
Make some wwII nurse videos
I was going to say something nice about the video, but after reading the comments I’m so confused about what’s going on. Oh, nice video.
michael martinez (7 months ago)
Your so cute😍
Skylar Snowhill (8 months ago)
You look like a young Mariah Carey
Lilliputian (8 months ago)
who is that underscore dude? they appear constantly in a bunch of accounts in angelicas videos sayin really random shit
I exist probably (7 months ago)
Lilliputian (7 months ago)
Papa Grande one of the underscore guys replied to me and said something abt piracy or whatever conspiracy its wild
Papa Grande (7 months ago)
I really do think the dude has some serious mental issues. Either that or it's a fucking chat bot.
Lilliputian (8 months ago)
__ _ holy shit dude
I exist probably (8 months ago)
Some asshole I guess

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