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Men's Shave Barber Shop💈 / ASMR

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00:58 Checking your beard and skin type 04:05 Combing your beard 06:00 Cutting your beard 08:53 Oil massage 13:24 Steam towel 16:00 Applying shaving foam 19:10 Shave your beard and mustach 32:36 Applying cream & so on Hi guys! It's been a while! I missed you so much.. I've been really busy moving and I got sick so I could not make any video. Sorry guys! Now moving is done well and I got recovered so I made this video which I really wanted to do. Hope you enjoy it :) Christmas soon! I love Christmas hehe :) I hope you have all great Christmas season! Love you all! ♥ ☆If you want to support me ♥ : https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4170402 ★My second channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpsMeruWTZ8uEBMA9aL8_g ★Instagram https://www.instagram.com/latte_asmr/
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Latte ASMR (2 years ago)
00:58 Checking your beard and skin type 04:05 Combing your beard 06:00 Cutting your beard 08:53 Oil massage 13:24 Steam towel 16:00 Applying shaving foam 19:10 Shave your beard and mustach 32:36 Applying cream & so on
Mistery84 (5 months ago)
Hi beautiful
ZackTube (7 months ago)
Latte ASMR Z
Anime NeverEnds (8 months ago)
Latte ASMR I watch mostly all your ASMR videos and the are amazing Keep Up The Good Work!😀😇
craza holic (8 months ago)
How much you charge for a similar service in real? I might fall asleep listening to your soothing office. :)
Stephanie Smith (8 months ago)
With it being spring, we have alot of proms and formal dances and weddings happening... I bet that would be a great video!!! I know i would watch 😊
Phil Swift (2 hours ago)
So this isn't a shaving tutorial?
Mohamed Azmil (15 hours ago)
Just want you to know latte..before i sleep..your vids is a must video i watch..every night.. :-)
Virgin Steve (2 days ago)
Please! I'm still a Virgin
shawing wonha (2 days ago)
as much as I want to watch this until the end... *falls asleep in the middle of the vid*
shawing wonha (2 days ago)
I don't have a beard but fuck I wish I had one bc of this. Latte's impact ●_●
Damian Carrillo Rocha (12 days ago)
Ahora me siento como un baby
Sothavath Khorn (13 days ago)
Come for ASMR but end up falling in love <3
Hoppy Roo (22 days ago)
Hahahahahaha... I love it for the ASMR... the tingles are fantastic... but you've never actually shaved a guy have you? cause I'm pretty sure you were basically murdering him! I love it... ( Ok, now I know this is a sensitive part, so I'm just gonna slash you with the blade... )
Jeremy Dixon (1 month ago)
Always relaxing videos. Thank you
Blue skies (1 month ago)
Nathan Mitchell (1 month ago)
I bet she's very cute when she smiles😘
Sorey (1 month ago)
2 years later I'm still here :)
CatsForTheCatGod (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh the stickers are the most adorable touch ever!!!
Nathan Mitchell (1 month ago)
I would let you shave me anyday 😘😘😘
pipzky (1 month ago)
What?! This is already 1 year ago? Damn i love it! I can say I am never too late to enjoy all latte's video.
Baby Fudge (1 month ago)
Well I’m late for this video........ I just wanted to go back through all her English videos!!
fortnite pro (1 month ago)
Imagine if you did asmr in the bathroom on the toilet 🚽😂😂😂👍
Lawless Player (1 month ago)
"Around your beard area" *Covers half my vision* Damn I got one hella beard.
Game ended (1 month ago)
I want to game end myself
Jon McFerson (1 month ago)
I want to marry her.
akiri studies (2 months ago)
is it weird how the coupon part was so satisfying??? lolol
Ira Gershwin (2 months ago)
Somehow Latte seems like the nicest person on Earth.
Ice cream (2 months ago)
Latte : your beard is pretty long right? Cc : you're a beard yes break it all right😅
banedfoil (2 months ago)
I love your eyes.
Smells like meth actually
demolitionGoat (2 months ago)
Great Video. The Tingles are real! Just one nitpick: If you are going to act out a professional barber, you should use a shaving knife, not a consumer-razor.
Money Maker (3 months ago)
From our point of view your cutting the heck out of our nose and cheeks
David Hodsdon (3 months ago)
Latte you are by far the best at ASMR!! You should have millions more subscribers!! 💖❤️ Nothing else makes me feel more okay than your videos!! Xx
anon ymous (3 months ago)
40 minutes... that's a long shave 😂
Jacob Martinez (3 months ago)
Damn! She got the expensive stuff
Pentox 15 (3 months ago)
The way she says moustache at 0:35 is cute
Jingkun Liu (3 months ago)
Haha I can see a little bit of the mic
fatboy (3 months ago)
"NicE to MeEt YoU" got me no lie 🤷🏻‍♀️🤩😭😭
Chili SheepDog (3 months ago)
hollies friend (3 months ago)
omg my tingles have got tingles !
リョウ (3 months ago)
可愛いです! 最高です! ありがとう😊
Gala Ceir (3 months ago)
getting to the shaving part, seeing the the motion, hearing the round. pretty sure she's ripping the hairs out rather than shaving, unless it's a dry shave, in which case i recommend a straight razor or a good knife.
nikushim666 (3 months ago)
So luxurious, this barber spares no expense with that 10 cent bic razor.
Chris Lugo (3 months ago)
all the bearded ladies🤣🤣🤣
TheAlchemist (4 months ago)
My eyes are in my beard XD
Erik Beaumont (4 months ago)
Very soothing sounds Latte 😉
nindocomic (4 months ago)
Wow, your English is super good! I already enjoyed your japanese ones (even tho I dont understand :P) But this is nice too, good job!
