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ColouredBeautiful's "Classic Diva" Contest Entry

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Hello!! So here is my contest entry for ColouredBeautiful! I had so much fun with this look.. I did the best I could!! I chose "Grace Jones" because she is dramatic and that is my motto!!!!! I love firece & tempting inspirations lol.. I hope you all enjoy and be sure to enter, rate, and comment! Thanks everyone! Please subscribe!
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Shanabee_mua (7 years ago)
Excellent job!!!!!
A Terrainye Hicks (8 years ago)
I applaud all of the ladies.. and I have NOTHING against the young lady that won... But you were awesome... You transformed!!!!!The rest I will keep on the lips
prisskitajoe (8 years ago)
Congratulations on being the second place winner! Beautiful rendition of Grace Jones!
melodeyz (8 years ago)
Congrats girl!!! loved it!!!...
Tanz Rome (8 years ago)
That was fabulous! Good Job!
O663tt3 (8 years ago)
Fantastic! Good luck!
fabulouslystyle (8 years ago)
wow nice job, I also entered this fabulous contest I wish you luck diva
Michelle Denise (8 years ago)
whoa, this is fab!!! omg wow i am impressed at the transformation!
mjpookie (8 years ago)
VERY FIERCE!! Hands down... you should win!!!
Joelle Paris (8 years ago)
loved your grace jones look !
It's CRYSTAL! (8 years ago)
Good job..and fun. All the best to you!

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