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Baron Corbin Takes Bad Fall At Live Event; Possibly Injured (VIDEO INCLUDED)

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Text Comments (18)
Giovanni Boi (1 year ago)
Omg ! Holy crap that fall looked nasty !!
the roadrunnner (1 year ago)
DallasFortWorth TX91 (1 year ago)
damn he fell hard. hope he's doing okay.😮😕
Ulysses J Smith III (1 year ago)
hopefully he won't have to get on the top ropes anymore. I can see why a big guy would do it if they've been proven to do it successfully but in general this why big guys don't need to be on the top rope
Tim Gaulden (1 year ago)
Hopefully not, I like Baron Corbin and he needs a good push. That was a sick fall.
Chiko was here (1 year ago)
I would say something about AJ being a vet maybe should've protected him better, but Corbin is a BIG dude. So no fault there, just an accident
KazeKageAnthony (10 months ago)
Chiko was here this is a year late but aj did protect him when he was falling he could of fucked his neck but aj pushed him so he wouldn't land on the corner
Joe Herman (1 year ago)
Mrs. Calum Hood (1 year ago)
honestly he's very clumsy have you seen smackdown like a month ago??? he slipped
Mrs. Calum Hood (1 year ago)
Ya Boy ya i kinda figured 😂
I am Groot (1 year ago)
Miss Lauren Jauregui this fall wasn't his fault tho AJ slipped and Corbin fell off the ropes
Mrs. Calum Hood (1 year ago)
KVK Studios™ - The Ultimate Intros & Motion Graphics Channel well I didn't know that -_-
facepalm. that smackdown slip was clearly scripted
BrianPhantom27 (1 year ago)
AJ almost kill a Baron corbin
King of Fedoras (1 year ago)
God pls dont kill corbins momentum! he's been getting pushed so well!
Ryan Linkous (1 year ago)
Damn that was a bad fall!
k ec (1 year ago)
is baron corbin going to the royal rumble
GabeReal9009 (1 year ago)
Kevin Chiguil yes he announced his entry on Smackdown Live last Tuesday.

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