My mustache got snatched
Zebra pants (4 months ago)
16:36 English captions, you can thank me later.
TheRaven Gamer (4 months ago)
It smells like meth actually
guo smith (5 months ago)
I love u latte😘😘😘😘❤️
Ossi Marzahn (5 months ago)
Very intense video, very nice!🤗 Warm greetings from Germany.
Erik Beaumont (5 months ago)
Thanks for making this video Latte, feels like I'm there 😀
Locoboy69Fanboi (5 months ago)
Tae Jun (5 months ago)
I seriously started smelling shaving cream during this
Glen M (5 months ago)
I would visit Latte's Barber Shop every day 💈😁💈
M3RCY (5 months ago)
Still my go to!
Ophiuchus123456789 (5 months ago)
Wow! this was uploaded 18 December 2016. Latte is a veteran ASMRtist. I do love watching her early videos like this one.
Aimee Trainer (6 months ago)
Gio44 (6 months ago)
wow, great video i have a lot of thingly sensations, let me tell you that you have beautiful eyes and lips :)
Offline Market (6 months ago)
When she said “some” on 2:14 I immediately thought, Some body wants told me the world was gonna roll me I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed she was looking kind of dumb with her...
Me MAME (6 months ago)
HELP ME .....Okno
WilliWalli (6 months ago)
I like my shaving foam *T H I C C*
胡桃菊 (6 months ago)
Mirella Vazquez (6 months ago)
She said “hi” and I got tingles right away
Larry Velasco (6 months ago)
When you get a ad with maxed out volume☠️
Baby Dragon (6 months ago)
Larry Velasco an*
Vadamur (6 months ago)
I love how you walked in! Nice video even for women :)
Gregory Childs (6 months ago)
Hello Latte love you
UR4N1UM (6 months ago)
Niche chu meech u
Anakin Skywalker (6 months ago)
Much more relaxing than my usual barber, Mr. Todd...
Sierra Irvine (7 months ago)
wait a minute aren’t you also the dog groomer, school nurse, ear makeup artist, robot cleaner, and yeti haircut lady I keep seeing??
胡桃菊 (7 months ago)
guglielmo corm (7 months ago)
vorrei un poco di latte (per pochi)
Chubby BearZ (7 months ago)
Kiel (7 months ago)
OMG Im kissing my phone ❤️😂
Alan L (7 months ago)
Anyone notice in the captions when she says "It smells like men naturally" it says "smells like meth perfume"? That's hilarious.
HolyShitItsViperXd (7 months ago)
Winged Assassin (7 months ago)
OK so I don't think that was intentionally, but your channel name is hilarious for German people
Jesse Field (7 months ago)
I am not yet ready to sacrifice my beard.
F & K games (7 months ago)
I watching her For 1year
British MC (7 months ago)
To all the ladies who want to know what a beard feels like, just imagine you have hair on you’re face that you can’t feel, until it either itches or it gets too long, after a shave it can feel great and refreshing for the first 1-2 days (however if you’re unlucky like me, it fully grows back in 1 whole week) but after a couple days it becomes difficult to possess because of the stubble feeling rubbing against you’re chest ect
British MC (7 months ago)
I’m gonna massage beard oil into my beard whilst listening to this, her voice is so soothing
lilpeep (7 months ago)
Nice 👺
Miss Lyntheena (8 months ago)
Someone send Louis and Harry here. They got some beards to get rid off.
Ilana f2005 (8 months ago)
As a 13 yer old girl I’m unsure u have a beard and moustache but? Ok I guess I’m still gonna sleep 😂❤️
Weeple Loves Sheep (8 months ago)
your English is so close to perfect there's only a few really small things that are technically correct but just sound a little off but seriously really good! loved this video like always keep up the good work!
TheRubberStudiosASMR (8 months ago)
5 seconds in and I’m under your spell
Fine G (8 months ago)
No beard but hey, we can always use our imagination 🌈
Barv Portwr (8 months ago)
Your skin type is....GREECY!!
Francisco Zúñiga (8 months ago)
What’s that scary sound in the background at 0:50 to 0:55? Somebody please.
Masha-Mallow (9 months ago)
Pretending you’re a LOTR dwarf because you’re a girl..
Tea Sis (9 months ago)
9:09 that whole oil thing was sooooo relaxing I love that part
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar (9 months ago)
Wow, your good✌🏻⭐🇺🇸🇵🇷
Fortified Mentality (9 months ago)
I'd love an old style traditional shave with a cutthroat razor from you, Latte. That and your sweet soothing voice would make me so relaxed that I'd probably drift off to sleep.
young bin lim (9 months ago)
Too much ok and so alright. other than that perfect
evaderik Mammon (9 months ago)
Hmmm... She looks like a japanese female... But... She used chinese cosmetics. Who is she?.. =.=
Anakin Skywalker (8 months ago)
evaderik Mammon Geographically halfway between the two, Korean no?
Michael Bell (9 months ago)
I've noticed that she has videos in Korean and Japanese. Is she either?
didy kcd (9 months ago)
I keep looking to ur eyes in this video . Hope can meet you f2f soon . Saranghae 😘
Chen Chu (10 months ago)
TheHitExperience (10 months ago)
Me likey
Anna bobanna (10 months ago)
*grows a beard for 40 minutes and 46 seconds*
ゆうや (10 months ago)
ゆうや (9 months ago)
本妙邪内 誰かに似てると思ったらミナだ!
本妙邪内 (9 months ago)
のあ チャンネル TWICEのミナっぽいですよね サムネとか
Neon Lights (10 months ago)
I tangled my goatee on purpose!
V (10 months ago)
19:15 Don’t you dare touch my face with that 2 blade razor.

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