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The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Medusa's Lair (epic music)

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Epic orchestral and industrial music. The Synthetic Dream Foundation "medusa's lair". http://www.tsdf.net/
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WhoNeedsAName (1 year ago)
ummmm horrible animation and horrible music.
meagan tolsin (2 years ago)
What could be more epic than combining Medusa with the synthetic dream foundation? Nothing!
phillip denais (2 years ago)
Epic music at it's best. Nothing out there sounds even remotely close to TSDF. Such a unique and identifiable sound.
colleenfae1 (4 years ago)
I love this style of music.  Who else is doing stuff like this?
jessica reclaimed (4 years ago)
Wow.  This is incredibly epic music
elaine ellour (4 years ago)
such good music
cindy johnson (4 years ago)
gary williams (4 years ago)
allison granice (4 years ago)
One of my favorite bands with one of my favorite movies!
cuba nex (4 years ago)
happy day :))
allison bregrit (4 years ago)
So in love with all the music from this album.  its amazing
chris collridge (5 years ago)
michael drancis (5 years ago)
so freakin cool
kelly brockain (5 years ago)
I love the mood of this
kelly kenais (5 years ago)
I keep falling in love this band more and more. I can't think of anyone else they really sound like
paula randeez (5 years ago)
This band just keeps getting better and better. The music is monumental. Perfect for working on art to
amber desyde (5 years ago)
This is such an epic song! i wish this had been the actual score to the movie :)
TodesSoldat9mm (5 years ago)
Clash of the Titans"video"Medusa :)
lovely heather (5 years ago)
love the video it is so cool
Samantha Loogin (5 years ago)
killer editing. The music works so perfect for the visuals!
Cheyenne Venable (5 years ago)
Love this :)!

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