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High school girls twerking during Kenya music festival

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This is what high school chics were doing in Nakuru recently. Share your views.
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Elsie Snaider (18 days ago)
This was national music fest menengai high school.. dem days
guava juice (1 month ago)
I think its good to dance but no sex😆
Kumiko Naito (1 year ago)
Love it!
marado dennis (1 year ago)
nakumbuka my damn good days,
Mungai Jm (1 year ago)
Joyce Awuor (1 year ago)
how did i even get here sambary show me my way back
Ken Rocky (1 year ago)
these girls are good,,let them enjoy,,,kama ulikosa kuenjoy highschool usituletee ufala
julius safari (1 year ago)
i remember like yesterday,i was here miss these highschool moments
by they how did the prezo enjoy the dance
comlecpro pr (1 year ago)
The one that raise her foot is also great.
Norman Mondoh (1 year ago)
what music will be played at state functions 20 yrs from now?
Norman Mondoh (1 year ago)
anyone thats hatings pretending
Norman Mondoh (1 year ago)
the next generation of leaders, we taught them well, quite the mirror
Norman Mondoh (1 year ago)
who's the idiot saying not too close?
Norman Mondoh (1 year ago)
Clevico Venancier (1 year ago)
I rember this soo vividly I was in the crown anyway highschool life was fun
Clevico Venancier (1 year ago)
I rember this soo vividly I was in the crown anyway highschool life was fun
Telvin Kasasi (1 year ago)
hahahaha waTU wametoka mbali
Joseph Njuguna (2 years ago)
haya haiya
Dominic Rotich (2 years ago)
this is the step I skipped in high school
Dominic Rotich (2 years ago)
this is the step I skipped in high school
lawre chi (2 years ago)
k OK ma ikunyekula
lawre chi (2 years ago)
k OK ma ikunyekula
James Mugima (2 years ago)
Moto moto mko top top
Sophia Macdonald (2 years ago)
ni mtoto wako huyo
Seidu Tanko (2 years ago)
am want you in was hap
Seidu Tanko (2 years ago)
am want you in was hap
Seidu Tanko (2 years ago)
am want you in my wasap
Seidu Tanko (2 years ago)
am want you in my
Isabel Shiro (2 years ago)
kama hukuenjoy ukiwa high school wacha wivu!!!! girls you are on top
Gryc Gpelitah (2 years ago)
Isabel Shiro yeah swee I second you wadance sae waache wanaa watajua tupendi ujinga leisure tym manenoz
Fantastic Vic (2 years ago)
mkali mwanza (2 years ago)
Kenneth Kirimi (2 years ago)
let them enjoy wivu ya nn,bt exams result
Shavii Leila (2 years ago)
which school is this the uniform is tha same as rwathia girls...
Roxanne Jones (2 years ago)
it a Caribbean thing
alisha smith (2 years ago)
no it's not
Tropical Citizen (2 years ago)
these girls can really dance but the song is not any good.
Nairesha Natasha (1 year ago)
Tropical Citizen songs r good the one mixing them
Elizabeth Ndunge (1 year ago)
Tropical Citizen
waaaa!!serious twerking skills
Rudiah Aggie (2 years ago)
I really miss high school life.....wau
Elvis Joel (1 year ago)
tu exchange.lyf in high school is hard
samuel mwangi (2 years ago)
Able potential wives............hhhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!! if one of those girls was my child that would be the end of her
Charity Muturi (2 years ago)
Si ati u kuget D+ au C-ati we ni failure no is what u can bring difference
Gryc Gpelitah (2 years ago)
Charity Muturi then sae kuna watu walipata ata iyo A en wenye walipata c ama D wako Na lyf nomaa
Daniel Wambugu (2 years ago)
This is a gift not everyone can do it
Ann Mutua (2 years ago)
which is this song at 6:50??somebody help me please, and who has sang the song???
Annytah Gitonga (2 years ago)
Nelly Mwithaga (2 years ago)
watch out for this by busy signal
Irene Muhoro (2 years ago)
woiiiiii uka jesu
ken muchangi (2 years ago)
those are D+ and C-
Gryc Gpelitah (2 years ago)
kenni mbugi u thot lazma mtu awe Na D ama C....noop si lazma it's dea leisure tym....kwani kudance inakujiana weyaz Na grade's OMG...😁😁😁😁
Anita Bekka (2 years ago)
exactly! !!!my thoughts
Victor Odhiambo (2 years ago)
Somebody`s future wife.........HAIYA
Anita Bekka (2 years ago)
please don't waist water 😂😂
who cares huh? infact they are all ugly fat bitcthez lol😂😂😂
Anita Bekka (2 years ago)
salman metobo (2 years ago)
young people gone mad?! ;-) check this out https://youtu.be/-FMTKjxEpbY?list=PLY5AKoPu_vfV7UGNDiXFKTJEr-zC9QU3q
Zedie 254 (2 years ago)
what a fuck! highschool galz twerking!!
