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Little Summer Pole Dancing

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Teaching my little niece how to work the newly installed stripper pole...haha :P
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anna brave (6 years ago)
It's so cute! But you shouldn't say stripper pole that's just asking for haters to hate. Pole dancing is a sport, just like anything else. Just because a pole was used in bars for stripping dosnt mean that's all it's for. That's like saying because ppl some use guns to kill, guns shouldn't exist. It's dumb.
kris1995the1 (7 years ago)
scotty3861 (7 years ago)
@kris1995the1 yeah i partly taught her cos i play keyboard. and u r right about not turning them into doing stuff like that.
kris1995the1 (7 years ago)
@scotty3861 i dont mind at all that kids is great at a sport ore enny thing but dont turn them into somthing like that piano is great i play abit my self ;)
scotty3861 (7 years ago)
@kris1995the1 thanks. i think it is sick the way children are being brought up today. i once went with my brother and my niece shopping one day and in the childrens section most of the clothes were highly innapropriate for children to wear. even my niece said she hated the clothes. so we had to shop somewhere else. people shouldnt rob kids of their childhoods and turn them into mini adults. my niece is into playing piano and drawing and does nothing like this at all.
kris1995the1 (7 years ago)
@scotty3861 thas great to hear :D that there is some 1 out there in youtube land thats more ore less normal ;)
scotty3861 (7 years ago)
@kris1995the1 i agree with u. i have an 8 year old niece who i look after a lot and she is just a normal kid and i make sure she isnt doing things like this.
kris1995the1 (7 years ago)
this is wrong..!!!

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