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ASMR Men's Haircut (Part 2) (Clippers ON)

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Be sure to check out Part 1 for the full experience of your visit. By request, Part 2 is here. If you don't like the video, I have many others that you might prefer instead. If you enjoyed the video, subscribe for even more ASMR, thanks! My Patreon / support / donations: https://www.patreon.com/ASMR_Sensei Thank you for helping my ASMR channel to grow. Thank you for any support that you give me.
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Text Comments (53)
RPYT'SWorld (1 month ago)
Are you a barber?
KheNee Law (9 months ago)
this one is good man, is it posible that we can hear the effects of our hair being cut? never have heard that but this is the best of all i have heard
Jojo Ruchay (1 year ago)
I hope i sleepofjbdjbd i love your videos
Yikes. (1 year ago)
The clippers on is one of my favorite triggers😍
Bigwill thagoat (1 year ago)
clippers turned on are great💯💯
feel the vibes (1 year ago)
Tingly, loud and...ah this reminds me of when i was young. My ma does it just like that,. Im growing long hair so this sound gives me a kind of trust and comfy feeling.
KAZ CLEViiiR (1 year ago)
maaan I'm actually holding still while this line up is happening........that's crazy
jjlawson3 (1 year ago)
first video to ever give me tingles!! the best ASMRtist ever!!
Bryce Johnson (1 year ago)
Lol my head was noddin like I was really in the chair ...lol
nate the great (1 year ago)
your videos are so relaxing
Santis Abraham (1 year ago)
dude i woke up because my phone fell down the bed .... crazy sleep
I've been looking for a video where the clippers are loud, and this is it. the best asmr clippers video out there. the other asmr clippers videos just sound too gentle and off for me, but this one is perfect.
donovan carr I saw your profile pic and thought a fly was on my screen
Desert Eagle (2 years ago)
u got a big head, no offence btw. my old science teacher used to have a large head and he was an extremely smart dude
Ollie (1 year ago)
ASMR-SENSEI Everything? 😏
Alex Cheal (1 year ago)
+ASMR-SENSEI My best friend is 6ft 6, I am 5ft 3...
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
+Desert Eagle Not offended at all, everything about me is on the big side. 6 ft 5 by the way.
ASMR dust (2 years ago)
I'm your 1900 subscriber x
wow me me big booy (11 months ago)
Alex Cheal (1 year ago)
Meanwhile I'm the 19400th...
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Thank ya so kindly
3kingkool (2 years ago)
Antipersona (2 years ago)
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
levi lang (2 years ago)
I'm your 1469th subscriber keep it up. you'll be in the millions in no time
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Shyloh-Symone Bailey (2 years ago)
it seems like your actually brushing someone's hair what are you using if you don't mind telling us?
Shyloh-Symone Bailey (2 years ago)
+ASMR-SENSEI omg that makes sense now, thank you!
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
The sound is coming from the brush, brushing against my hand. Thanks!
RAVENKING (2 years ago)
To me you look like Strand from Fear the Walking Dead, but its an amazing ASMR! BTW Strand is a compliment.
Rocket (2 years ago)
Haha! I just noticed that!
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Thanks! Much appreciated!
ASMR Paradise (2 years ago)
very good sounds I loved it
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Thanks! I'm glad you did.
RSBritain (2 years ago)
You certainly have a unique voice. Good work.
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
❤️ it! So many head tingles :)
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
dangerclose (2 years ago)
The buzzing is a huge trigger for me thanks man
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
No problem!
Gabriela Herrera (2 years ago)
Your voice is so soothing. You've become one of my favorites. Thank you so much
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Thanks, that means a lot!
Daddy Delicious (2 years ago)
i subscribed because of your name but then i watched a few videos and i was like oh damn he's good
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Cool man, appreciate that!
Miguel Prudencio (2 years ago)
Nice man!
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
FANATiC (2 years ago)
aaaaahh thank you !!!
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Blackbuurn (2 years ago)
Perfect video!! I like it :)
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Thanks, I'm glad you do!
Lisa OckGal Hansen (2 years ago)
Love this! Side note, does your clipper set have any comb bigger than 1 inch? I have yet to find a bigger one than that.
ASMR-SENSEI (2 years ago)
Thanks and this was the only comb it came with.

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