Michael Maina (2 years ago)
This is fucking ridiculous
pyorty 123 (2 years ago)
the girl at 07:00 heeeey fireeee💃💃💃💃🙈🙈
Nancy Ochanda (2 years ago)
i love it 💜💜💜i wish u could have tight clothes
Time will tell (2 years ago)
I guess everyone is on the same page when it comes to dancing an having a little bit of fun.
Diva baibe (2 years ago)
makes me miss high school
let them enjoy their high school days,they will live to remember
maiko Mutu (2 years ago)
Hehe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my pitty goes to hao vijana mafisi wenye wanaona mavitu na hawaezi karibia.......anyway its part of learning juu kuna mwenye aliachwa kwa darasa na hao wako funkie na bado atakua no last
Nduta Nderitu (1 year ago)
don't mind rlrics
pyorty 123 (2 years ago)
lol.... fisi
janet kemboi (2 years ago)
Wako fitty in terms of kurombosa
Robert Apudo (1 year ago)
janet kemboi izo haga zinaka ngumu..... kurombosa my foot!!!
monicah kimaru Ss (2 years ago)
surely kuna time for everything for i cant dance like anymore
Becky Muthoni (2 years ago)
Haaahaa miss em days
Rapha Maina (2 years ago)
😁😁😁😁😁and the girls in white tishirts are from Presbyterian school....smh
Myles Jahmu (2 years ago)
When i was in high school this sh**t seemed to be fun.Now that am a citizen i find it very disgusting. I think its high time we pull down this rubbish.Infact let me tweet Fred Matiang'i so that he can make a follow up.
Naomi Sammh (2 years ago)
miss this school time are best better to be spend
Ziad Rachid (2 years ago)
mmmmh am lk waa enjoy BT also enjoy chem
Bonie Mwash (2 years ago)
Tamu sana inavutia gogo
Hyline Kwamboka (2 years ago)
sisemi kitu
bella ferrer (2 years ago)
I RECALL HIGH SCHOOL...gaiii....there is tym for everything. ....let them enjoy themselves
Lemmy Lujen (2 years ago)
hahahaaa they remyd mi of dhos dayz..enjoy ur gals...life is too short..
mwololo pei (2 years ago)
mmmmh ...
Nancy W (2 years ago)
No one used to beat in high school in twerk ..and even now am so crazy when it comes to riddims.But I do regrate all the time that I wasted twerking in stead of focusing on my acadamics.Let them enjoy but one day they will be like me.
Nancy W (2 years ago)
+STOMODY TV haha niko lualala labda ww
STOMODY TV (2 years ago)
Ha! Ha! Oherwise I hope uko poa.
Nancy W (2 years ago)
+STOMODY TV ohhh kumbe
STOMODY TV (2 years ago)
+Nancy W Engaging in co-curricular si mbaya. You just never multi-tasked.
Fktorea Afrekea (2 years ago)
aki hua nahurumia wazazi aki, ulilipa sch fees, ngoja watoke nje wajue maisha si mchezo, ata mimi nilikua hapo nikidance, saa hii nalia nikiwa hapa lebanon, kazi ka shyt, na saa hizo wenye tulikua tunadance na wao chuo, ata sijui kwenye wako, woiye, aki wazazi poleni,
Annytah Gitonga (2 years ago)
ni fole**
Annemarcy Annemarcy (2 years ago)
it's truelly shiro , have a good night
Shiro funkiest (2 years ago)
+Annemarcy Annemarcy bt afa sisi kuna wenye sai wanashake stress na watoi hawajui watafeed nini...sisi ni hamam na kubus na riyals bas
Annemarcy Annemarcy (2 years ago)
+Minashe Wanjiru +shiro nimashe pole sana kwa kuwa champion wa kuosa hamam , pia mimi champion hapa KSA umenifurahisha sana
Minashe Wanjiru (2 years ago)
+Shiro funkiest sai ni champion was kuosha hamam haha
Reuben Mizt (2 years ago)
this not dancing its showing that u knw hw to Fck....
swaggking (2 years ago)
Smoky some weed and keep clam let's tham enjoy black music ...even White and Chinese people love dancehall German every where you go dancehall
Time will tell (2 years ago)
real wild, next time invite me to the music GALA
Malesia Mattis (2 years ago)
h ha hahhs hasgf
Dommyliza Mogendi (2 years ago)
Jipe raha duniani
mark jacob (3 years ago)
belac Kip (3 years ago)
SummerSissle (3 years ago)
Kenyan Education system is teaching their girls to whore, interesting.
