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How To Cut The Top Of The Hair | Men's Haircut Tutorial

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Kevin Davis (1 month ago)
how many inches of hair is he left with on top?
hany aly (2 months ago)
it's look hard 😁 to try
hany aly (2 months ago)
it's look hard 😁
Michael McBride (7 months ago)
Great videos! Is there one showing a way to do the top yourself, using a longer guard for a somewhat easy way for a beginner?
Daniel Mendoza (7 months ago)
do you ever scissor cut the top of your own hair? I'm able to give myself a 6/10 low fade, but am struggling to find a good method on trimming the top. Usually have a longer comb over
Bernardo Courrege (7 months ago)
Great video! Are you planning on getting the Cordless Wahl Seniors when they come out for us?
John Nader (7 months ago)
Is this just a passion of yours, or did you feel that there was a need for you to put your hairstyling/personal wardrobe tips on the internet. Not instigating anything, I'm just someone who is very interested in studying how culture changes particularly regarding 21st century men. I've definitely noticed a shift in men caring more about their personal appearance (which is a good thing) since the rise of Instagram. But I've also interpreted this as an anti-consumerism male lifestyle trend where a large majority of men feeling disenfranchised with the feminine-centric materialistic consumer market are beginning to re-cultivate their own masculine based lifestyles and provide their own resources rather than depend on the market. Was the lack of well-trained male barbers or hairstylists frustrating to you? Or have you always been someone to go to a barber. Anyone feel free to comment or discuss.
Cranjis McBasketball (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/eUUVwRKFR84 Dude you play bass too!!!
Samuel Rewa (7 months ago)
Do you cut the top first before or after fading??
Cody the Barber (7 months ago)
Samuel Rewa it can save u a lot of time to cut the top first
Ed panduro (7 months ago)
Wow , very informative. Thanks bud.
alex de laurant (7 months ago)
Plz don put music on the background it's not helpful cuz we want hear you explaining the work. You are amazing thank you so much
Vince and his Hair (7 months ago)
I'm loving the hairstyle, I'm also growing my hair out to achieve that kind of side swept pompadour
Henry Ortiz (7 months ago)
Great vid, VERY informative. If only somehow if you can do a scissor cut vid but just a bit closer. Please believe me I am not in anyway criticizing this video it was excellent. I feel you explained it very well but just for slow Joe’s like myself, I just have a hard time catching when you all say about grabbing the guideline. I really need to see the difference from the hair that that was already cut to the hair that hasn’t been cut. And just to chime in about the background music I personally don’t feel it is necessary, but if you do can you please, PLEASE ! Make it something neutral not make it some monotonous hip-hop ghetto blaster track in the background. OMG! they are so annoying, I’m sick and tired of hearing the same ol’ “boots n pants n boots n pants” in the background. Sorry just an opinion, what do i know? 😊 Please keep the awesome vids coming. 🤘🏽😬🤘🏽
Alan M (7 months ago)
a white T-shirt would have given a better view of the cut, great vid and thank you plus the no background music is a bonus , don't need noise while trying to watch and learn.
YUNG JEFEHOMES (7 months ago)
Can you make a tutorial on how to trim the top when the hair is like 6-7 inches long , when the hair is short similiar to the model in your tutorial is not very hard to trim the hair only when its long does it become a problem , maybe you might have a easy way to part and trim the hair . Thanks and good tutorial by the wau
Tiarra Rowe (7 months ago)
I like that you don't have loud music in the background
Maximus Vargas (7 months ago)
Great cut as usual! Your hair style looks really good on you.
Lizzy S. (7 months ago)
Nice work, thank you!! 💈💫☄
Ramcharger310 (7 months ago)
Ok, you got past that awkward hair transition phase. Great cut you got. Now throw those Ray-Bans on, lol.
on C.O.D.E Barber (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/ekUr3SX68Ks I'm new in the game! Inspired by u guys please like share and SUBSCRIBE✊🏿✊🏿 peace. Keep inspiring
Barber Chick (7 months ago)
Wait. What’s the deal with your hair? We are watching you do a cut and then what’s up with your own hair?
Rene Garcia (7 months ago)
Hey bro I suggest you put some background music during your tutorials? Not really digging the silence at times. Just a suggestion!
Sam (7 months ago)
May I ask what shears you recommend? I'm an amateur but I've been cutting for a while now and I cut pretty often, I want to know what will be a good midlevel shear?
Rene Garcia (7 months ago)
TheSamRSS check tomb45.com they have Japanese steel shears for $125. A good price for quality shears also a good beginner/ mid level shear. You won’t be disappointed.
Ann Rucks (7 months ago)
Your haircut you have on yourself is very popular right now from what it seems I’ve been doing it a lot at work !!!! It looks really nice on you 🤗 and thank you for making this videos appreciate it !!!!!❤️
Gunner Mcgriff (7 months ago)
Hi Beginnercutz
DL Thomas (7 months ago)
Your haircut rocks. Enjoying you videos
Carm Arriola (7 months ago)
Great cut as always god bless
abdelhadi Souidy (7 months ago)
nice cut bro. nice to see growth💪💪
Juan Calderón (7 months ago)
the blades of my machine rusted ... what should I do?
YUNG JEFEHOMES (5 months ago)
Juan Calderón get some new ones for like 20 bucks look up to see what's the name of the clippers that you own and find the replacement blades for them or if it happens to be a Wahl clipper you can actually pick from a few different blades but make sure that blade is going to fit on ur clippers hope this helps. Oh and use oil every time u use them this will help your blades from rusting again !
Ray Delgadillo (7 months ago)
replace ???
Ray Delgadillo (7 months ago)
trash it
Manuel Castillo (7 months ago)
Marco kurdish (7 months ago)
What’s the best way to blend side to the top please?
Marco kurdish (7 months ago)
Nice one bro

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