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Moonlight - Beethoven / Pole Dance Freestyle

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This dance is for my Mom, that used to play Moonlight beautifully when I was a little girl. Thanks for Watching!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - DanZinDuck visit www.danzinduck.com
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Ryan Corkhill (1 year ago)
Lilián were you always fascinated by dance and or pole when you were younger or did you just gain interest in it overtime I'm very curious how such a passionate lovely pole dancer such as yourself became infatuated and into the fine art of pole dancing like do you have any inspirations? :)
DanZinDuck (1 year ago)
I dance since I was 4 years old
Ryan Corkhill (1 year ago)
Hun I can't believe you're in your 40's Lilián I mean this in absolute honesty you have the most fit, in shape, perfect body that I've ever seen such an impressive bod babe I really bet pole helps with that not to mention your blessed sexy legs good lord are they perfect!!! You're my favorate pole dancer Lilán always have been always will be others make great videos but babe you make art on that pole I'm so honored to be a fan! ;)
Ryan Corkhill (1 year ago)
You don't mind my age do you babe I know you were kinda suprised lol
DanZinDuck (1 year ago)
Thank you Ryan
Ryan Corkhill (2 years ago)
So glad you're back Lilián really missed your videos and I can happily say this one was phonemial your outfit just stands out perfectly love seeing you in those dance shorts and those leg warmers were a nice touch as well you just look so beautful ;) btw are you gonna do another chair dance video soon really would love to see that!
DanZinDuck (2 years ago)
Thank you Ryan, I missed the pole too

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