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Poker Face - Karaoke HD (In the style of Lady Gaga)

612 ratings | 101650 views
Poker Face karaoke video originally performed by Lady Gaga Music Licensing, Backing Tracks, Karaoke available at Singsongs Music Limited http://www.singsongsmusic.com . Buy SBI Karaoke Online at http://sbikaraoke.com - custom discs and downloads.
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Text Comments (10)
Manoela oliveira (1 year ago)
A4 I1 E3 5s
Espy rodriquez (1 year ago)
Monster Melek (2 years ago)
Yeas !
YorshGT_7u7 (3 years ago)
me gusto la canción y no le entendí ni amis paloma
Yazzmin Sarabia (1 year ago)
JORGEGAMES [CAYT] ajajjaja cierto
Kyra Thomas (5 years ago)
Essie (5 years ago)
Backing vocals are annoying to be honest, this is my time to shine not yours.
Essie 😭😤😤😤😤😴😈😭😭lol
Rania Elzeiny (5 years ago)
This is fab gr8 can't sung it fine -3
bojan misic (1 year ago)

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