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Only a true Genius can name the movies from the emojis - EMOJI MOVIE PUZZLES.

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Can you guess the movie from these emojis? Are you smart enough to solve these emoji movie puzzles? Puzzles are fun and relaxing and also improve your IQ skills. These puzzles can be solved by kids,adults and all! Emoji based puzzles are a good way to improve your visual skills and problem solving ability! ▶▶▶▶ WEEKLY VIDEOS GUARANTEED ◀◀◀◀ Do ✨SUBSCRIBE✨ , It takes like 2 seconds & Makes someone happy!!😍😍😍 Stay tuned to my channel to HAVE LOADS OF FUN! Planetworm presents Riddles, Puzzles, Brain teasers, tests, Brain Games and CRAZY FUN STUFF! ▼ SOME OF MY INTERESTING VIDEOS ▼ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▶ Funny Trick Questions -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC_Vhg4WszM ▶ I will guess your age! ---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJrEe3iMw24 ▶ How good are your eyes test! ---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svg6OAJkeww ▶Dirty mind test.--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qA2nA8u3cU ▶I WILL GUESS YOUR NAME ! ---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIT_cJYoj-Y ▶FIND THE ODD ONE OUT ! ---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB1Of1tjy_Y ∙▼ ✌Join me in my Social network✌ ▼ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ✋Subscribe to my Youtube Channel✋http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNztN.... My Google+ Community-https://plus.google.com/communities/1... Leave a like on facebook👍👍👍https://www.facebook.com/PlanetWorm/ ---SONG CREDIT--- Song: Dave Erpson - End Of Summer [Outertone Free Release] Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecDy9rJ7hiE Have a nice day! ~Planetworm
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Text Comments (11995)
Thanks a lot for watching!! Do check out my latest videos.. I'm sure you will like them!!! Have an awesome day!!!
Corinna Chan (3 days ago)
PlanetWorm Riddles & Tests. N
saravan gangaraju (12 days ago)
The SUSSA slicer (1 month ago)
I subed bro. From that jake poul video comment
Charles Ayensu Mensah (2 months ago)
I got 3
Rose Gacer (1 day ago)
All of them is correct
Jackeline Salgado (3 days ago)
Don't be mean to me but I only got 1
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
Home alone
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
Star Wars
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
James Bond
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
The hobbit
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
King Kong
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
Fast and the furious
Siddaraju Swapna (5 days ago)
Harry Potter
Art arena (7 days ago)
All correct
GAMING & GUIDE (10 days ago)
Ma chuda bhosdike
Crystal Thompson (10 days ago)
GameKing 39 (10 days ago)
2:48 was the one that I had trouble on
Brahim Chad (10 days ago)
Josie Cheerio (13 days ago)
1. Harry Potter 2. Fast the furious 3. King Kong 4. The hobbit 5. James Bond 6. StAr wars 7. Home alone
Paulo 187 (13 days ago)
Correct: 1 incorrect: 7
Shyam Bajaj (15 days ago)
Harry potter
cristals snow (15 days ago)
I got 3.
I only got 1 right
Shyam Bajaj (16 days ago)
Harry po
vj subashis (17 days ago)
Home alone
vj subashis (17 days ago)
star wars
vj subashis (17 days ago)
James bond
vj subashis (17 days ago)
the hobbit
vj subashis (17 days ago)
King kong
vj subashis (17 days ago)
fast and furious
vj subashis (17 days ago)
Harry Potter
vj subashis (17 days ago)
hassan ahmed (17 days ago)
My answer is all correct
hassan ahmed (17 days ago)
My answer is all correct
Elizabeth Tinoco (18 days ago)
I sub and túrn on the notification
aliya khan (19 days ago)
1 Harry Potter
Shahin Khanhy (20 days ago)
I got all of them
Onide Brooks (21 days ago)
Keithan Wilson (23 days ago)
Does anybody know this one 🦁 + 👑 =
shakshi Pradhan (23 days ago)
First one is too hard
Amrat Bhai (24 days ago)
Gamer Pokemon (28 days ago)
M c u tu mujhe shikhye ga
Shailesh Chauhan (1 month ago)
Harry potter Fast and the furious King Kong The hobbit James bond Star ward Home Alone
ghostsider (1 month ago)
I only got 1 🤣🤣🤣
Little Ausar (1 month ago)
I got 2 wrong
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
Home alone
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
Star wars
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
James Bond
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
The hobbit
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
King Kong
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
Fast and the furious
gagan kaur (1 month ago)
Harry Potter
Rehan Shaikh (1 month ago)
Very bad asking
NOOR ALAM (1 month ago)
They were Hollywood movie and i thought it was Bollywood.
Benjamin Filippi (1 month ago)
Benjamin Filippi (1 month ago)
Chari Jabagat (1 month ago)
Dayvin Jameson (1 month ago)
Jer'Kobe Fowler (1 month ago)
I got all right Yaakov sorry for bragging
George Bolechowski (1 month ago)
i got none right
Shibapada Das (1 month ago)
I love this emoji
Reyna Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Bees Production msp (1 month ago)
I got 0.
Zay City (1 month ago)
the only one i got right was the thumbnail
Rocket Guy (1 month ago)
Got two right
BIMAL RAJ (1 month ago)
Harry Potter
a stampy cat fan (1 month ago)
Do i still get it if the answer is Fast and the furious And I said. Fast and furious
Gamer Girl (1 month ago)
I got 1 0:46
Abdullah Rana (1 month ago)
Adrian Andrews (2 months ago)
it was Harry Potter
Joyce Anne Esconde (2 months ago)
0 idiot
Nadia Mason (2 months ago)
All of them GG guys
Tugg Speedman (2 months ago)
💩💃🏻🕺🏻 🦁👑 🕷🧔🏻🏠😖
Kamakhya Mishra (2 months ago)
monkey king
IM BEAUTIFUL (2 months ago)
*H O W A R E T H E S E E V E N F R O M T H E E M O J I M O V I E*
Ah creative (2 months ago)
Wanna do Sub to sub
Kaleb Chavez (2 months ago)
1❌ 2❌ 3❌ 4❌ 5❌ 6❌ 7✔
Rahul Shukla (2 months ago)
Maine ek bhi movie ka naam nahi bata paya 😢😢😢
Sharokina Araceli (3 months ago)
Great video! hope you get up to 1m subs :)
Sharokina Araceli (2 months ago)
Pooja Sharma (3 months ago)
fast and feaureaos
Pooja Sharma (3 months ago)
harry poter
Pavankalyan69 (3 months ago)
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just gaming (3 months ago)
I got 4
FrogTrump YT (3 months ago)
Gotem all
Abhiram Varma (3 months ago)
Steven Cungukmang (3 months ago)
first harry potter
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
home alone
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
#6 star wars
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
sexy gun
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
#4 man Dragon
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
man Dragon
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
#3 monkey Queen
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
#2 angry truck fart
FrosT 又KS (3 months ago)
1 flash
BellaSwanCullen14 (3 months ago)
1. Harry Potter 2. Fast and Furious 3. King Kong 4. The Hobbit 5. James Bond 6. Star Wars 7. Home Alone
it's me summer (3 months ago)
I got it all correct
Malin Suelan (4 months ago)
Play guess the song
Nothingless Hos (4 months ago)
Guess the lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)【̷┻̿═━一-+ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kim Ortiz (4 months ago)
I forgot what tbe movi is called there a boy with a pwt dragon I think
Kim Ortiz (4 months ago)
King monkey mad building
Kim Ortiz (4 months ago)
Next uhh idk ummm cars
Kim Ortiz (4 months ago)
First one uhh flash I think idk

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