Musa Khamisim (3 years ago)
This is their tym men, alwyz rmmb tat hard work wit no play,it made john a dull boy
PRETTY GIRL (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness, I finished high school with a flat chest n I see girls here with very big boobs n mayb some of them are still in form 2....... nah wonder ooo
Brian Odhill (3 years ago)
Peninnah njeri Njeri (3 years ago)
Oh my
Mamu Athman (3 years ago)
Pwaaahahaahhhahaha dead!!!
Brenda Omiro (3 years ago)
Jedddybenson Ben (3 years ago)
Did u see that girl at 8:45 she almost dropped her skirt.i know how it feels like during those times away from the teachers n parents..u just want to feel ua self but they look like thugs sorry
Catherine Moriasi (3 years ago)
what club mix is this?
O' Brian (3 years ago)
hawa ngoja KCSE results zitoke, watajua hesabu si rambo kanambo
Said Ali (2 years ago)
not everyone fails man like you
ann mubinya (2 years ago)
xdecipherousx (2 years ago)
Rambo kanambo atawanyorosha
Peninnah njeri Njeri (3 years ago)
KASS Kapkirwok (3 years ago)
School is like prison its good for schools to have activities like dance to unleash the so called prison like life and give them new life of freedom!
Ihiga na thīo channel (3 years ago)
uuuui....hahhahaahhaahahahah........ukai muone uriru wa ciana citu! come see our amazing kids
Joy.maria Ouzounian (3 years ago)
darelet (3 years ago)
Vile wameshona seems life in boarding schools has changed for the better than what i experienced
Edward Lubale (3 years ago)
Edward.that is madnes!!
Cyrille onyango (3 years ago)
dance while you still can...no class talking..coz thiz aint class...UNCOTROLLED environment...
Ali Khan (3 years ago)
+Faith Wangui ni ukweli,,,,,,,,+Azz waleed Alhomeed anataka dame kutoka Kenya mwambieni wakaa kama githeri bora akuwe na kanyamu tondu thiku ici mundurume utare na kanyamu ndangiteithika!!!! maisha ni ngumu sana
Cute Lady (3 years ago)
+Ali Khan
Cute Lady (3 years ago)
Khan mpatie tahadhari mbele ya hatari.madem siku hizi ni uzito wa wallet ndio wana angalia.
Ali Khan (3 years ago)
hapo ni ukweli Faith kwanza wengi wako hapa Saudi wanataka wakimaliza contract nayo nayo mone mundu, lakini sio galagalia ya mundu itare na kanyamu navile hapa watu wanathigina!!!!!!!! okoruo ena kindu arugame JKIA hapo atapata kapoa sana
Cute Lady (3 years ago)
Ali khan; mwere ne ainge marenda kwendwo no endani ne anini?
john obare (3 years ago)
hawa wamepotea wakiona
Bethy Jo (3 years ago)
so far no indecency this is new way of dancing  or style for dancing sisi tulipatanga muscle pull na kuku dance zetu totally healthy a
A.z.z Waleed Alhomeed (3 years ago)
I love keniea I want to marry any girls any woman
Nancy W (2 years ago)
just pray and you will get.
Mary Wangui (3 years ago)
So sad mamas will have high blood pressure , thats not good music of students stop plis
Honey Lisa (3 years ago)
Ghai fafa vuja mifupa kama bado meno iko enyewe hii ndio digital
Grace Cecelia (3 years ago)
Thuz rait honey...digitali
nelly dearest (3 years ago)
at some point am cheering them on coz i was once in their shoes..bt i also feel sorry for them coz they have no idea what the future holds.bt this is how we all grew up eventually,we all learn through experience..let them make their mistakes..they will grow up one day.
Cute Lady (3 years ago)
Ali Khan hiyo comment yako imenivunja mbavu."mucere ne mwega....." na mummy aseme mtoto ako shule na ni kutwerk ana twerk na full school urnifom; iko na log.students r maggot they r in lyf cycle is not their fault.
samkele Alert Moyo (3 years ago)
Haaa these uniforms its lyc ey goin for a burial ey tooo long 4 xullin si'es
Tony Twitch (3 years ago)
i wish music should be reintroduced in syllabus
Ali Khan (3 years ago)
oooo my my in my tyme noting like dis, we only use to sing "mucere ni mwega uriagwo na giciko""" ama " embeumbe mbeumbe, embe kanyama, ama mabligan mabligan no 28 i went 4 a walk, bt now......these gals have big boobs waa!!!
mumbi M (2 years ago)
you made my day eti mucere ni mwega oriagwo na geciko
Daniel Odhiambo (3 years ago)
Let guyz have fun alaaa...under controlled environmnts obviously!!!
Bernard N (3 years ago)
Controlled environment indeed...haha

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