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Proven Signs Of Genius - HOW UNIQUE ARE YOU? (SIGNS YOU'RE Genius) - psychology tricks

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Signs Of Genius That have nothing to do with Iq - Proven Signs Of Genius - HOW UNIQUE ARE YOU? (SIGNS YOU'RE Genius) Signs Of Genius - Signs You Are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT - SIGNS YOU'RE ACTUALLY A GENIUS - geniuses - signs of genius level intelligence - signs What do you think about when you hear the word genius? Most people might picture someone like Albert Einstein or a brain surgeon as genius . Perhaps you may classify a certain musician as a genius. But did you know that researchers have discovered that being a genius does not necessarily have to be related to a high IQ? 10 signs you are a genius psychology tricks genius is calculated and measured by the way you acquire new knowledge and skills and how you apply them. However, generally smart people don’t have to be extremely brainy to be geniuses. In fact, sometimes they will go through school being average #signsofgenius #10signsofgenius #genius #signs #howgeniusareyou #geniusareyou #signofintelligence #geniussigns #sign
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Yolo Swaggings (2 months ago)
Videos like this should be called "Brainwashing people to the point they don't know what they are anymore"
Aja Jefferson (5 months ago)
Roberto Santoyo (6 months ago)
The clock on your images are going backwards
Roberto Santoyo (6 months ago)
except for the London tower
Phahla Tladi (6 months ago)
This is bullshit
Alisha Lama (6 months ago)
I have this all above problem it means IAM genious....
Arthur Androstylez (6 months ago)
Genius: gens, gentis => the people, group of humans Genius => potential quite likely to a group of humans
Truthspoon (7 months ago)
I've got too much genius.
Hadley Scott McIntyre (7 months ago)
Haha im the genius and my brothers a flying monkey shit fukball yep thats what I call a simpelton you can tell them all the answers to the test and they still make an F
Mr. Nobody (7 months ago)
#7 is a load of Crap. Most of the smartest people whom ever lived weren't very beautiful.
hfsmm1 hfsmm1 (7 months ago)
I came here in hopes this video would tell me that I'm a genius. I say this in a strange computer voice.
John Maloney (8 months ago)
If a kid reverts & internalizes his or her emotional disturbances, converting them into controllable / externalized media, it isn’t necessarily out of genius. It is out of self defense. The ego is only protecting its perceived right to exist. That isn’t genius. That is nothing other than one being working to ensure it’s own continuation. Genius’s are a bi product of callous & hateful societies. Your kid studies insects because the kids at school are cruel & hateful. If they had been otherwise than perhaps your child would have chosen to pursue a path closer to their own core of being. Enough talk. I can not learn while talking. Now it is time to listen.
Gacha Bread (8 months ago)
I don’t care because I don’t know like working and gives up
Gacha Bread (8 months ago)
Think before
Gacha Bread (8 months ago)
Not fit in listener while taking plus learner night owl
Gacha Bread (8 months ago)
Nice voice
Sahar Arya (8 months ago)
Blue eyes and genious sounds racism
Andrew the chipmunk. (8 months ago)
Numbers 14 and 15 are only true when a genius isn't feeling depressed, and geniuses often get depressed.
thepianoplayer416 (9 months ago)
A genius can be someone who is good at problem solving. Someone who is practical who can troubleshoot problems and come up with solutions. A person who has an encyclopedia of info and can answer a few hundred questions in a trivia game show can be considered a genius. This is just textbook knowledge. That person needs to be someone who is practical like being able to fix a leaking pipe. There are those who took music lessons for years and learned to play an instrument... and that person can play a few pieces in front of an audience (even family members) can be considered a genius. But a true music genius is someone who learned to play a song on any instrument by observing others without being guided from the beginning to the end. Someone who receives instruction just once and can figure out the rest...
Piyush Soni (9 months ago)
Oh i have to come to know im a genius. Now im going to spend rest of my life on the couch. Fucklogic
Kevi Linyii (9 months ago)
no 4 👍👍am on it 😁😁
Pascalsmit1971 (10 months ago)
The robotic voice and the music are quite annoying....
Grey Area (10 months ago)
Everyone is an apparent genius!
gilbert ronoh (10 months ago)
The voice is as pathetic as hell, it causes nausea
gee skin (11 months ago)
how about correcting people?
Scott Shields (11 months ago)
y is your vioce like a robot
Ruben Concepcion (3 months ago)
Having a robot voice is a genius too😀
Kigola Abdul (5 months ago)
Because he is genius
John Humphrey (11 months ago)
Compared to the rest of the people in the city of Syracuse, I am a mega-genius.
Elavarasan Vattumalai (11 months ago)
Fuck u people blue eyes r genius nonsense Ramanujam did have not have a blue eye but he knew infinity
Lightest Asian (11 months ago)
Zohaib Ali (11 months ago)
Most of this shit is just ethics or common sense
BoldColt (11 months ago)
Which is qualities some people seem to be lacking.
Anilkumar Choudhry (1 year ago)
having 9 out of these 10
Mr ZerØ (1 year ago)
And genius will know how to replace genius with a pronoun...
Ashton Sielsky (1 year ago)
This is totally meAnd god work even known not a lot ha e seen this

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