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Lady GaGa Poker Face Live at EndFest 2009 HQ

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Lady GaGa performs Poker Face live at 107.9 The End's EndFest 2009, May 10th at Raley Field in Sacramento.
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Felipe Carlos (1 month ago)
The hair of the girl on the audience is whiter than mine's said to be! I do like the show, though. It's nice to see in videos like this how much they've been working on it all, even without a guy like "Mister Tony Ferris" by this time.
Albert Danielsson (8 months ago)
This Is Best Show Delawere Lady GaGa 😙
Julio Hernandez (2 years ago)
this is so old and the comments omg
Cassandra Valenzuela (5 years ago)
poison2 (6 years ago)
joshuakeller40 (6 years ago)
Was I the only one watching her tits jiggle?
jeanette (7 years ago)
I LOVE GAGA SHe the Best...... She Cute Sexy Fucken Crazy But that her FUCKKKKK yeahhhhhhhhh Gaga!!!! Cant Wait to see you for the 4th Time baby.....
Sarah Hatten (8 years ago)
SeeSeeCat (8 years ago)
great body and great voice among other things
thehausofgagax (8 years ago)
@suburbcinderella You got it!
Karen Saephanh (8 years ago)
I was there that day. I saw some people not jumping...tough crowd...All in all, Lady Gaga was great!
fazermint83 (8 years ago)
love that poker face dance
bigstickcop (8 years ago)
She's soooo hot!!!!
Lilyyy (8 years ago)
what a fukin star! i love u Gagaloo! xox :P
julz boe (8 years ago)
It is ;)
Jayden Walker (8 years ago)
Eric Garner (8 years ago)
its good she loves her fans shes allways screaming and worshiping the ground they walk on GO GAGA GAGAA FOR PRESIDENT
Em Jude (8 years ago)
2 bad she has had like 4 hits already
Maritza Sanchez (9 years ago)
OMG I think I remember! I was there too reading that little board thing! lol
Lucas Gazola (9 years ago)
was this the last song she sang?
Angela F. Rodriguez (9 years ago)
is awesome how my favorite female singer is singing under my favorite band the all american rejects`s sign

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